“Media personalities have been bending over backward to find a way to square the claims made by Bloomberg in its ‘China Hack’ story with a series of strongly worded denials from Amazon and Apple insisting that the report was ‘wrong and misinformed,'” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “However, there is solid evidence that Bloomberg has previously published a series of false claims before, either from a lack of research coupled with bad perspective, or possibly to simply craft a dramatic narrative.”

“The tantalizing idea — as if ripped from the pages of a spy novel — that Chinese hackers had implanted chips into servers used by Apple and others to harvest data and spy on their users’ activities was instantly lapped up by Apple’s critics as rich dirt for seeding skepticism of Apple’s competence in security,” Dilger writes. “The story has also already begun sprouting conspiracy theories that imagined further out into the realm of possibility that perhaps China was using this silicon hardware bugging to turn defense contractors against America.”

“A much simpler explanation is that Bloomberg rushed to publish information that was wrong, in part because its journalists didn’t really understand what they were writing about, and in part because they didn’t need to care whether their report was absolutely true or not,” Dilger writes. “There is copious evidence of this in what Bloomberg has chosen to print about Apple over just the last two years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In other words, it seems that Bloomberg publishes fake news.

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