CNBC review: In the market for a new tablet? You should buy Apple’s new 10.5-inch iPad Pro

“The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the best iPad Apple’s ever made and you should probably buy one,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “After just a few days using a review unit provided by Apple, I’m already tempted to scrap my 9.7-inch iPad Pro — that I bought last year — and upgrade to this new model. It’s that good.”

“If you’re in the market for a new iPad, or even a new tablet, you should buy this,” Haselton reports. “The screen is the best I’ve ever seen on a tablet, thanks to Apple’s new ProMotion technology that switches the refresh rate based on what you’re doing.”

“When iOS 11 launches this fall, you’ll have enough power under the hood to handle all of Apple’s new multitasking experiences,” Haselton reports. “Finally, the battery life is pretty solid, lasting most of the day during my tests which included spending a couple of hours reading Apple News at night, and catching up on a new game called Asphalt Storm… If you’re in the market for a new iPad, this is the one to get.”

iPad Pro, in 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models, introduces the world’s most advanced display and breakthrough performance
iPad Pro, in 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models, introduces the world’s most advanced display and breakthrough performance

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MacDailyNews Take: A review doesn’t get any more conclusive than, “You should buy this.”

Apple’s got a winning iPad formula again, and it’s just going to get better with the releases of iOS 11!

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  1. “I’m already tempted to scrap my 9.7-inch iPad Pro — that I bought last year — and upgrade to this new model.”

    ..and how do you not feel like a sucker fueling the Apple hardware sales machine..?

    1. Funny. I looked a few months ago at both the recent iPad update and last years iPad Pro 9.7″ and wasn’t all that impressed with the speed. I have a miserably slow 2012 iPad 3 and I wanted a new iPad to be spritely and these newer models were relatively fast but not as fast as I would’ve liked.

      Well I can tell you the new iPad Pro’s are all that and more, and very attractive especially when iOS 11 comes onboard. So I understand what this guy is saying. These newer models are barn burners and have come of age in many ways.

      I also tried to talk myself into a 12.9″ model (bigger is better right?) but it’s just too cumbersome a size for my purposes. 10.5″ hits the sweet spot for me. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

      1. I may retire my 3rd gen iPad and get one of these. The screen upgrade will be my primary reason. For me my iPad is still a toy. A device that compliments my computers. That being said I use the “toy” all the time and get a tremendous amount of value out of my iPad. I’ll continue to use my OS X machines when it’s time to get work done.

        Perhaps this unit will prove me wrong in the next 5 years of use, but I kind of doubt it.

        1. Each to his own, but if I’m going to have to turn to another device when it’s time to get work done, then I’d rather have that one device be able to do it all for me. I have one device that acts as my tablet to do everything I ask out of a tablet for daily use (note taking, video watching, reading, picture viewing, etc), and is my laptop / workstation when it’s time for work. Why not do that instead of spending over 2K and hauling 2 devices around?

          But that’s just me. Like I said, each to his own.

            1. That being said, I appreciate where you are coming from. Many of us would like to only have one device. This is why I’d also like to see OS X run on an iPad Pros if needed. Like a dual boot option. With ICloud it would be easy to access you data without feeling or needing to be on two separate devices.

            2. Appreciate your comments, though i think the “truck / motorcycle” in your post is a misplaced analogy, because it presumes unique experience is the goal rather than productivity. That is the case with owning a motorcycle; but that’s not why people are buying tablets anymore. That use case is proving false. People want them for productivity, and in that case, the analogy is as bad as saying “I have a big Pro oven for cooking turkeys, and a small Pro oven for cooking pizza.” Why not just have one oven that can do both?

              As to your second honest post wishing you could have one device – you can. It exists today. Give it a try – and don’t buy into the memes, form opinion from your own experience. That coming from an ex-iPad user (still use it for some games, but that’s it.)

            3. “i think the “truck / motorcycle” in your post is a misplaced analogy, because it presumes unique experience is the goal rather than productivity.”

