Apple signs major lease for nearly 314,000 square feet of industrial manufacturing space in Milpitas

“Apple Inc. has signed a major lease for nearly 314,000 square feet of industrial manufacturing space at McCarthy Creekside, a brand-new, multiphase development in Milpitas, according to real estate records,” Janice Bitters reports for the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

“The Cupertino-based iPhone maker’s 10-year agreement with project developer McCarthy Ranch for the single-story building at 407 N. McCarthy Blvd, a 313,978-square-foot structure, comes as industrial warehouse vacancy rates are shrinking to nearly zero in Silicon Valley,” Bitters reports. “The tech titan is rumored to be paying around $0.90 per square foot.”

“Apple’s newest lease is for one of two industrial buildings in the first phase of developer McCarthy Ranch’s two-phase McCarthy Creekside project tucked between Interstate 880 and Coyote Creek,” Bitters reports. “The first 136,000-square-foot building in the development was leased earlier this year to electric vehicle maker SF Motors, the U.S. Subsidiary of Chinese automaker Sokon Industrial Group.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hmm… industrial manufacturing.

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    1. That whole thing is obviously a setup after Kavanaugh failed as an election year ploy to make the president look bad in the press. The media once again is complicit and not looking into all angles of this story.

      If you look at the caravan they seem well dressed with what looks like clean clothes, carrying backpacks and water bottles, well fed and have sanitary facilities along the way. I could be wrong here, that’s just my visual impression since the reporting is one sided.

      So it begs important questions for the media that looks out for Democrat interests, ahem cough, cough sorry, national interests of all parties.

      Why now, who organized it and who paid for it?

      Will Schumer and Pelosi step up to the microphones and comment on securing our borders for national security and not play partisan politics this close to an election? No way, Jose. they will take to the media to excoriate President Trump. Food stamps and welfare is the core of the voter registration drive in California where illegals can now vote.

      Another despicable Democrat power ploy where they ONLY look out for themselves, their power, and the HELL with the rest of the U.S.

      It has never been this bad politically, sad…

        1. No, he “confused” you with the Internet Research Bureau in St. Petersburg, which has exactly the same signature move of jumping into conversations on other subjects (Apple buying a building) and bringing up entirely different controversial subjects (anti-immigrant propaganda).

          The point isn’t to support one side or the other, but to get Americans at one another’s throats. When we are angry with one another, we aren’t paying attention to things that really should make us angry… like the Russian intervention in our electoral process that continues to this day, or the effort by Sunni fundamentalists to dominate Southwest Asia under the cover of fighting Shia terrorism.

          When we are fighting comment wars on MDN, we aren’t fighting the expansion of authoritarian regimes (like Russia and Saudi Arabia) who murder their opponents on foreign soil without a serious word of protest from the head of the American government. When we are arguing about Kavenaugh (whose confirmation was always a done deal), we are ignoring the reality of sexual abuse and gender discrimination. Arguments about kneeling at football games divert us from a serious discussion of race relations in America. Arguing over why the stock market has been rising diverts us all from looking into whose boat is not rising. We are all guilty of this. It’s easier to argue than to do something.

          The troll drool never has any factual backing or even an appeal to common sense. What possible motive could Democrats have for stirring up the Republican base with an immigration provocation right before the mid-terms? If there are any agents provocateurs involved, they are more likely either foreigners trying to stir up more discord or Americans hoping to get out the pro-Trump vote. Even the ancient Romans knew that the first question to ask at the scene of a crime or disturbance is cui bono? Who benefits?

          I almost hate to respond to the substance of your diversion, since it has nothing to do with the Apple building, but…

          Border security is a real issue, but it is hardly the existential threat you make it out to be. MS-13 really does have a lot of “bad dudes,” but it was founded in Los Angeles, not Latin America. Well over 60% of the gang members who have been arrested in the US were here legally, and many of the others overstayed their visa after entering legally. They aren’t pouring across an undefended border.

