New iPhone 11 leak highlights how much better Apple is at hardware than Android peddlers

“Despite the fact that we still have nearly five months left to wait before Apple releases its next-generation iPhone 11 series smartphones, the pace of leaks has really picked up in recent weeks,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) were shaping up to be boring updates a few short months ago, but more recent reports suggest that Apple is cooking up far more new features and upgrades than we had previously thought.”

“While the visual design changes on this year’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will indeed be modest, a new leak reminds that Apple’s attention to detail remains unrivaled in the smartphone industry,” Epstein writes. “The camera bump on the iPhone 11 is apparently made entirely of glass… In fact, @OnLeaks tweeted that the entire back of the phone is a single piece of molded glass, camera bump included.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, the Android peddlers will be left scratching their head, asking themselves, “Now, how did Apple do that?!”

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    1. Those bumps basically acknowledge that cases are mandatory for real world use. I tried using my 6x Plus without a case and it was so slippery I couldn’t imagine it surviving long.

    1. or you could make it less integral, and leave large gaps, making it possibly more fixable, but also more breakable to begin with. Look at the Samsung Fold.

      1. But everyone desires the Samsung Fold, because it folds. Who cares if it breaks. Think of how many oohs and aahs you’ll get before it breaks in a few weeks.

        1. Yeah people moan about the price but soon after buying it you effectively get two separate phones to play with. Wow, simply wow a Brilliant concept I feel that will make Apple sheeple sooooo jealous.

  1. I feel like the little kid in The Emporer’s New Clothes—am i the only one who notices that with the exception of the tri-camera, it looks exactly the same as the iPhone XS?

    1. Sometimes, that’s the plan. I suppose the rendering is trying to show that the camera bump is actually part of the glass back. It’s molded glass. Hard to really see until you actually hold one in your hand. Just one less point of intrusion for water, dust, etc.

      1. Doesn’t a single piece of glass (though it looks great) also mean any single crack may spread across the entire surface more easily? In essence there is a risk that should you shatter a small area, the crack spreads to the glass covering the cameras.

        1. Cracks generally only grow in glass especially this type when it is put under extra busts trial stress. On a small device of this type that is immensely rare even cracked screens last surprisingly long periods after the initial damage takes place and that’s far more susceptible to crack ‘growth’

    2. Around these parts, it is entirely predictable which fanboys will gloat about the latest clickbait MDN dredges up. Then of course the reactions and spite from the opposition. Agnostics like myself will point out that Apple has always outsourced cameras to the same supply chain that other brands use. Almost without exception, Apple has always offered a middle ground product— never best in any one thing, but being a great sum in the end. The next iPhone won’t stray from the old business model. Average users will be happy. Specialists or those with unique needs (4” screen) may/will be going elsewhere.

      1. You call yourself a “realist,” but then you post statements like “almost without exception, Apple has always offered a middle ground product – never best in any one thing…”

        That is ridiculous. The iPhone was best in class from day 1, if for no other reason than Apple created the class when it released the iPhone, Apple has always had superior processors – the Snapdragon has never bested the A-series, even the previous generation. Apple’s competitors had no answer to touchID for years and has yet to match FaceID.

        If you want to muck around in the OS and flirt with the security issues of Android, then get an Android phone. If you want spam ware preloaded on a “premium” phone, then get an Android. If you want Google to siphon off your data at will, then get an Android. If you want an “open” App Store that is full of malware-infested crapps, then get an Android.

        I really don’t know why you bother to participate in this forum. You often appear to be a closet Apple-hater. Your “realism” often appears to be nothing more than an excuse to disparage Apple.

        1. Some people get off on the imaginary idea that they are being objective. The opening line of ourse shows his true ambition for a true agnostic wouldn’t be so judgemental. There always has to be a little release of bile, they simply can’t resist the urge.

  2. I would think camera bumps and display bezels aren’t a huge deal, but tech-heads seem to think they’re unsightly and annoying. Many of those things are there for a reason but it bothers the purists. They show how the camera rocks on a table because of the camera bump. Seriously, who cares. Put it in a case and it won’t rock. Bezels are useful to stop triggering actions on the display and also provide some physical grip. This anti-bezel movement is ridiculous. I’d really love to see how some of those tech-heads would design their own smartphones. Some slippery mess with all display. Tech-heads don’t seem to realize smartphone manufacturers are mostly using components with set measurements designed by other manufacturers.

    A DSLR camera might look unsightly to some people but all those things/”bumps” are there for a good reason.

  3. Okay, I really like the iPad pro style edge. Not so fond of the 3-eyed monster camera square. Just looks so wrong. Though, to be fair, i don’t mind the notch now. I guess I just need to go to the Cupertino reprogramming center and all will be good! Or maybe I’ll just get used to it? That said, i’m hoping this is an early mockup and the ppl in the spaceship make it look less bug-eyed.

    1. Honestly, how often do you look at the back of your phone?

      People have been complaining about Apple focusing too much on aesthetics for a decade. Now they are complaining about design features like the notch and camera bumps that serve a functional purpose. Some people cannot be satisfied.

  4. I hope this is not true. The current iPhone uses sapphire crystal to cover the camera lens as it is extremely scratch resistant. Using standard glass would make scratches on the lens that much easier to obtain.

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