“Independent developers have always been an important part of the App Store, fueling the iPhone with innovative ideas that have trickled into bigger apps and even into iOS itself,” Christina Bonnington writes for Slate. “These indie developers, typically working solo or in small teams, have a problem that bigger studios and VC-backed apps don’t always face: They need to charge money for their app in order to make a living.”

“And in a market with as much variety as Apple’s App Store, it’s not difficult for iOS users to search for an app, see that $0.99 price tag, and scoff at the idea of spending money for an app on their $1,000 handset,” Bonnington writes. “While 88 percent of the apps in the App Store are ‘free,’ many hide their true cost through in-app purchases, frequent annoying advertisements, or selling personal data.”

Bonnington writes, “A growing group of developers is lobbying Apple for a change that they think would help them better monetize their work: free trials for apps. It’s an idea that would benefit not just app makers, but app users and Apple itself.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why free trials don’t already exist on Apple’s App Store is as perplexing as trying to sell a smart speaker based on sound quality while shipping it without stereo paring capability or a 4.5-year-old thermal dead-end as your top-of-the-line desktop computer. Etcetera.

There’s only one reason for such fiascos: Systemic mismanagement that’s allowed to continue because the last items with which Steve Jobs revolutionized the world continue to reap massive profits, occluding all else for those who don’t or won’t look closely enough to see the rot spreading underneath the gilding, including Apple’s Board of Directors upon which, unfortunately, sits CEO Tim Cook, chief enabler of Apple’s cultural rot.

Money changes everything.Cyndi Lauper

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