          The crime rate among documented immigrants is quite significantly lower than among US-born citizens. Apart from immigration offenses, criminals are less common even among undocumented aliens than among native-born Americans. The American cities with the lowest violent crime rates are on the Mexican border, although they have the highest proportion of immigrants. Every US mass casualty incident since 2001 was perpetrated by someone who was in the country legally; almost all the shooters were native-born citizens. Focus on “foreign criminals and terrorists” has distracted us from the guys who are actually doing most of the shooting. Who benefits from that? It isn’t America.

          Please stop doing the Russians’ job. They have quite enough paid agents without the assistance of naive Americans.

          1. “Please stop doing the Russians’ job.”

            Please stop FALSELY accusing me of doing something I am NOT! You are a skillful tedious LIAR, don’t waste my time…

            1. @GoesB:

              How about you stick to topic of Apple,, instead of inserting irrelevant off-topic politics?

              Simple enough solution…and it starts at home.

          2. TxUser is the top candidate for a troll on these boards. Your essay-comments are overlong and thoroughly unwelcome pieces of leftist propaganda without fail. Your lies and distortions about “Russian interference” and immigration are a few of the many reasons President Trump will crush the Social Justice Warrior communist democrats for the foreseeable future. Leftist traitors who aid in the invasion of the United States should be deported along with the illegal gimmegrants.

            1. Well said, Nick. Agree with all your points. Yes, clearly USER is the number one liberal having serial problems with the truth and a very skillful tedious deflection artist. When proven wrong by the facts you would be hard pressed to find an apology or correction. Reminds me of how the DISHONEST elitist Clintons operated for decades and still do.

              He has been working overtime lately, just count the words. After defending the attacks against Judge Kavanaugh with no presumption of innocence coupled with proclaiming Warren is a Native American, proven universally false, he has clearly demonstrated repeatedly he has only one mission:

              Ignore and parse the truth, promote the Democrat and leftist agenda while denigrating and knocking down Republicans and any semblance of President Trump’s progress for the USA and the economy, where we have seen a remarkable recovery.

              Interesting reading:


            2. I never proclaimed that Elizabeth Warren is a Native American. You are simply making that up.

              What I said is that there is no reason to doubt that she had a Native American ancestor several generations back. That does not make her a Native American, which is not a racial or genetic category, but a legal and cultural category. Native Americans are people who have a cultural connection with a registered tribe that can be documented by enrollment in the official membership list. Senator Warren doesn’t qualify. She knows she doesn’t qualify. She has never claimed otherwise. You cannot find her ever claiming membership in the Cherokee Nation because she never did.

              The DNA test was not intended to prove that she is a Native American. It could not do that. “Native American” is defined in US law as “an enrolled member of a recognized tribe or nation.” DNA has nothing to do with that.

              There are people who can prove 100% Cherokee descent whose ancestors were all missing from the official list in 1907. They aren’t eligible for enrollment, so they aren’t Native Americans. There are other people who have what the Government calls a “quantum of Indian blood” of 1/8196 who did have an ancestor on the list (with possibly as little as a 1/256 quantum) and are therefore members of the Cherokee Nation equal to any other. A DNA test would likely lead to exactly the reverse conclusion from the actual facts. It would prove nothing with regard to Native American identity.

              I do not call myself Native American, although I am eligible for enrollment in the Choctaw Nation. My grandmother was an enrolled member in 1907, so I could apply for membership as her direct descendant. I have never done so because I have no cultural connection to the Nation except through my grandmother, who never actively participated in the tribe as an adult.

              My mother has a 1/128 “quantum of Indian blood” and shows up in about that range on DNA tests. I am 1/256. If I lived in Oklahoma and could participate in the Choctaw culture, I would absolutely join the Nation. My overwhelmingly white ancestry would not be a bar. As it is, I am not Choctaw or any other sort of Native American. I am an outsider who happens to have a Choctaw grandmother.

              The Senator did not take the test to “prove she was an Indian.” She was responding to taunts from the President of the United States demanding that she have a DNA test or admit that she has no Native American ancestry at all. She took the test, and it confirmed exactly what she said it would: she has DNA markers that make it about 10-12 times more likely than the general population that she had a relatively recent Native American ancestor.

