“Time hasn’t been kind to the fourth-generation Apple TV,” Jared Newman writes for TechHive. “In recent months, Apple’s streaming platform has lost market share to rivals like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast, and Apple itself has admitted that sales last holiday season decreased from 2015.”

“But perhaps a turnaround is in the making. Last week, as part of a lengthy rundown of what went wrong with Apple TV, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that a new Apple TV could arrive this year with 4K video and ‘more vivid colors’ (likely a reference to HDR),” Newman writes. “Gurman also suggested that Apple might try again at negotiating a streaming channel bundle akin to Dish’s Sling TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue, and AT&T’s DirecTV Now.”

“The Apple TV’s woes arguably stem from Apple not having its own streaming service,” Newman writes. “By offering its own channel bundle, Apple could bring more content into its recently launched TV app, which already aggregates video from various streaming services and cable-authenticated apps. While the TV app is of limited use today — especially if you don’t have a cable login — it could become the centerpiece of a full cable TV replacement if Apple controlled the content.”

MacDailyNews Take: Time really hasn’t been kind to the fourth-generation Apple TV, likely because on the day it was released it was already antiquated. The people who buy Apple TV-type devices are already tech savvy; meaning they’d already heard of, and likely already had, 4K television sets the day the latest Apple TV was unveiled.

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s an idea: This year, Apple should hold the meetings to hammer out deals with the content gatekeepers on a Tuesday, but tell Eddy they’re scheduled for Wednesday. 😉

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