AppleInsider reviews Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro: ‘Stuns with 120Hz ProMotion display’

“Apple’s new 10.5-inch iPad Pro takes a device that was already a best-in-class tablet and makes it even better, headlined by a larger display with a stunning 120Hz refresh rate,” Neil Hughes writes for AppleInsider. “These are Apple’s most expensive tablets ever, but thankfully, the iPad Pro hardware itself justifies the price tag. For the most part.”

“While the larger screen is appreciated, it’s the entirely new display technology that impresses. Dubbed ProMotion, the technology found in the new iPad Pro enables the screen to run at a stunning 120Hz,” Hughes writes. “We think the 120Hz ProMotion display is a true selling point that will allow the new 2017 model to stand out from the pack even further.”

“Having beta tested iOS 11 on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro for a few weeks now, we can assuredly say it is a game changer for Apple’s tablet lineup. Going from iOS 11 back to iOS 10 felt like a step backwards in many ways as we tested the new device,” Hughes writes. “iOS 11 — and in particular the new app dock and multitasking modes — bring a great deal of professional-grade capabilities to the iPad Pro. We won’t ding the 10.5-inch iPad Pro for running on iOS 10 right now, and we don’t think you should wait for the operating system’s release if you need an iPad right now, but you should know that the experience on the device will be vastly improved in just a few short months.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s 10.5- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros coupled with iOS 11 finally deliver on iPad’s promise.

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      1. It’s $200 I can use for other things. I can wait. Patience is a virtue. I’m sure my 2016 iPad Pro will be more than adequate for several years anyhow. No great need to upgrade annually.

    1. If it’s as good as promised, there won’t be any refurbs in six months because everyone who bought one will want to keep it!

      That’s the real trouble with marketing hype, isn’t it? — it raises unrealistic expectations. Certain people fall for the dazzle every time. But smarter consumers maintain a healthy scepticism and are less prone to impulse purchases.

        1. Me neither, as it happens. I got the original iPad and later the iPad 4. My employers paid for them. (I had to return them after separation.) Then, as a gift, I got the iPad Air 2 I’m using now. I do have 3 old iMacs and a white Macbook Pro amongst the clutter – all collected after being cast off by others.

          What I did actually spend was almost all on a series of Mac Pros. Because they were business-related purchases, they were advisedly new units, not refurbished. BUT they were tax writeoffs.

          My last Mac Pro was the late-2013 model, the trash can. In retrospect, given Apple’s failure to upgrade the AMD D-series GPUs, I was a sucker for trusting them.

    2. No MDN, Apple does not make good on their iPad promise. It’s nothing more than a giant iPod Touch and will never replace acapable laptop like the MacBook Pro.

  1. Dictation is one iOS best features. Who doesn’t type and dictate to go faster? When you have the smart keyboard attached to the iPad Pro, there is no way to activate dictation! The microphone key is not on the Smart key board and there is no keyboard combination available like in Sierra on any Mac. Is this not insanity? You literally have to yank the Smart Keyboard. For the record I have been trying toto get Apple to change this for the past two years. Five visits to genius bars, 3 cases opened, Ana Apple twitter feed and three feedback loops.

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