              (Note: the suggestion that she has less Indian ancestry than the average American is flatly mistaken. See the following:

              The Senator’s test suggests that the full-blooded ancestor was just where family lore places her, in the pre-Dawes Act period before there was an official membership roll for the Civilized Tribes. By the time the Dawes Roll was compiled, her descendants had been assimilated into white culture. They were never Indians and neither is the Senator.

              To the extent that Warren’s (accurate) claims of Native American ancestry in the past might have (falsely) implied a claim to actually be a Native American, she has publicly apologized. The Cherokee Nation, in particular, is very touchy about outsiders claiming association with the tribe based on family lore or DNA testing. As we have seen recently (like in the article you linked), they don’t even like people claiming to have Indian ancestors when that can readily be proved. To them, it seems like cultural appropriation. It doesn’t alter the fact that there are white people—quite a lot of white people—who have one or more Native American ancestors. Elizabeth Warren is one of those people, whether the tribes or you like it or not.

              I didn’t make the claim about Judge Kavenaugh that you attribute to me, either, but I’ll let that lie alone.

            3. Another factor to consider: the Cherokee response may not be quite as nonpartisan as it appears. The capital of the Nation is in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, which gave Clinton a whopping 33% of its vote in 2016, vs. 61% for Trump. Not exactly a stronghold for female Democrats.

            4. “I never proclaimed that Elizabeth Warren is a Native American. You are simply making that up.”

              TxUSER, your words on Monday, October 15, 2018 – 10:33 am:

              “Since we are on the topic of giving credit, time to give Senator Warren credit for Native American ancestry as reflected in her DNA.”

              Well, I guess it all depends on what your definition of “ancestry” or is it — IS, IS, right? 🤔

              Warren “proclaimed” Native American in college directories for years, listed N.A. at a PA university and “woman of color” at Harvard to advance her career. All based on a family folklore conversation years ago. My, how credible.

              Faulty test not using the correct DNA and yet it found over 1/1000th chance for Warren 10 generations ago and around 80% average Americans have roughly double the amount.

              Keep up the Democratic Party team distortion defense. Daily you excel at spin far more than the TRUTH…

            5. GeoB,

              Are you being intentionally dense or were you born that way?

              Yes, I said that Elizabeth Warren has Native American ancestry because all of the evidence supports that statement. I did not say that she was Native American because none of the evidence supports that entirely different statement. There is no contradiction there. Being a Native American has nothing to do with genetic ancestry as measured by DNA, and everything to do with documented direct descent from an enrolled member of a recognized tribe, I can’t understand how you can fail to understand that.

              You say, “Faulty test not using the correct DNA and yet it found over 1/1000th chance for Warren 10 generations ago and around 80% average Americans have roughly double the amount.”

              Congratulations. You have managed the rare feat of writing a paragraph that does not contain a single true statement. The test was not faulty. It employed the best DNA reference sample available. It found that Warren had 10-12 times more “Indian” genetic markers than two independent white reference populations. It stated a near certainty (not 1/1000) that her nearest undiluted Indian ancestor was 6-10 generations back, which is exactly what Senator Warren has always said her mother told her. It is not true that most Americans (much less 80%) have more markers (much less twice as many).

              This is another case of “a perverted but sophisticated reading of postmodern epistemology, in which nothing can ever be known for certain and therefore Big Gulps are good for you.” Science is science. You can’t make it up as you go along.

              If you actually care about the science involved, read:


            6. New York Times Oct. 15, 2018:

              “Yet even as she sought to defuse the issue, Ms. Warren was criticized on both the right and the left Monday.”
              “she is anywhere between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.”
              “For Trump, 1/1024th will be priceless material.”

              Huffpost Oct. 17, 2018:

              “The DNA test revealed that her Native American ancestry is as small as 1/1,024. And the stunt provoked the Cherokee Nation to release a blistering statement pointing out that “a DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship” and that “using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or ANY tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong … Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.” Other Native American writers have similarly objected to the methodology and implicit message behind Warren’s announcement.”

              Cherokee Nation Oct. 15, 2018:

              “Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or ANY tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens.”

              New York Post Oct. 16, 2018:

              “The issue isn’t Warren’s family anecdotes. It’s her fakery.
              As the Boston Globe reported in 2012, she “listed herself in the Association of American Law Schools directory as a minority, beginning in 1986.”
              Both Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania listed her as “Native American” on their federal labor forms. A Harvard Law spokesman also cited that factoid when the school came under fire for lacking diversity.”

