“It’s been widely speculated that the next Apple TV hardware upgrade will include support for 4K HDR-enabled displays,” Jeff Benjamin reports for 9to5Mac. “Today a recent purchase receipt from a UK iTunes movie purchase strongly hints that 4K support may be soon bound for iTunes, which would go hand in hand with 4K Apple TV support in the future.”

“The receipt, which was noted by MacRumors forum member Tomas Jackson shows several film purchases,” Benjamin reports. “The most notable item on the receipt, the 2016 adventure film, Passengers, shows Movie (4K, HDR) under the Type column, where the remaining films simply show Film (HD).”

“Jackson, who resides in the UK, shared his findings, and another poster, who also resides in the UK noted a similar finding,” Benjamin reports. “The original poster noted that he was not able to download the movie in 4K, the itemized receipt simply showed the Type as being 4K.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fingers crossed that better late than never happens sooner than later!

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