Apple CEO Cook to President Trump: The U.S. should have the most modern government in the world; coding should be a requirement in every public school

“Yesterday, Tim Cook was among the tech executives that sat down with President Donald Trump to discuss modernizing the technology of the United States,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “While some details of the meeting were known, The White House has since posted a video of the meeting, featuring comments from all tech executives in attendance.”

“Tim Cook proclaimed that the United States should have the ‘most modern government in the world, and today it doesn’t,'” Miller reports. “Cook noted that Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner is working to improve the technology infrastructure of the U.S., but that things aren’t quite where they need to be.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s public comments, verbatim:

I’m Tim Cook from Apple. The U.S. should have the most modern government in the world, and today it doesn’t, and it’s great to see the effort that Jared is putting in in working on things that will pay back in five and 10 and 20 years.

The government should be focused on its citizens, and the services of the government should be measured on how pleased the citizens are with receiving those services. That basic premise is not how it’s done today, and so I would really encourage you to ask the Cabinet how they’re measuring their parts of government, and what they’re doing to serve the citizens that they’re meant to do.

Secondly, totally unrelated, but something I feel very passionate about: coding should be a requirement in every public school. We have a huge deficit in the skills that we need today, versus the skills that are there, and we’re trying to do our part or, hopefully, more than our part in doing that. But I think leadership from government is also key.

President Trump Participates in an American Technology Council Roundtable:
(Tim Cook’s comments begin at 19:12)

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote just yesterday:

Teach the kids to code!

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  1. Absolutely! And to add to coding, there should also be video game design classes in our public schools too! It combines computer science with art and creativity and it shows kids that working in tech can be fun! I’m sure some Adobe Flash classes would help inspire imagination in our nation’s students.

      1. Why teach coding here? “We” won’t get hired – it’s all going off-shore or to visa holders.
        US workers cost too much, this is another dead end. Remember when “W” said “retool for the future”? Many of us did and we see our jobs going bye bye.
        Fugg that.

        1. LOL. I used Apple Pilot, a Pioneer LaserDisc and the First National Kids disc and created a natural language tour of the disk. For example you could type show me an elephant and it would go to the San Diego Zoo section.

          1. “Beleaguered Democrats couldn’t catch a break on Wednesday: not only did the party go 0-5 in a series of special elections for the House of Representatives, but the Democratic National Committee disclosed that it raised just $4.3 million last month – its worst tally for the month of May since 2003, when the DNC raised just $2.7 million.”

            embrace the suck.

  2. It certainly is great to see the effort that President Trump and his advisor Jared Kushner are investing in modernizing U.S. government.

    Even though the broken leftist mainstream media will never report it, it sure is nice to have the hardest-working President in memory in the White House!

    1. I guess he’s getting tired of yelling at his tivo. on another note, there is not accounting for idiocy. the hardest working president? Surely you jest. What has he managed to do except for undo the President he is jealous of?

            1. So does NYT owner Carlos Slim…but none of the Yellow Stream Media mattered. Trump is still the president and The Clot is still suckin’ on her Chardonnay.

            2. Put on your thinking cap bot. I know it is hard, fake phd and all. Subscription numbers are not advertising revenue. And yeah, I know all the dynamics of readership and advertising and all that crap so don’t see my post as another dried cat turd for you to focus on.

            3. Hey, XCon, subscriptions barely finance distribution…anyone who has ever worked in publishing knows ADVERTISING keeps the lights on. But your lights have been off since ’71.

          1. I was wondering what crevice you pulled that plantation party knowledge out of your ass. Of course it is a misstatement of something Obama said but what do you expect from a weak minded cockholster and liar.
            Good old bot. mindlessly spouting his pablum because his fake phd didn’t pass muster.

            You are one pathetic individual.

            1. again and hopefully your simple mind will understand this. I am not suffering any stages of grief. I just do not understand how seemingly normal people are so full of racism and hate that they would bend over, spread their cheeks and let a lying, racist, misogynistic, serial adulterer, failed businessman, incompetent boob and sexual predator use their ass for his benefit.

              Maybe you will finally understand you stupid scat.

              And geo. Shut the xxxx up you little twit.

        1. Pad his kids, CITIZEN ZERO?

          No need they are world envious and ALL totally competent and just because you are clueless, does not negate anything.

          Ivanka for President 2024!

            1. Oh yeah. List all this winning I’m supposed to be tire of. I am anxious to see it. Maybe my tax dollars won’t have to go to support all those pathetic coal miners and you bot. Get out of the trailer park.

            2. Free clue bot. After literally 25 years of investigation of the Clintons, they are still in a position to give you a golden shower. Both of them.

              You are so pathetic that that is your riposte? Really bot? About now you should be giving up.

            1. If you think this is a matter of rejection then you are stupider than I thought.

              Any hey,.. the Terrell brothers didn’t reject me. Neither did Jobs or Adam Osborne or the hundreds of people I sold computers to or anybody in my life.

            2. I approve of your opposition. Just as mighty Apple needs competition to stay at the top of its game, so does mighty botvinnik. Too much automatic “winning” makes a body lazy. It is only in the clashing that rapiers show their sharpness. Sheathed, they are the empty boasts of braggarts. (Montaigne)

            3. botvinnik is a patriot, and has thrown in his lot with the leader he judges most fit to represent America to a disrespectful world. Insofar as Trump has thumbed his nose at every civilised international agreement, he has succeeded in that. But botvinnik also opposes war. The acid test will come if Trump’s unleashed generals exceed the President’s pacifist wishes. Will he fire his generals for waging war, and if not, what will botvinnik think and say then? To me this is a more interesting question, intellectually, than what the body count will be. The smartest people in the world, which arguably includes Steve Jobs, had a penchant for changing their minds. That may be because they had control of them.

