1 in 3 iPhone users to upgrade to a new iPhone in 2018

“Apple. Huawei. Samsung,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “These three firms are the only ones making any money from smartphone sales, according to the latest Gartner data – but the iPhone replacement cycle could blow the rest of the industry apart with Cannacord Genuity predicting 32.4% of existing owners will upgrade [in C2018 from roughly 28.0% in C2016 and C2017].”

“‘Our analysis indicates Apple, Samsung, and Huawei continue to consolidate industry profits, while many OEMs struggle to generate profits in the mature smartphone industry. We believe these OEMs will likely further consolidate market share and share of industry profits given their scale advantages. However, we believe Apple will grow its share of industry profits with its strong customer base and growing share of the premium tier market,’ noted Cannacord Genuity analyst’s in a separate report provided to me,” Evans writes. “The latter report also points out the biggest difference between all three top tier makers – the average selling price of each device:”

Smartphohe ASPs

• Apple: $606
• Samsung: $235
• Huawei: $243

Evans writes, “This makes it pretty clear that the market share numbers of Apple’s two biggest competitors are boosted by their trade in low and mid-range devices, rather than iPhone equivalents.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In other words, here comes the:



  1. Over 1200 million iPhones have been sold with approximately 900 million still in use, so 1 in 3, that’s a prediction of 300 million being sold in 2018. That estimate looks very plausible, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple sold even more.

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