Apple hires TV programming veteran Michelle Lee

“Programming veteran Michelle Lee has joined Apple’s venture into scripted television content,” Daniel Holloway reports for Variety.

“Lee has been named a creative executive at Apple Worldwide Video, the unit tasked with leading Apple’s push into series programming,” Holloway reports. “She will report to Matt Cherniss, who in August joined Apple.”

“Since 2012, Lee has served as producing partner to Emmy-winning writer and showrunner Jason Katims at Universal Television-based True Jack Productions,” Holloway reports. “There Lee developed and executive produced multiple series, including the upcoming ‘Rise’ for NBC, ‘The Path’ for Hulu, ‘About a Boy’ for NBC, and ‘Pure Genius’ for CBS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No, not that Michele Lee. This Michelle Lee. Two ll’s.

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    1. Good programing has no issues of catching up with anything… if its good people will watch.

      Where it sucks is Apples present state of AppleTV… fragmented app based ui ( each app being in its own ui universe, no consistency, Inefficant and confusing as a tv ui )
      Add on top no centralization of favorites and no notification for new favoried content . Its a constant hunt jumping from one app to the other to find what was favored… its messy !

      Then add on top the way Apple is distributing movie/vidro content.. through the Apple Music app…. preplexing and stupid … u want a good movie search for it in the music app.. brilliant !!
      (Ya we get it Apple.. you want to create incentives to subscribe to Apple Music… but do you also have to confuse the content type and how they are distributed. Let music subscribers get access to these exclusive contents where movies/videos belong.

      I dont know.. but i think Eddy’s mind is pretty convoluted .
      Didn’t Apple learn anything from the iTunes mess.

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