Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro should be more capable of replacing your laptop

“Apple’s next iPad Pro could come with support for 4K HDR video and a USB-C port for connecting it to more things, potentially making it more of a computer-killer,” Roland Moore-Colyer writes for The Inquirer. “At least that’s according to sources familiar with the iPad Pro’s development who blabbed to 9to5Mac, claiming that the new fondle slate will also have a near edge-to-edge display.”

“Such a screen would mean the somewhat iconic home button on the iPad Pro goes the way of the dodo,” Moore-Colyer writes. “The most noteworthy addition would be the USB-C port as the would expand upon the proprietary Lighting port Apple usually equips its iDevices with and open up the next-gen iPad Pro to a whole host of peripherals and allow rapid transfer of large files, as well as a connection to 4K displays, assuming said USB-C port supports Thunderbolt 3.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we just wrote yesterday:

One thing’s for sure, we’re not buying any Macs until these new iPad Pros are revealed.

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    1. Well…. not entirely BS.

      Very true, an iOS device is not and will never be a Mac OS replacement, but most folks don’t really NEED a full blown computer. Most need to email, web access, some light word processing and light spreadsheet functions.

      At work, I edit video. I have to have a fully decked out mac with all of the trimmings. At home is a different story, I really only use my iMac at home when I need to edit after hours. Most of the time, I use my iPad for the before mentioned applications.

    2. “No ios consumer gadget can fully replace macOS computers.”

      They’re not suppose to or meant to. iPad Pros will eventually become the computer for “everyone” while Macs will continue to go down the path of being a high-end niche tool

      1. I recommend that there are several types of computers, but Apple offers a couple main types:

        iOS is a nouveau-mainframe system whereby the user must be connected to the internet at all times. The hardware is constrained from local storage and connectivity and the user is pushed hard towards icloud rental. Apps can only be peocured from the company store, which has more games than anything else. Despite claiming to have laptop-like processing capabilities, iOS devices suffer from intentional limitations such as inability to display two apps at once, pushing video onto multiple displays, or other formerly common computer capabilities. iOS software and hardware are optimized for battery powered touchscreen handheld devices, and therefore have poor efficiency when used for typing, precise cursor control, power intensive work, or anything that requires a large high resolution screen.

        Mac is a personal computer system that allows the user complete control over his device, including local storage or network connectivity from any company. A Mac user can write and run apps from any developer, and even Linux or Windows apps many of which are more powerful than anything natively available for Apple OSes. Mac hardware in general offers much more powerful processing capabilities and a much more sophisticated OS so that multiple apps can be run, and multiple monitors can be used, and multiple inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously, including ergonomic and precise trackballs and sketchpads, etc.

        There is no comparison. iOS is for consumers. Mac is for creators and consumers.

        1. They complement each other, having different strengths. For many people with limited demands, such as pure home users, however, an iPad could take the place of a computer if iOS were more capable – as you have said.

    3. You took the words right out of my mouth. I can’t believe we are still having this ridiculous conversation. Unless the laws of science and physics are rewritten, absolutely no way you can get serious computing firepower in a thin slate.

      Now, to MDN’s point. If all you need is a connection to the internet to post a couple paragraphs to a WordPress blog, then yes indeed, a better iPad will replace your laptop.

      That said, if the price for both is the same, what’s the point? A computer and Mac OS can do so much more it is not worth it to be modern and fashionable to impress your friends. Bang for the buck and practically should win every time.

      Bottom line: A headline without context and objectivity is a little misleading, much more to the entire story. That said, to each his own and enjoy your choice…

      1. The iPad was offensive when it first launched.

        Even now, I use one, but not for anything real, and I certainly hate typing on glass. One exception, handwriting….

        Even know, given a choice between laptop + flip phone versus tablet +/- smartphone, guess who wins.

  1. I reject the premise that my laptop needs to be replaced. I love my MBP. I wish the 17” would com back.
    What’s next? “Can Apple Watch Series 7 finally replace your iPad Pro…?” Give me a break.

    1. My new 2017 MacBook Pro sucks! The keyboard is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen and, it’s a damn shame what Apple did to it. These new keyboards are absolutely Satan type the letter in and I get five parade on the screen AutoCorrect can’t even figure that crap out same with the letter S same with the number seven utter garbage. Apple doesn’t even call me back anymore I’ve had a ticket out for 3 1/2 months.

  2. If you are ‘connecting it to more things’ to make it usable, it’s not a computer killer, it’s a computer. Capitulating and making a touchscreen MacBook would be a LOT less of a compromise. This ‘why would anyone buy a PC?’ nonsense is just that, they answer their own question with every iteration of the iPad and what they add to it. It isn’t *our* fault they’ve painted themselves into this corner.

  3. Here we go again with the ‘laptop killing iPad’ Newsflash, an iPad or any tablet will never, ever be able to replace a laptop. Period,
    Get over it and these stupid soundbites.

  4. Bunch of uninformed trolls here in this post, today.
    Been using iPads and iOS for 8 years, now.
    Both iPad hardware and iOS have only gotten better.
    Been getting real work done on iPads for quite some years.
    Been using iPads as a cheaper Macbook replacement.
    Get even more stuff done on my iPad Pro.
    To some of the uninformed here, newer iPad models have been able to use two apps at once for the last 3-4 years.
    Lots of iPad users getting real work done on iPads, folks!
    And you don’t need a constant Internet connection to use lots of apps. Sorry. Not True.
    All anyone has to do is look on YouTube to watch videos of exactly what iPad users are doing with their iPads.
    Not very hard to find these, at all.
    And I am not just referring to creative art and design, either.
    You CAN do professional level image/phtography editing and video editing on iPads, now, too, folks!
    The apps are there in the iOS App Store, now!
    Those apps have been with iOS for quite some time.
    Lots of college students/medical people using iPads.
    Lots of writers using iPads, too!
    I don’t know where all of you are getting your info, but obviously, none of you have tried to use iPads or iOS in any significant way or manner, if at all!

  5. If this iPad can replace your MacBook Pro, then you never needed it in the first place. Everytime I hear this, I bust out laughing. Wait … let me guess, the next AppleWatch will replace your iPad … right?

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