Apple to build data center in Iowa

“Apple Inc. plans to build a data center in Waukee, joining Google, Facebook and Microsoft in building facilities in Iowa,” Kevin Hardy reports for The Des Moines Register. “The project became public after state officials published an agenda for a specially called meeting of the Iowa Economic Development Authority board.”

“The board will consider an undisclosed amount of incentives for Apple Thursday morning,” Hardy reports. “Details of incentives and the project are generally released to the public before the board’s meeting.”

“IEDA Spokeswoman Tina Hoffman said that information about Apple’s project was not yet public,” Hardy reports. “Under the code name Project Morgan, the City Council agenda shows plans for a development agreement with Apple, the sale of city-owned property to Bravo Real Estate LLC and rezoning of properties from agricultural use to light industrial. When awarding economic development incentives, the state usually requires a match from local governments. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more data centers Apple owns and operates, the better. Competitors like Netflix cannot match Apple’s assets.

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    1. Lebanon, KS is the geographical center of the lower 48 states…it is 274.41 direct miles between Lebanon and Waukee, IA..

      you’re right, damned close to dead center.

  1. Now if only Apple would increase the speed at which its datacenters deliver information to its customers, THAT would be a big deal. Lots of people have fast internet connections….that are uselessly capped when contacting Apple servers for downloads of movies, music or apps. Throw in the lower average bitrate on Apple music when compared with it’s competitors (e.g., Tidal), and Apple can reasonably be criticized for not using it’s excess of capital on improving it’s internet services which are still comparably lacking.

    1. While I have no factual data to prove it, I suspect that Apple is not paying ISPs for wide bandwidth use while Netflix is, which accounts for the big difference in streaming speeds. Also, Netflix will lower the resolution via compression on the fly when bandwidth is tight. Apple data centers will not.

  2. “The board will consider an undisclosed amount of incentives…”

    uh, where is faux moral indignation at Apple that was leveled at Trump’s Foxconn announcement in Wisconsin?


          1. I am talking about what I just said: $4.1B in taxpayer-financed subsidies from the federal government to the private coffers of Tesla.

            The question stands: do you consider this corporate welfare also?

            1. some fun facts:
              Nikolai Tesla himself never received a dime of federal grant money, his projects were all financed by private investors…

              …as was Thomas Edison.
              …as was George Westinghouse.
              …as was George Eastman
              …as was Steve Jobs.

        1. You are a total moron. Don’t forget all the gazillions of dollars of federal tax subsidies given to the oil industry. When federal incentives to support the transition to renewables equals the HUGE handouts to the dinosaur industry that has contributed to massive planetary climate and oceanic change, then and only then can you start complaining about federal subsidies. Until then, please STFU. We’ve talked about this before.

            1. Golly, gee: You are a complete phony. Insincere. Unrepentant. Anyone you have shat upon with your caustic comments can see through your corny “innocence and charm” offensive.

            2. A liberal paradise would be a place where everyone has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive health care, free food, free housing, free utilities and only law enforcement personnel have guns. And, believe it or not, such a liberal utopia indeed exists…it’s called prison.

            3. fill this out in triplicate and mail to:
              Stay Woke Crazy ol’ Maxine
              Chairbïtch, Butthurt Oversight Committee
              United States House of Representatives
              Washington DC 20505

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