The SAP and Apple partnership changes everything

“SAP and Apple are working together to help businesses build applications that use Apple’s machine learning and augmented reality technologies,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Since entering into a business app development partnership with Apple in 2016, SAP itself has become an increasingly Apple-based business with around 100,000 Apple devices in use across the company.”

“That’s a revealing statistic, given Cook’s admission: ‘When Apple was at its lowest in 97/98, we turned to SAP for the infrastructure of Apple and it was a key catalyst enabling us to turn the company around,'” Evans writes. “It’s also a statistic that shows how Apple’s focus on delivering best in class consumer experiences has impacted enterprise technology.”

“The partnership comes at a critical juncture in enterprise technology evolution,” Evans writes. “Not only do 87 percent of businesses plan to expand their app portfolios across the next 12-months, but 76 percent of business transactions already touch an SAP system – and 98 percent of Fortune 500 firms are already using iOS devices.”

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