“Yesterday, Tim Cook was among the tech executives that sat down with President Donald Trump to discuss modernizing the technology of the United States,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “While some details of the meeting were known, The White House has since posted a video of the meeting, featuring comments from all tech executives in attendance.”

“Tim Cook proclaimed that the United States should have the ‘most modern government in the world, and today it doesn’t,'” Miller reports. “Cook noted that Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner is working to improve the technology infrastructure of the U.S., but that things aren’t quite where they need to be.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s public comments, verbatim:

I’m Tim Cook from Apple. The U.S. should have the most modern government in the world, and today it doesn’t, and it’s great to see the effort that Jared is putting in in working on things that will pay back in five and 10 and 20 years.

The government should be focused on its citizens, and the services of the government should be measured on how pleased the citizens are with receiving those services. That basic premise is not how it’s done today, and so I would really encourage you to ask the Cabinet how they’re measuring their parts of government, and what they’re doing to serve the citizens that they’re meant to do.

Secondly, totally unrelated, but something I feel very passionate about: coding should be a requirement in every public school. We have a huge deficit in the skills that we need today, versus the skills that are there, and we’re trying to do our part or, hopefully, more than our part in doing that. But I think leadership from government is also key.

President Trump Participates in an American Technology Council Roundtable:
(Tim Cook’s comments begin at 19:12)

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