Apple updates ‘Mac Pro’ trademark to cover augmented reality displays, smartglasses and more

“At the top of the month we were surprised to learn that Apple was dumping their Mac Pro Circular Tower for an all-new modular desktop design for some time in 2018 or later,” Jack Purcer reports for PatentlyApple. “According to Phil Schiller, Apple is currently working on their ‘highest-end, high-throughput desktop system.'”

“To go along with this all new design is Apple’s newly filed ‘Mac Pro’ trademark update,” Purcer reports. “Apple has to legally update their trademark if the ‘Mac Pro’ is going to support or introduce new components, systems or features not currently covered by their current ‘Mac Pro’ trademark.”

“Some of the entries in their filing definitely stand out, if not scream out, as real possibilities,” Purcer reports. “The most interesting one of all is mentioning ‘augmented reality displays,’ because Apple has a patent for such a device and we know that Apple’s Augmented Reality team just keeps growing with all-star engineers. The displays could also be a part of a headset or smartglasses that could be powered by the Mac Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More evidence of Apple’s seemingly intense interest in augmented reality.

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      1. Starred actually. Wasn’t me. I’m still as livid about the languishing status of the Mac Pro as anyone here.

        My feeling is all executive bonuses should not only be cut this year but in fact there will be a 10 million fine (or more) for each of the boneheaded Apple worms responsible. This is not a little thing, it’s a deep betrayal of your loyal customers. Feel OUR pain Tim, Craig & Phil!!

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