“Apple is about to right at least some of the many wrongs it inflicted on its customer base when it first shipped the still-current Apple TV back in 2015,” Paul Thurrott writes for Thurrott.

“That device, you may recall, arrived with three major issues at a time when its competitors were racing ahead. It lacks 4K/UHD support, which was unforgivable two years ago, let alone today. It lacks HDR support, a failing tied to the lack of 4K/UHD capabilities that ensures that picture quality isn’t as good as it can be today on modern sets,” Thurrott writes. “And its remote, with its awkward swipe- and touch-based interface, is a user experience disaster of epic proportions. It’s so bad, it makes the previous Apple TV remote—once the worst remote ever made—seem decent by comparison.”

“I’ve not seen any news about an improvement to the remote, but there are at least workarounds: The Apple TV app for iPhone works OK, especially for text entry. And there are even third party remotes that work with the new Apple TV too,” Thurrott writes. “But Apple is fixing what I consider to be the biggest issues with the Apple TV. And in doing so, it is taking a major, if belated step forward that could propel this device ahead of the competition. It is finally making a version of the Apple TV that supports 4K/UHD and various forms of HDR.”

MacDailyNews Take: When we fully agree with Paul Thurrott, you know Apple truly screwed the pooch.

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MacDailyNews Take: Better two years late than never, right?

Now, at this late date, there’s lots of ground for Apple to make up here and that’s their own doing; they gifted their rivals the lead they once owned thanks to sheer bad design, inexplicably bad decisions, and protracted inactivity.

Hey, HomePod firmware: Thanks, again and again and again…

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