            4. I think that the first priority of government is to protect its citizens. At this point, I do not see how our country can avoid a pre-emptive strike against the Mad Midget Of Pyongyang. If he perfects a nuclear ICBM, California’s budget will be the least of their worries. It will be the least of everyone’s worries.

              Strange days indeed.

            1. Oh, you mean the ACA that was written after over a year of hearings, public forums, republican amendments and demands? That ACA? The one pretty much written by the republicans and insurance industry? That ACA?

              Or are you talking about obamacare? I imagine you are one of those slack jawed yokels that think they are two different things.

            2. Yeah. True enough. I expect bot is one of those that thinks obamacare and the ACA are different things.

              He’s down to sitting in the corner babbling, you lose, you lose, you lose.

            3. you don’t have a budget, you have Cap’n Moonbeam…as Linda Ronstadt once sang to him, “you’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good, baby, you’re no goooo-ood.”

            4. Linda Ronstadt was the genius singer of her time. “You’re No Good” and “Blue Bayou” still chill my spine.. it’s so sad she can’t sing any more; as if the angels came down and took away her wings, with no good reason.. if only I’d never heard her voice, I wouldn’t know the pain of its absence.

    2. Yes, the media not reporting perhaps the most critical meeting of the young Trump presidency to DATE to reform and streamline government inefficient waste and upgrade technology to the 21st century is absolutely stunning …

    3. “Even though the broken leftist mainstream media will never report it…”
      Do you actually consider and research the things you say or is it just too mind blowing when your opinion collides with facts? I’l bet you paste this baseless crap on Facebook for all the sheeple who tune into your drivel.

  3. I agree that coding should be an education requirement. However to do that would require a government regulation requiring the public schools to include that in their curriculum. That is not something that our current president would ever agree with. He is against government regulations.

            1. Brilliant. What is it, 2:00 in bum fuck kentucky? Shouldn’t you be in bed?

              Wait.. you live in one of those west coast Blue States. Sucking off the teat of a Blue State are you?

            2. if you don’t OD by then, hope you’re around for The Bloodbath of 2018…the midterms will mark the ignoble end of The Plantation Party.

              good times.

        1. I learnt the same things growing up in Virginia. Typing, so I could become a winsome clerk in a government agency. Spanish, so I could process hangdog welfare recipients. But when I graduated, it happened that the government was full up with such Moneypenny types, so I enrolled at Bryn Mawr, where I learnt all about computer hacking. Extracurricular, of course. After which my illustrious future was assured.

          1. Bryn Mawr off the Paoli Line outside and west of Philadelphia?

            Back in my college days hung out around those parts at coffee houses that featured top musicians and intimate settings. My favorite show was Tom Waits, but also remember seeing Dan Folgerberg, Janis Ian and others. Much different atmosphere than the huge PROG-rock stadium shows with Yes, Zep, Floyd and others … 🎤

  4. Note that founder Jeff Bezos is not next to TrumpleThinSkin, but managers Tim Cook and Satya Nadella are.

    Of course, anyone stupid enough to hire Jay Sekulow as an attorney cannot be too bright. Jay Sekulow is a shister who collects money for a supposed Christian Civil Liberties group that he uses as corruptly as the Clintons use the Clinton Foundation.

    Sekulow lives large and employs his family and friends on the tax free donations of feeble minded Christians who think he is doing “the Lord’s work” through the American Center for Law and Justice- founded by con-man Pat Robertson.

    Drumpf keeps trying to divert attention from Muller’s investigation that will likely see a number of Drumpf’s boys in jail. This is a sideshow- a diversion from what Congress is doing.

    1. Oh, we noted Bezos and his journalist malpractice Washed Compost with its faulty correction reporting, not now and not ever, deserves a seat next to President Trump.

      As to the rest of your typical guilt by association Libtard blowhard post, stay tuned … 🤔

      1. All journalism is suspect. We had best trust our own instincts for justice, and treat any received news as decorated rumours from blackguards. — Mark Twain, misanthropist

      1. Tim Cook won’t leave his cadre of sycophants and income to actually “serve” his country. Life’s too good for Lil Timmy. Tim Cook would be too intimidated and hard pressed to run for office much less actually serve in office. Tim Cook is a sham, a blowhard, a charlatan.

        1. Right on! That’s why Jobs recruited him and hired him in 1998. It is also why Jobs turned the company over to Cook when Jobs went for his transplant. And, finally, it’s why he prevailed on the Board to name the “sham” Cook as his successor. What a mess he’s made of aapl as it has only doubled its market value since 2011!
          Of course we should listen to Kolache’s thoughts on Cook as it is certainly unfettered by his political opinions regarding where Cook stands on various issues. Further, it is a certainty that Kolache has long, deep and successful experience running a colossal multinational corporation with significant financial interests all over the earth. The name of that successful corporation escapes me just now but I’m sure Kolache can provide it. Throw us a bone Kolache, remind the readers of the corporate behemoth you’ve successfully run! It would really help bolster your bona fides when you opine on world class corporate management.

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