              USER, directly above is what I was referring to in a previous post she falsified her Harvard application and Native American wound up listed on federal forms with no proof, just a family story. You mocked me for being wrong with some word salad technical deflection.

              Ok USER, not “dense” if the “ancestry” you are referring to is “1/64th (6th generation) to 1/1,024th (10th generation) Native American” according to the NYT and other press reports, then fair enough. You did not infer or say Warren is Native American and she does have a minuscule amount of ancestry according to a controversial test.

              USER: “You say, Faulty test not using the correct DNA and yet it found over 1/1000th chance for Warren 10 generations ago”

              Yes, again possibly at the low end “1/1,024th (10th generation) Native American.” See press reports above.

              GoeB: “and around 80% average Americans have roughly double the amount.”

              That was reported and not my findings. The figure reported was 0.08% much greater than 1/1,024th. That said, this is a small side issue and not important. But you have to love Orin Hatch’s mocking tweet that his DNA is minuscule part T-Rex. 😆

              USER: “Congratulations. You have managed the rare feat of writing a paragraph that does not contain a single true statement.”

              WRONG! I just addressed all your points. I should congratulate you on your narrow reading habits. As I have demonstrated above read both sides daily and tilt more to what the left is reporting. It’s actually more hilarious, particularly Mother Jones. Love the oh so self-righteous know it all mocking snide tone in the authoritarian style. You know what I am talking about, EXACTLY how you write.

              Your science lecture left out the most important component. Science is NOT finite and changes all the time. What we believe today, 10 years ago and 100 years ago changes. Classic example is global cooling in the 1970s to global warming present day. I found a movie quote from Signs (2002) to make a playful point: “Everything people have written about in science books is going to change.”

              Read the Seattle article and thought it was very uneven and very liberal opinionated, no surprise. Have a liberal reporter friend that I know a long time from D.C. days that works there since the late 1990s. The bias is in their DNA for decades, fine. This is the last paragraph in the story:

              “Warren’s Native American DNA, as identified in the test, may not be large, but it’s wrong to say it’s as little as 1/1,024th or that it’s less than the average European American. Three Pinocchios all around – including to our tweet.”

              If you know anything about print journalism the last paragraph is designed to sum up where they stand on every story.

              That last paragraph is dismissive OPINION
              and ignores all other reporting details and test results. I rate it FIVE Pinocchios …

          3. You have become a windbag who wants everyone to accept what you say while ignoring reality.

            “What possible motive could Democrats have for stirring up the Republican base with an immigration provocation right before the mid-terms?”

            Just asking a silly question like that proves how out of touch you are with how the über-left thinks, as they are convinced 75-80% of Americans believe just like they do and all that is needed is to prove how mean the Right is. THAT is why they have bankrolled and encouraged this invasion.

            They did the same with “Hands Up”, “#metoo”, Kavanaugh, and every other common sense decision that most Americans are tired of seeing the Left twist out of shape just to regain power, America’s interest be damned.

            You may be an old-school Democrat too proud to admit how far-left and stupid they have become OR just another radical who constantly lies to himself and everyone else just to be on the winning team. Either way, you don’t sway me one iota.

            1. I am not an “old-school Democrat.” I am an “old-school Republican,” old enough to remember when my party stood for free-market capitalism, fiscal restraint, and individual responsibility. I got into trouble in 1960 for wearing a Nixon button to school (in Texas, with LBJ on the ballot). I haven’t changed my principles since then; the party has changed, not me.

              Democrats used to mock Republicans for being overeducated elitists like William F. Buckley who had no contacts with the common man. Now the Executive Editor of Salon can mock us as “a delusional, all-white minority party built on substandard rural education, the dumbest-ever version of religious fundamentalism, and a perverted but sophisticated reading of postmodern epistemology, in which nothing can ever be known for certain and therefore Big Gulps are good for you.”

