This is what the Apple iPhone 7 Plus will look like – report

“We’ve bagged the CAD files being used to make prototypes of Apple’s upcoming smartphone sensation, which may well actually end up being called the iPhone 7 Pro, courtesy of @OnLeaks, AKA Steve Hemmerstoffer of,” Tom Morgan reports for Stuff Magzine.

“With pics in hand, we can finally address some of the long-running rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 Plus – which, unfortunately, includes saying goodbye to the headphone jack,” Morgan reports.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s nothing “unfortunate” about it.

“As there’s no 3.5mm cutout, it looks as if you’ll have to switch out your headphones for a pair with a Lightning connector on instead,” Morgan reports. “No word on whether Apple will be sticking a pair in the box, but we’re guessing it’s unlikely.”

MacDailyNews Take: Why would it be unlikely? Apple has included compatible headphones in every iPhone box.

“You can clearly see space for the dual-lens camera, which is apparently only visible on the designs of the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro but not those of the vanilla iPhone 7,” Morgan reports. “The biggest difference from the iPhone 6s? Those three holes near the bottom. We’re hearing this is Apple’s Smart Connector, which first appeared on the iPad Pro.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Sleep/Wake button is still in the wrong place (should be on top, regardless of the iPhone size, Apple) and the obtrusive “camera bump” remains, but otherwise we can’t wait!


  1. Why no included headphones?

    Answer: So greedy Cook can rake in more billions by continuing to play his “pay for overpriced unnecessary adapter” game!

    Why a camera bump?

    Answer: Because Cook and his incompetent team are STILL lazy (surprise), and lazy people cut corners and get away with whatever they can.

    Why 3 or 4 different models?

    Answer; Because incompetent Cook is still using the “Pro” word, which actually means just the opposite, but allows him to continue to overcharge Apple consumers with chintzy upgrades, worthless features, and 500% storage markups in 2016. Apparently storage has gotten cheaper for every company on earth except the largest one.

    Cook needs to stop playing these silly games. That’s why billions of dollars have already been erased from the company’s stock. Morale is down, customer satisfaction is in the doldrums, and his incompetence is on display, like a glaring LED sign.

      1. How is that pertinent? One doesn’t have to make the sandwich to know whether it tastes good.

        For the record, neither you nor Tim Cook has ever designed a phone either. Thousands of Apple engineers did. Those engineers need proper critical feedback on their designs — not just sales stats.

        That said, it’s all just handwaving until we see the Apple product reveal. I will say that the rumors don’t flatter me. Losing the headphone jack is a downgrade in usability. Apple adapters always suck, and are always overpriced. And Apple has a poor track record in headphones, so forcing people to wireless is just one more headache users will not want. But let’s face it, under Cook, user convenience & value is no longer important to Apple. Apple actually thinks that people are so fully trapped into the iOS ecosystem that users will just embrace whatever change is foisted on them. Peter and other fanboys might, but there are a lot of platform agnostic users out there who aren’t married to Apple. I and a lot of Mac users have been forced to going multi-platform because Apple just refuses to offer competitive features and performance. Don’t think the same can’t happen to iOS.

        1. So greedy Cook
          Cook and his incompetent team
          are STILL lazy
          lazy people cut corners
          get away with whatever they can.
          incompetent Cook
          chintzy upgrades
          worthless features
          stop playing these silly games
          Morale is down
          customer satisfaction is in the doldrums
          his incompetence is on display
          under Cook, user convenience & value is no longer important to Apple.
          Apple actually thinks
          whatever change is foisted on them
          Apple just refuses to offer

          Empty assertions.
          Outright lies.
          A pile of emotionally loaded words.
          In other words, nothing but a pile of oh-so-BORINGLY-repetitive bullshit.

    1. Say it ain’t so Joe!! Well since you’re the resident fiction-&-no-facts-please purveyor of incompetent & silly posting you can rant in an ignored vacuum all you like. You have zero cred here being just a mean-spirited Scrooge/Potter like miserable miscreant without a life. Hope those checks from Samsung for minimum wage for a minimum mind are still clearing the bank.

    2. And Apple never sold an adapter for anything before Tim Cook. Pretty sure people complained about the dock connector being used rather than a usb one, SD card adapters, etc.

      1. That certainly doesn’t excuse continued Apple anti-user behavior.

        Besides, financial situation has changed. Apple isn’t struggling to meet payroll these days. With the piles of cash Apple has, there is no excuse to be so stingy.

    1. Assuming this rumor is true, there could be several possible options…
      Wireless headphones
      Wireless charging
      Smart Connector charging
      Pass through charging on Lightning headphones

  2. I have to agree somewhat with “ICSA”

    Charging $100 extra for the iPad Air Pro was a greedy move by Apple. I was going to buy the new iPad, but why should I have to pay an extra $100 (20% surcharge) for the privilege of buying the Apple Pencil. And, what’s with the limited RAM and storage. Premium products should have premium components. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Yeah, I want I want I want I want……..

      And I want to pay no more than the lowest spec model.

      I want two.cameras for the one camera price. I want to get 64GB for the 16GB price. I want wireless earphones for the wired earphone price, I want…….

  3. Big answer to all those asking the question, “Why do I have to buy an iPhone that ___________?” Fill in the blank. The answer is a resounding: YOU DON”T HAVE TO.
    Have you bought every version of the Mac. Did you buy every version of the iPod? I doubt it.

    Apple will, occasionally, manufacture something you think is silly and not worth buying. Just try to ignore the fact that millions of others like what they see. You are free to buy any other phone you want that does all the gee whiz stuff you seem to think should be included in the iPhone.

  4. If this is an actual cad imageryof tye final phone….. I hope and pray there is more than just a dual lens camera as new feature and functionality .. … We need massive excitement for this upgrade cycle..

  5. Fer cryin’ in the sink! If it *has* to have a bulging lens, why can’t they put a bump on the other side so it at least will SIT FLAT on a #@&#-ing table without needing a bulky case! Mumble, grumble, hiss, spit, …. whinny … Pffffft! …

    1. After the beating my 5S took I’ve gone back to using a case on my 6S. The very thin, soft silicone type cases provide adequate drop protection, add better grip, and make the lens bump a moot point. The clear cases like this also let the good looks of the iPhone show through. Frankly, I’d like Apple to make a rubberized housing like this as an option, but until then, just get the case; most smartphones really need them for normal use.

  6. So, iPhone 7 will have a smart port.

    In other words, that is how they will charge, and how they justify losing the headphone port.

    “Listen via lightning and charge via smart port when at home.”

    Undoubtedly the smart port will have magnetic attachment, and undoubtedly Apple will include a smart port charging cord with iPhone 7, as well as lightning headphones.

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