Apple TV’s estimated market share declines ahead of highly-anticipated 4K model

“Apple TV was the fourth most popular streaming media player in the United States in the first quarter, behind the Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Google’s Chromecast, according to market research firm Parks Associates,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Parks Associates estimates Apple TV’s market share fell to 15 percent in January through March this year among U.S. households with broadband,” Rossignol reports. “By comparison, Roku increased its lead in the category to an estimated 37 percent market share in the first quarter, trailed by the Fire TV and Chromecast at an estimated 24 percent and 18 percent respectively.”

“‘Higher-priced devices, such as the Apple TV, have not been able to keep up with low-priced and readily available Roku devices, which can be found at Walmart for as low as $29.99,’ said Glenn Hower, Senior Analyst at Parks Associates,” Rossignol reports. “The current Apple TV launched in October 2015, ushering in significant changes such as a brand new tvOS operating system, App Store, and a Siri Remote. But, nearly two years have passed, and customers are anxiously awaiting what’s next. One of the most desired features is 4K support, and rumors suggest Apple TV fans may soon have that wish granted… Apple is widely expected to unveil new iPhones at a September event, which it could also use to unveil a new Apple TV.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV 4 should’ve had 4K capability at launch. It also should’ve had a Siri Remote that was designed for use rather than for marketing photos and videos. The whole Apple TV thing so far has the distinct whiff of a summer Intern project. Hopefully, this time around, finally, Apple is about to get serious!

Here in MacDailyNews’ palatial headquarters, hope springs eternal, so we’re planning on using new 4K-capable Apple TV 5 units for our PlayStation Vue and Amazon Prime subscriptions, among others!

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    1. It’s not going to happen. Apple will make developers jump through hoops to maintain Apple’s notoriously high standards. There’s all sort of Roku Channels that seems like children made them. Plenty of semi-functional channels, too. Apple will never be like Roku or Android when it comes to allowing apps to be released. Apple feels it is above all that amateur stuff, so forget about comparing AppleTV to Roku.

      I really like my Roku 3 as it suits my needs perfectly. I like to try some of those private channels but I usually delete them anyway. I basically stick with the main, popular channels.

    2. Unless they can somehow integrate the content index from those Apps, Apple may find it better to streamline searching by following Amazon’s Subscription model. Single search for practically all content across providers. Also saves the providers from having to develop a separate and ‘disconnected’ Apps that would clutter the home interface.

      1. Actually now that Amazon Video will be available on ATV maybe it won’t matter since users can just do everything in that App for every content provider that is not Apple. Wonder how in-app subscriptions will work at that point.

  1. I will be very surprised if the new model comes out with a re-designed remote.. Apple has tons of them at ridiculous prices in their store ($79).. I guess they were either expecting them to die rapidly, or people would want an extra for games? Which is odd, since there are actual controllers that are cheaper. ($49) This remote like all the rest should be about $20 max.

  2. “Apple TV’s estimated market share declines ahead of highly-anticipated 4K model”

    Let me fix that title for you:
    “Apple TV’s estimated market share declines following poorly thought out non-4K model”

  3. Apple TV will continue its decline unless Eddy Cue gets off his ass and offers a streaming package like Netflix. Apple invented renting a streaming movie Just like Siri was 4-5 years ahead of the competition. Amazon prime app will not stop the declines only slow down until Amazon and Google and next Facebook catch up. Apple can’t seem to do more than phone at one time. Invest some of those billions into the best well thought out streaming platform the world has ever seen and price it smartly. The “Services” revenue will sky rocket and so will you stock price.

  4. I don’t really understand the carping about the Apple TV remote. Yes, it could use a stronger tactile difference between the top and bottom to prevent accidentally holding it upside down, but I love how it is radio and not infra-red, so you don’t have to point it or have line of sight to use it. I also love that it is rechargeable so you don’t need batteries, even though it lasts and lasts. I love that you press to speak, rather than always eavesdropping for the world to hear.

  5. Well now it has to have 4K, but if it doesn’t have HDR, it’s the same story over again. I’m thinking it must. Hopefully it has both flavors, since Dolby Vision is superior imho and mostly available via streaming.

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