              You meet bad arguments with good ones. Republicans have stopped meeting Democratic bad answers with anything other than personal insults. Good arguments need facts, and people who cite facts may seem tedious windbags. Sorry, but Big Gulps really aren’t good for you. Living in a world of “alternative facts” may be emotionally satisfying, but who benefits from it? Again, it certainly isn’t America.

            2. Oh give me a break. You call yourself an old school Republican yet always take the far-left point on every issue?

              You say you wore a Nixon badge and this proves it? Nixon was the most liberal Republican President in history!! He was pulled into the VP to guarantee California votes. He then went on the use price freezing to stop inflation, started the EPA (among other programs) and opened up China to trade. Now I’m not complaining about these but they are certainly not Conservative like Goldwater would have been.

              Then you quote an editor from Salon and you really think this helps your argument?? Yes, Buckley was very upper-class, but so what? Why does it make a hill of beans difference what OTHER people say about Republicans? they will NEVER vote for one regardless.

              Now, if you want to take 1960 and look at what the parties platforms stood for and compare them to todays platforms, you will see the Republicans have moved very little in core beliefs while the Democrats have moved further and further to the left.

              I’m not claiming they stick 100% to their promises, but at least they try to stay in that direction. Most Democrats run as moderates to get elected the turn so far left you can’t even recognize them. This is why in the last 60 years the Republicans have steadily gained on working class and middle class while the Democrats court the upper-crust financials and lie to the minorities and poor.

              Again, I don’t care what Liberals think about my party, I care about what the leaders of it are doing, just as I don’t care what is reported by liberals as “all the other countries laughing at us” as I have very little respect for most of them anyhow.

            3. RE: the perception that Republicans are very stable geniuses.

              According to the Pew Research Center, white voters with a college degree were more likely to be Republican or Republican-leaning Independents in 1994 (the year of the first Clinton midterm) by a 59% to 34% margin over Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents. The latest 2017 data shows the margin as 49% to 46% —but the other way, with Democratic-leaning voters almost a majority. The Republican Party has completely blown a 25% lead.

              In 1994, Republican had a (statistically insignificant) lead of 47% to 46% among white people with postgraduate experience. That reflects, among others, the traditionally Republican MBAs, physicians, and lawyers. In 2017, the margin is 59% to 37% in favor of Democrat-leaners. Again, the Party has gone from a slight lead to a 22% deficit.

              The margin among white voters with some college, but no degree, has remained pretty constant since 1994, with Republicans at 55% and Democrats at about 35-39%.

              So, why does the Republican Party keep winning elections? That would be due to growing its presence among white voters with a high school education or less. In 1994, Republicans led 47% to 42% in that demographic. It is now up 58% to 35%. Those voters tend to be older and therefore vote in higher numbers than the young college-educated whippersnappers.

              Little known fact: the mortality rate for older voters is also higher, so the number of whites who never attended college is shrinking, while the number of college graduates is rising. So is the proportion of nonwhite or Hispanic voters. Put those two trends together with the pro-Democratic bias among Millennials (59% to 32%), and the omens tell intelligent Republicans, “Mend your ways, for judgment is coming!”

            4. OK, I know now to not engage your dishonest ass in the future.

              No wonder GoeB gets annoyed with you so easy.

              Like my Grandma always said “If it looks like a donkey, sounds like a donkey and smells like shit then it’s a Democrat…”

            5. “Mend your ways, for judgment is coming!”

              For you to use that term about Republicans while praising Democrats not only shows your bias, it also shows you’re lying and also an idiot.

              I see now why no one takes you serious.
              What a joke you are.

            6. I did not praise the Democrats. They haven’t gained any public support on their own merits. As I suggested, Republicans have blown their previous popularity among educated Americans by deliberately cultivating ignorance of science and other facts as a virtue. That’s all on them. Nothing to praise on the other side.

              I just posted objective poll numbers that document the extent of the slide. Pointing out that Republicans are growing steadily less popular in growing segments of society (college educated whites, minorities, millennials, single women, etc.) isn’t praising the Democrats. They have their own problems, including the gross neglect of the working Americans that used to be the core of their base support.

