Google can’t make a good phone and it’s embarrassing

“No, I am not a fan of Android. But I haven’t used an Android phone regularly enough to critique it in a long time. I turn on the phones that make their way to my office — the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, the old Pixel, the Essential,” Jonathan S. Geller writes for BGR. “I sign into my Google account, mess around with the device, wipe it, put it back in the box, look sternly at the phones and tell them they should find a shelf. Because they’re going to be sitting on it.”

“With the Google Pixel 2 XL, I was slightly more interested. I figured Google had to be getting better at this, Android had to be more cohesive and polished, and anyone can make good hardware nowadays, right?” Geller writes. “Jesus was I wrong.”

“There are some things I like about the Pixel 2 XL. I very much like the size and shape of the hardware — the thinness, lightness, and most of all, the textured metal case,” Geller writes. “I forgot how painful Android was to use. Forget about it being intuitive or easy, I’m talking about power user level here. I’m talking about Aztec level in GoldenEye 007 type shit. Text entry and editing is still unusable, and apps are the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. The consistency between app icons is just terrible because Google doesn’t enforce any sort of icon shape unlike Apple… This company makes both the hardware and the software, and is so many years off from Apple it’s unbelievable. Yes, Apple’s iPhone 6/7/8s are stale as far as bezels and screen shape, but everything else is incredible. Google has yet to nail a single part of the phone experience to the level of polish and sophistication that Apple has had since the rebirth of the smartphone industry a decade ago.”

“It has been written in the pages of the internet that the Pixel’s display might be a tad bit blue, but besides that, it’s totally fine! My dear friends, it is far from fine. It is an atrocity of engineering, production, and manufacturing. It’s not just blue. It doesn’t even just feature this awful grainy/paper-like texture to it that reminds of the original Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The viewing angles are Blue’s Clues. And there’s a terrible banding on the edges where the display is curved,” Geller writes. “The focal point of a phone is the display, and they not only blew it, they embarrassed the entire team and company in the process… Pixel 2 XL isn’t sitting on a shelf. It’s going in the trash.”

There’s more in the full article – recommended – here.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Kenn Martin” for the heads up.]

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    1. I see lots of jokes about the notch, but I think it looks quite good. You have to put the sensors and cameras somewhere, why not create a distinctive shape, reminds me of front grills on cars.

      1. Did you get a notch on your head when you were dropped as a child? The notch completely interrupts the flow of the so-called bezeless screen. It is anti-design. There is nothing endearing about it. It’s like hoodlums walking around with their pants half way down their butts revealing their dirty underwear. It’s a WTF.

        Not only is it very bad design it is also functionally illiterate. The notch covers content like movies and apps in full screen. Apple expects app and web developers to design around the notch. Do you think they are going to accomplish this task within the next year? Ten years? The notch is the biggest tech clusterf*ck since Microsoft removed the start button in Windows 8. And we all know what happened then: Microsoft lost mobile. Will the same happen to Apple?

            1. Excuse me, but exactly what has the Mac Pro to do with the topic of this article? Since it is not germane to the topic, why are you bringing this non sequitur up?

  1. “The anti-Apple contingent’s quixotic dream of a smartphone that’s “as good as an iPhone” is as delusional as it is forever unrequited.”

    Oh man that made me laugh thought the joke’s on and from Google.

  2. Keep trying Google! Competition is required in any market!

    But dump the Android chaos already. You’re literally inducing insecurity into the smartphone industry with that POS OS and it’s insanely idiotic security update shambles of a system, except of course on your own devices. *Shameful*

    That fact that you, Google, spearhead the Project Zero initiative makes the state of Android all the more *Shameful*

  3. “No, I am not a fan of Android. But I haven’t used an Android phone regularly enough to critique it in a long time.” – so this dude has no creditability now. Apple fan or not, one can’t review or knock something they don’t use.

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