Even Apple’s deep pockets don’t guarantee success for their long-awaited TV streaming service

“On Monday, we’ll finally find out where Apple’s billion dollars have gone,” Shara Tibken writes for CNET. “That’s the amount the company earmarked for a video streaming service that it hasn’t yet confirmed is coming. For years, rumors of Apple diving into a market dominated by YouTube, Netflix and other streaming companies floated around. It’s even talked up the shows and celebrities it’s cast.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, it’s over $2 billion, perhaps well over, by now:

“Apple’s joining a crowded field, and many of us already shell out money every month to several streaming providers,” Tibken writes. “Is there room for another?”

“Key to Apple’s success in streaming is just what’s offered on its service. No one will pay for content they don’t want to watch,” Tibken writes. “Apple has at least 30 projects in the works, with five reportedly ready to go. Apple’s announced partners include a multiyear deal with Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, M. Night Shyamalan, and Steven Spielberg… Ultimately, to get us all to subscribe, Apple’s got to offer something we can’t get anywhere else.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple only needs one hit for the service to launch successfully. While the level of talent they’ve assembled doesn’t guarantee that, it vastly increases the probability that such an event will occur. If they include some original content as part of owning an Apple device or as part of a compelling bundle, they don’t even need a raging hit for the rollout.

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  1. It sure doesn’t. Obviously Apple is hoping to steamroll over a few of the existing services in it’s wake to make room. But if they deliver only G & PG-Rated fare because of the concern for their corporate image it will become a less desirable service for many.

  2. I know Apple wants to sell to premium customers. But, how many of those are there? $10 per month for Music. $10 for iCloud. Another $10 for video. Toss in a lighting cable and we are up to $400 per year. This is on top of the PREMIUM prices that Apple is charging for their stuff. Everyone’s budgets are different; I understand that. Me? I’m nearing my limit.

  3. Tibken says: Apple’s joining a crowded field, and many of us already shell out money every month to several streaming providers,” Tibken writes. “Is there room for another?” Sheesh, sounds like the old “we already have MP3 players, Apple is late to crowded field”….”We already have cell phones, Apple is late to a crowded field.” What do these writers do…just recycle 10 year old hit pieces?

    1. They keep repeating that take, and yours is the first comment that I’ve ever seen that calls them out on it. I’m a huge fanboy, but one hit is just not enough. Most of what I see on Netflix is not my taste, but there’s enough half-decent material to keep me interested and paying. Hopefully Apple will come up with multiple hits and gain a big following. One hit won’t do that.

    1. If the Apple staff was doing the directing and producing you’d have a point. But they’re bringing in top Hollywood names. by leaving it to the experts, they’ve got a real shot at it!

      1. Apple staff need not be directing or producing. All they have to do is interfere with the creative direction of directors and producers to accomplish the same result.

  4. Spending huge amounts of money on some project never GUARANTEES success. Why single out Apple when it happens to companies all the time?

    It’s amusing to hear someone saying Apple will fail because it’s joining a crowded field. Apple gets no respect, at all, despite past successes with products that did succeed in crowded markets. People look at Apple rather strangely. If this was Amazon, they’d immediately claim Amazon was going to crush the field. People said AppleMusic was going to fail, but it didn’t despite joining a crowded streaming music market. Why not just wait to see what happens in six months or so. Some people are so negative about anything Apple attempts to do. Claiming Apple’s video streaming service will end up like Ping is rather stupidly premature.

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