              Republicans have picked a lot of those folks up, but the older, white, high-school-educated demographic isn’t growing. If the national Republican Party puts its faith in those folks to the extent of turning its back on the demographics that are growing, it will share the fate of the state Republican Party in California, which deliberately aggravated minorities until they weren’t minorities any more and could get even. The state went from Republican-dominated to Democrat-dominated in a decade of less. Texas could go the same way within 10-15 years, with many other states following shortly thereafter.

              If it makes you happier, BOTH parties should repent and mend their ways or judgment will be upon them. It’s just that judgment on the Democrats doesn’t bother me as much as the slow suicide of my own party.

            7. TowerTone, thanks for recognizing reality. Yes, I have allowed myself to be easily annoyed with skillful LIAR TXUSER, BECAUSE I HATE DISHONESTY!

              Just that it is simply hard to believe anyone can LIE repeatedly on a daily basis, misrepresenting their party affiliation, be that DISHONEST, feel GOOD about it with NO conscience and then sleep at night. Oh wait sorry, he probably worked for the Clinton campaign and therefore no problem at all.

              As you have pointed out will take a different tact in the future…

          4. President Trump set up a “heads I win, tails you lose” situation. He has been taunting “Pocahontas” for months, demanding that she take a DNA test that proves she has Indian ancestry.

            Heads He Wins: If she doesn’t release a blood test, he continues hammering her on the rally trail as a lying bitch who said things that she cannot prove are true. Eventually everyone believes the oft-repeated and unrefuted presidential statement and concludes she is a liar.

            Tails She Loses: If she does release a report that proves she has Indian ancestry, the Indian Nations attack her for implying that she not only has Indian ancestors (which they regard as true but irrelevant) but also has culturally appropriated an Indian identity. Her opponents then take that condemnation out of context to suggest that her claim of Indian ancestry is and always was a lie.

            She literally cannot win unless the coin lands and settles on its edge. All this followed inevitably from bragging about her ancestors, exactly the same thing that everybody named Murphy does every March 17 (even if his people haven’t been in Ireland since the Potato Famine and a DNA test would likely be inconclusive). They don’t DNA test the contestants at the Highland Games or marchers on Columbus Day, either.

            By the way: When I cite an article saying that almost everything printed about the DNA test is wrong, you aren’t going to convince me otherwise by linking to exactly the statements that I (and the article I cited) already said were wrong.

            1. “She literally cannot win unless the coin lands and settles on its edge.”

              Right, she cannot win for falsifying a family story since 1986 claiming she is Native American and PROVEN she is NOT!

              Cut the PARTISAN CRAP already and stick to the FACTS!

              New York Times Oct. 15, 2018:

              “Yet even as she sought to defuse the issue, Ms. Warren was criticized on both the right and the left Monday.”
              “she is anywhere between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.”…

            2. No, she is not “between 1/64th and 1/1024 Native American.” She is not Native American at all. 0/1. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Are you surprised that the “failing NY TImes” is simply incorrect?

              To be Native American, she would have to have documented descent from somebody on an official tribal roll, which she doesn’t. What has the Indian Nations in an uproar is not that she “failed” a DNA test, but that she took one when it was irrelevant.

              There are enrolled members of the Cherokee Nation who have had only one full-blooded ancestor in the last 12 generations (a 1/8196 quantum). With no undiluted genetic source in the last 200+ years, they would most likely show no Indian DNA markers at all. Nevertheless, they are Native Americans, with as many rights as any other tribal member. There are no fractional Indians.

              Claiming to have Native American ancestors is another thing entirely. That is analogous to calling yourself Irish-American. Your heritage does not entitle you to vote in Irish elections because being Irish-American is not the same as being Irish. That is true no matter how many or how few of your ancestors were born in Ireland.

              A hypothetical DNA subject (perhaps someone adopted as a baby) who “looks like an Indian,” and came back as having full-blooded Native American DNA, with every possible marker checked, would not be a Native American if he could not prove descent from an enrolled tribe member. It would still seem pretty clear that he had some Native American ancestors.

              Those are the nonpartisan facts. Stick to them rather than your partisan crap.

      1. GoeBlow, please stop the “woe is me” GOP hand-wringing and the cries of persecution. You accuse the left of doing what the right is doing. Classic tactic that the GOP has been wielding incessantly for a couple of decades or more. Frankly, I am sick of it, and so are a lot of other people.