              That was exactly the point I was trying to make.
              There are plenty of people that use an iPad as a productivity device, but iPads don’t fill that need for me. That being said they shine nicely in certain areas of my daily life.

              iPad great while:
              -Google searches while watching TV
              -going for a drive and reading while having coffee in my truck
              -using the toilet (sorry)
              -downloading photos from my SLR for viewing while on road trips (editing gets done on OS X)
              -playing Apple Music to my bluetooth speaker while camping and on outdoor adventures
              -watching Netflix with GF on overnight adventures

              OS X
              work – FileMaker Pro, Excel, Pages, POS system, email, making signage, webpage modifications

              home – browsing internet, researching, checking daily emails, photo editing, managing contacts, taxes, budgeting, banking

              etc. etc. etc.

              Your mileage may vary. I use my iPad everyday and I love it, but never for productivity. I find them extremely frustrating to use when I’m actually trying to get something accomplished.
              When I purchased my first iPad 5+ years ago I asked myself why… I don’t need it.
              That being said I have loved owning it and use it WAAAAAY more than I had ever dreamed.

            4. In some contexts, iPad is a productivity device. Here’s one such context that I experienced. During team meetings they can display technical documentation, memos, code and output – and can connect to the company network to launch processes – and interact with staffers located elsewhere via IM, email or even telephone. Problem-solving and decision-making are accelerated.

            5. This is why this device is such a lost soul. It can do all this and only now are we getting features like drag and drop. When I try to cut and paste text on an iPad, I’m nearly brought to tears. I think Apple could easily add mouse support or mouse like support with an Apple Pencil. Last I recall Apple disabled things that you could do with the Apple Pencil that you could do either a stylus or your finger. If I recall simply opening an app or navigating the home screen with the pencil dies not work.
              Bottom line is 10 years later iOS is still in its infancy as far as productivity is concerned. There is so much potential, but we are not fully there yet.

      2. I had a similar experience. Had thought about an iPad Pro last year to replace an iiPad 3. Decided to wait for this refresh cycle for a couple of reasons.

        I did talk myself into the 12.9″ and am very happy with it. I wanted the larger screen for watching video on long plane trips, but for a couple of apps the extra real estate has been a nice bonus. That said, the 10.5″ would certainly have been great as well, since the other features (speed, sound, etc) are all so great on both.

    2. I’ve been tempted to do this too, as I also have the 9.7-inch iPad Pro (which I love — except for the difficulty using the charcoal-colored keyboard in dark and the lack of a shift key light). But I want to know if the 10.5-inch model supports (or will be flash-upgradable) to Bluetooth 5. Or, determine how far out Apple’s implementation of that looming standard will be)?

    3. I have both of the old Pros. Emotionally tempted to trade both in for one 10.5 inch.
      Rationally though, for Apple to properly incentivize my purchase, they would need to slow the internet for everything but the new Pro. I don’t “do” anything with iPads.

      1. I don’t, because I’m stating an observation. Buy new hardware every year from a company, and chances are they’ve got you playing the sucker. Doesn’t matter if they’re called Apple, Microsoft, google, whatever.

  2. Even “Type A Personality” “Windows Everywhere” Sinofsky likes them. Super good encorcements!

    But all is not good in this review: When he says that ““The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the best iPad Apple’s ever made,” he leaves out the possible conclusion that it’s not necessarily better than tablets made by other OEMs. So don’t misinterpret this review.

    1. Ahh,NO.

      Everyone already knows that Apple is the only company that makes iPads. So to say this is the best of them leaves nothing open to other companies.

      If , on the other hand had said, “This is the best Tablet Apple has made'”, then you might have a point. Even then, EVERYONE knows Apple makes the best tablets. So even that statement would imply there is no other device better.

  3. I just bought the 12.9″ iPad Pro. AMAZING!!! Even just flipping from one page of apps to another will blow you away. So smooth. And Affinity Photo handles a 600mb / 16 bit file with no problem. Could not be happier with my purchase! Now, just have to wait for iOS 11.

  4. Why is Jimmy Iovine starring in a new HBO series about himself and the growth of the hip hop industry? Isn’t this the sort of thing Apple was supposed to be doing since they hired Iovine and pledged to create original content with an emphasis on music?

  5. Started with the iPad 9.7. Loved it, but always thought, why cheap out on the RAM? so, when The 10.5 Pro came out, I saw a perfect opportunity to upgrade my daughters iPad Mini 3…so I gave her my 9.7 pro. Happy Father’s Day to me 😅. Win – Win!

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