Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s 5G iPhone coming in 2020 with bigger battery, modem chips from Qualcomm and Samsung

“Apple could release iPhones in 2020 equipped with 5G modems, according to research notes from TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,” Kif Leswing reports for CNBC. “The modems could be provided by both Qualcomm and Samsung, according to the research”

“Apple typically releases new iPhone models in September, so the 5G iPhone would not be released until at least September 2020,” Leswing reports. “The iPhones released this September will most likely support current-generation LTE networks instead.”

“Kuo said that the introduction of a 5G iPhone could spur a wave of upgrades and purchases, especially for high-end models,” Leswing reports. “Kuo also predicted in a separate note Monday that Apple is redesigning the printed circuit boards included in 2019 iPhone models using a new kind of material to clear out space for a bigger battery.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As expected, since prety much nobody will really be able to use 5G until late 2020. Also expected will be the ususal anti-Apple pundits, bloggers, media outlets, and competitors bashing Apple for not having a 5G iPhone this fall.

Expect the iPhone cloners, Samsung et al., to tout “5G” regardless since – given the fact that all they do is peddle pretend iPhones to the ignorant – they believe, likely correctly, that their customers won’t know any better.MacDailyNews, February 9, 2019

Apple is going to wait until 5G is worth supporting, not rush it to market in order to bilk the ignoranti with a check mark on a spec sheet that most will never use in 2019. If 5G actually mattered to enough people in 2019, Apple would have a 5G iPhone available in 2019. 5G is still very much in the trial phase and will have very limited availability in 2018. There is currently no standard for 5G deployments. The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance says that 5G should be rolled out in the U.S. by 2020.MacDailyNews, December 3, 2018

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  1. A Republican friend who is heavily invested in the rollout of 5G bravely confided in me that 5G will fail at disrupting enough of her own neurotransmitters and will fall short of producing enough hormonal imbalances in her body, so she is waiting for the much more powerful disruptor, 6G. She is looking forward toward demonstrating her individual prowess by not showing any outward symptoms to her corporate colleagues.

  2. I haven’t paid much attention to all the 5G hoopla. I do know that my iPhone now regularly says “5G” in different parts of Los Angeles. I tend to get speeds in the range of 15Mb/s too 30Mb/s normally, but in those areas labeled 5G I get between 60Mb/s and 80Mb/s and as high as a consistent 100Mb/s over by UCLA. Is that supposed to happen?

    If Apple hasn’t built a 5G phone, why am I seeing improvements?

  3. What’s the big rush for 5G except to sell more smartphones. I’m satisfied with 4G LTE. There’s no point in upgrading to 5G smartphones if there isn’t much of an infrastructure to support it. It’s just fortunate for Android smartphone manufacturers to be able to boast they have it and Apple doesn’t. That will be a huge advantage for Android smartphone sellers and telecoms. The tech-heads are going to curse Apple over their supposed lack of innovation and being late to the party.

    1. I wonder if 5G will ever be what they profess it to be. We have providers who today can’t get speed out of 4G LTE after how many years? Even Verizon can’t get 5G working properly in their limited locals. Why pay $10 more a month for nothing? I think it’ll be a few years before it’s worth spending money. We’ll see……….

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