        I am sick of the label and disparage. I am sick of the lies. I am sick of the attempts to twist truth into self-serving crap. I am sick of the self-serving, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou attitudes from a bunch of hypocrites. Really. The game is over and the country is the one that has lost from your obstructionist and bullying tactics.

        Balance has to be restored. The country needs to move back to the middle, and we need to end these stupid tax cuts for the wealthy that are blowing the deficit up AGAIN.

        Trump and his family have clearly criminally evaded taxes and committed major fraud over the decades. Even if those crimes are beyond the statute of limitations with respect to criminal prosecution, they are disqualifying for the leader of the United States.

        1. King Mel is the runner-up prog hack to TxUser. What really needs to happen to bring “balance” to the US is for leftist backstabbers to be brought to justice for their crimes. Don’t soil yourself as President Trump arrests all of your degenerate heroes for treason.

          1. Yes, another spot on post Nick. Melvin is indeed the runner-up to his party comrade. Same selective reality and most everything filtered and distorted through the liberal lens. Same mistakes stating dogma and talking points as fact, while ignoring the actual facts in the real world. And I see they are both going after you and have the hypocrite nerve to talk about “bullying.” Unreal. Stick to your guns.

            “Don’t soil yourself as President Trump arrests all of your degenerate heroes for treason.”

            Certainly, the deep state investigated Trump for years now and I can’t wait for the spotlight to be turned on them…

            1. Hey GoeBlow! dare you usurp my moniker…’Sycophant Lapdog’!!
              With two toady replies to Nick, it’s really not fair to casually steal my hard earned title without acknowledgement.
              If that’s the way you want it… to be the new Sycophant, then so be it. I hereby give up all rights to the name, my claims to originality and status are hereby transferred to the new champion Sycophant Lapdog.
              All Hail the new Sycophant Lapdog GoeBlow!

          1. Let’s have the fine, upstanding, non-senile president speak for himself:

            Jina has total respect… for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump’s very, very large…. a brain.

            Women… You have to treat them like shit.

            I sorta get away with things like that. (About bursting into Miss Universe pageant dressing rooms.)

            I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.

            I’m very highly educated. I know words, I know the best words.

            Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest—and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.

            My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well been documented, are various other parts of my body.

            I am self funding and will hire the best people… (Checked out the list recently of those who are criminals or have been fired for incompetence?)

            I am the least racist person there is. And I think most people that know me would tell you that. I am the least racist.

            Laziness is a trait in blacks.

            I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me —and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.

            I’ll tell you, it’s Big Business. If there is one word to describe Atlantic City, it’s Big Business. Or two words—Big Business.

            In life you have to rely on the past, and that’s called history.

      2. Single-handedly the dumbest comment I have had the misfortune to read in, lets just say the last couple of years, though it could be more.

        Not only is it off topic, but wholly inaccurate in just about everything mentioned. You are either grossly misinformed, willfully ignorant, or a Russian Bot or Troll.

        Whoever, or whatever you are, you are simply bad for America…

    2. More workers?
      Probably not.

      I’d figure that it’s more likely that in the move to the “Space Ship”, they suddenly realized that Johnny I’ve forgot to include filing cabinets in the designs as well as how everyone has boxes of “stuff” (prototypes, etc), because the trend in Enterprise for the last 20 years has been to decrease the office space per employee.

      As such, it’s probably nothing more than ‘temporary’ storage from the move.

  1. I have used Macs for 30 years as a scientist, and I like them fine. Over that time, windows started as a joke but has improved a lot. Today, it is mostly what you are used to that matters the most. For me, I don’t want to give more mental bandwidth to using 2 different OS instead of one.

    But there is a future problem for Apple. Apple has abandoned instrumentation. In the last 10 years or so, makers of scientific instruments (microscope cameras, DNA sequencing, all manner of data collection devices, are now PC powered and sometimes Linux. Not sure if it is price, or Apple not helping with writing drivers, or what. But if i were starting my career over today, I would probably choose the aggravation of Windows to save the mental bandwidth of using two OS systems.

