“In its bid to create the very best technology, Apple decided, in 2014, to employ a full-time philosopher,” Olivia Goldhill writes for Quartz. “The company hired Joshua Cohen, formerly a political philosophy professor at Stanford University to work at Apple University, an institution created by Steve Jobs in 2008 to offer employees the kind of training typically available at university programs.”

“Here’s what we know: Apple University is led by Joel Podolny, formerly the dean of Yale University’s School of Management. Its employees include Richard Tedlow, previously a historian of business at Harvard University, and Morten Hansen, a former professor of management at the University of California-Berkeley,” Goldhill writes. “The institution is highly secretive; a few employees spoke to the New York Times in 2014 on the condition of anonymity, and described learning how Apple products were comparable to Picasso’s artwork in their ‘elegant simplicity.'”

“Initially, Cohen expressed willingness to speak with Quartz about his work at Apple, to explain his daily routine and the research he conducts. But, he said, he would first have to get permission from Apple’s press department,” Goldhill writes. “He asked for approval twice, once in October 2018 and once in April 2019, but was denied both times. Quartz also asked Apple’s press office for permission to speak with Cohen, but was denied.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ironically, as we wait for over half a decade for Apple to finally update their flagship Mac, the most prolific painter of all time was Pablo Picasso.

As for not talking to the press, why would Apple want to give their secret sauce away to competitors for free via Quartz or any other outlet?

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