AWS CEO joins Tim Cook in urging Bloomberg Businessweek to retract its Chinese spy chip yarn

“Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy has joined Apple CEO Tim Cook in calling on Bloomberg Businessweek to retract a disputed story claiming Chinese spies placed hidden chips built for espionage on server motherboards,” Steven Melendez reports for Fast Company.

Melendez reports, “‘At no time, past or present, have we ever found any issues relating to modified hardware or malicious chips in SuperMicro motherboards in any Elemental or Amazon systems,’ AWS CISO Steve Schmidt said in a statement earlier this month. ‘Nor have we engaged in an investigation with the government.'”

Today, Jassy posted the following statement on Twitter:

@tim_cook is right. Bloomberg story is wrong about Amazon, too. They offered no proof, story kept changing, and showed no interest in our answers unless we could validate their theories. Reporters got played or took liberties. Bloomberg should retract.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hello, Bloomberg Businessweek? This story isn’t just going to evaporate.

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  1. Bloomberg have been morally corrupt for some time now, their whole purpose to expand their vsibility and impact on the world stage going far beyond any Concern about actual accuracy in a Reuterssequel style. Sad reflection on once respected acgenies as mindshare becomes the only concern for good or bad.

    1. Not just Bloomberg!….
      Mass media , journalism , reporters have for the MOST part lost all credibility.
      They are nothing but propaganda and agenda driving mechanisms for the powerful. ( the tentacles of the manipulators)

      1. Not true. Not true in the least. Just because media outlets are reporting things that you do not like does not mean that the content is in error or that the companies or reporters or journalists are corrupt.

        Quit undermining the fourth estate in favor of bull crap “opinion news” and news fabricators. You are doing your country a grave disservice. You claim to be a patriot, but your actions in this and so many other things are anathema to democracy.

        That is the truth.

  2. Maybe a few of them can point out that there is no weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq either, though it probably won’t help that pathetically obsessed terrorist nation that has been running a genocide there for over a decade.

    1. The United States of America has noble, humanitarian ideals, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. – The fact that American leaders have not always obeyed their oaths of office to protect, preserve and defend those ideals can’t alter the facts that American leadership ultimately prevailed by opposing European fascism, Japanese imperialism, slavery, Communism, and suppression of our own citizens’ civil rights. In truth, our deeds to preserve liberty and equality can be fairly measured against the body counts that resulted from our military adventures. But only God can decree which is worse, and which matters more. Mortals, however, having acquired free will in the Book of Genesis, were made free to keep squabbling incessantly about right and wrong like children pretending to understand whilst viscerally enjoying taunting one another.

      1. The ability to see the difference in America’s design and ideals, vs. the mistakes of her leaders is truly a high level of critical thinking. I congratulate you.

        I live and work in this country as a black man. I was fortunate enough to have grown up after the Civil Rights era. I have never truly faced overt racial hatred. I have never experienced Jim Crow laws. I have never feared being lynched for being black. I have never felt that I was denied any opportunity because of the color of my skin. All of my failures have been of my own construction. All of my successes have been of my own construction.

        I have felt, for lack of a better term, blessed to be an American. This is why I go to speak to young black men and tell them that the narrative they have been given is a lie. It is a lie from top to bottom, start to finish, that there is no body of racist individuals or organizations seeking to make them fail and that their failures in life belong to them. No one else.

        Above all else I try to explain that people are imperfect and that America is a well designed self correcting machine. I try to explain that at no time in her history have we had the opportunities that we have now as black people, and that anyone who tries to tell them otherwise is singularly evil, a liar, and not only does not have their best interest at heart, but would prefer them to suffer so that they can use that anger and hate and suffering to fuel their political aspirations.

        I try to explain to them that there is NOTHING they cannot achieve. Rich or poor, it is up to them. It is harder for some than others, this is always true, but do not allow the users, the liars, the true racists, to tear this nation down before YOU have had your chance to become everything that you might desire to be.

        We have fought long and hard to get here. Listening to the haters and acting on what they say is like being handed the keys to the Ferrari and told it’s your turn to drive, and then taking a sledge hammer to it.

        We are in the driver’s seat of the greatest nation on the planet now, and we should focus and steer properly, and avoid the obstacles created by those who wish to destroy it.

        1. Awesome replies from both Herself and Thelonious!!

          Your writing skills are only outmatched by your sharp insights and historical perspectives. Congratulations. You are the primary reasons I frequent this site.


        2. I’ve been a Black Man for 42 years myself and am no closer to understanding the values and shenanigans of shoe shining, tap dancing, foot shuffling, step n fetchit, Uncle Clarence Thomas’. See I also explain to young brothers that with all the visible advances, there’s still a shit ton of work to do in completely eradicating white supremacy so that our communities and their resources are on average on par with our white counterparts. But you go ahead and do you ‘Murica!

      2. Well put Herself, though I’m not much of a supporter of the traditional sense of a deity the basic premise of synergy, working together as a team brings more benefits to the community then the divided and fall approach.

        Thanks for your insightful post.

  3. “At no time, past or present, have we ever found any issues relating to modified hardware or malicious chips in SuperMicro motherboards…” meaning that they didn’t look hard enough. Look deeper into the original posted article.

  4. Has Bloomburg shown any physical evidence of this chip existing on any hardware anywhere.
    Or is it just through verbal claimes of anonymous sources.

    Where is an actual physical evidence of this chip ?

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