    I would say to Apple: “Scientists are “the creative class,” ya’know, Apple. You abandon us at your risk. We are the people who actually create tomorrow’s world and mentor the next generation of creators. When you abandon us, you are abandoning the future.”

  2. With tariffs, and China Chip Gate (FUD), Apple needs to diversify manufacturing over regions, including Brazil, India, China and US, plus elsewhere that makes sense. They used to make Macs in Elk Grove, Ca. – that facility is now an iPhone call center.

    1. That would be nice. Gollum, but it would not solve the tariff issue in the least. In fact, Apple might end up paying more in tariffs that way, depending on how they are structured. Sometimes it is cheaper to import a finished product.

      Even if Apple were to assemble Macs in the U.S., the company would have to import most of the components from South Korea, China, Japan, etc. To do what you want, Apple would have to bring in component manufacturing from all over the world…hardly an easy task. And Apple doesn’t want to get into that aspect except, perhaps, for select, cutting-edge components. Even then, Apple contracts with other companies, such as TSMC, to fabricate those parts. There is no easy answer.

      1. There are a lot of things we don’t know about this deal. The lease might be a ruse, or part of an executive deal to have Apple imports, tariff exempt. The most obvious explanations. But if things do go real bad with China, the. What is Apple’s “Plan B?”

  3. Apple has enough cash to create an entire PC/cell phone manufacturing industry right here in the U.S.

    As a matter of fact, they could do so by just delaying stock buybacks for about a year, at the most two years.

    I believe that American workers can compete with anyone on the planet.

    1. The question is…if Tim Cook has a stomach to do anything big and/or new. So far, he has been concentrating on purchasing small guys in his supply chain etc. Apple has been growing with “fabless” biz model. Anything related to mfg carries much bigger risk (but bigger profit potential too, if managed well). But Tim Cook is not the guy to do it, and he knows it well.

    2. No worker efficiency difference and no tariffs can offset the massive wage gap. If the American worker was more economically efficient, corporations wouldn’t have moved all their factories overseas.

      It will take more than a flurry of tweets and anti-consumer tariffs to level the global wage inequality. It also does not help that feckless leaders of the USA happily prop up communist China and dictatorial oil producers.

      1. “If the American worker was more economically efficient, corporations wouldn’t have moved all their factories overseas.”

        Absolutely not!

        My grandmother worked at one of the largest textile mills in the world located in the U.S. circa early 1960s and the company operated there since opening in the late 1800s. They closed and moved operations overseas, READ CAREFULLY, for more profit and the laws allowed it to happen.

        Has nothing to do with the American worker! It’s all about cheap labor and bigger profits and immediately after NAFTA passed the exodus accelerated. The “giant sucking sound.”

        Get a grip…

  4. Wow, a topic about Apple signing a lease and look at the results. It sure goes to illustrate how the insecurely divided are not only fallen to rock bottom but vigorously digging.

    Meanwhile on the fact front, is $0.90 per square foot a good deal? Like is that for the term of the lease, fortnightly or monthly, biannually?

    How about some speculation on what they are going to make there? More car stuff I figure.

  5. This building is south of Fremont, but probably pretty pricy real estate. For comparison, Tesla’s manufacturing building is 5.5 M SqF. So don’t think they will manufacture cars there. Tim Cook has said he is committed to Apple manufacturing in the US, so lets see what he has coming.

    1. It’s for the new 2021 Mac Pro Trashcan.

      The fact that it is leased for 10 years proves Apple has no intention of sustained presence there.

      One wonders what kind of special tax breaks and incentives Apple was granted to offset the extremely high cost of manufacturing in CA. A dozen cities in the rust belt would have done anything for Apple to rehabilitate an existing empty factory.

      1. “A dozen cities in the rust belt would have done anything for Apple to rehabilitate an existing empty factory.”

        More than a dozen, but you are absolutely correct. That would help Apple revitalize the local economy in a depressed area with goodwill to all citizens. A beautiful thing.

        Will it happen? No way, Jose. How many Apple executives would relish relocating to depressed jerk water city in a red state.

        The hard core blue state Apple fashionistas most likely would be aghast at the mere thought and protest immediately.

        That said, would love to see Apple shed it’s leftist MO and grow a bit embracing all people and all places…

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