New molds show square camera bump coming to all three next-gen iPhones later this year

“As Apple readies its supply chain for the fall iPhone bonanza, we are getting leaks thick and fast,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “This latest image was uploaded to Twitter by Mark Gurman.”

“It reaffirms renders from OnLeaks that all three flagship iPhones this year will feature the new square camera bump design, including the iPhone XR that will only have two cameras,” Mayo reports.

“Apple is widely expected to announce substantial camera upgrades that may justify the strange design,” Mayo reports. “For example, the third camera coming to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max is believed to be an ultra-wide lens made by Sony.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The camera arrangement – a triangle in a square – is most likely because Apple (and math) have found that setup to be the best for measuring depth and/or for whatever other tentpole photography/videography features they are planning to deliver in their next-gen flagships.

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  1. Do people truly care that much? I saw one guy do 20 minutes on why he was leaving Apple and his trigger was the look of the new camera cluster.

    When I think about Apple these days it’s in terms of where do I steer people with regard to the Mac? How much of the OS will be casually “deprecated,” over time by Apple? What is the best way to build services for clients? As macOS Server declines, has it reached the end of its deprecation phase? Can I trust it? Do I go LINUX or Windows in the server room? Do I recommend cloud services or a hybrid cloud to Mac centric companies? What would it actually take to shift a company to being iOS completely on mobile and maybe at the desktop as well? The Apple world is churning and rumbling with change right now. From a distance they seem to be shifting to the most consumer focused Apple ever. Do enterprise clients stick with Apple purely out of loyalty or move on to the far more stable world of Windows?

    Etc.etc., but I never think, “And if people ask, what do I say about the shape of the new iPhone camera?”

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