Motherboard: The tiny hands review of the iPhone SE

“For the past three weeks, I’ve been using an iPhone SE,” Adrianne Jeffries writes for Motherboard. “I’m an Android user. I like my widgets and my Google apps, and I always felt the iPhone was too fancy and breakable for me. This was my first experience using an iPhone as my everyday device.”

“The phone, which has the same processor as the iPhone 6s, is certainly fast. The camera is crisp and good in low light. The battery has remarkable stamina,” Jeffries writes. “But there’s really only one thing that would make me break for an iPhone: size. I’m five feet tall and have proportionately small hands, something I’ve become increasingly aware of since becoming a smartphone user.”

“Using the smaller iPhone SE was delightful. My current Z5 Compact and the Z3 Compact I had before it were both excellent, premium phones, and waterproof to boot. However, the iPhone is a luxury by comparison,” Jeffries writes. “It was nice to use a luxury phone in my size. If I were in the market for a new phone right now, I’d seriously consider buying one. It is the only truly small high-end smartphone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another future iPhone upgrader.

Just imagine if she’d paired it with an Apple Watch – she wouldn’t even admit to being a former Android settler.

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  1. No matter what people say about waterproofness…it ain’t corrosion proof. Take two simple double edge razors and use them. Clean both of them but only dry one of them off.
    Then see which one you want to use the next day. Corrosion is a cancer that constantly eats away…especially inside electronics.

    1. Good point on corrosion although the coated stainless steel blades used on modern razors tend to be corrosion-resistant.

      Water resistance is a great feature, and I have been advocating the inclusion of that feature in iOS devices for years. But even a little moisture, particularly if it contains salt or other dissolved materials, can cause havoc with electronic devices as corrosion sets in over time. Conformal coating of PCBs is used to avoid this issue. I have also seen commercial companies touting hydrophobic nanomaterial coatings to protect cell phones, although I do not know if they work very well.

      Incorporating water resistance is a first step to making iPhones more robust. Careful selection of materials and coatings is a second step that improves corrosion resistance.

    1. Perhaps opportunistically, seeing a market segment opening, MDN flip-flopped again… In the lead-up to the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, MDN began belittling the “tiny” iPhone 5/5c/5s and any user preference for them, insinuating that most of us, including Android settlers, were awaiting a bigger-screen iPhone. We who preferred a smaller form factor to existing giant phablets for whatever reason were collateral damage in a public relations frenzy that wanted to decree large phones in and small ones out. Two years later, we have the iPhone SE. Sometimes, the worm turns. Apple had their nose to the ground on this one.

    2. Yep – phones larger than 4 inches were no good, per MDN – until Apple made them.

      Then, 4 inch phones were no good – bigger ones were “right-sized”, and anyone who wanted a smaller phone was some sort of loser.

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