Paramedic: Yes, the Apple Watch Series 4 will save lives

“I’ve seen strokes from atrial fibrillation (AFib), slip and falls, mountain biking mishaps, and the usual menagerie of human frailty and stupidity,” Rich Mogull writes for TidBITS. “While I worked full-time for only a few years, I’ve been a part of the EMS system in one form or another for over 25 years.”

“Thanks to its health monitoring features, the new Apple Watch Series 4 will save lives, probably within weeks of launch. I’ve been on real calls that might have had happier endings had the person been wearing one,” Mogull writes. “Apple should get full credit for building a mainstream device that will save some lives.”

“The Apple Watch Series 4’s three key health-related features are fall detection, atrial fibrillation detection, and a simplified electrocardiogram (ECG),” Mogull writes. “Here’s how they might help, the limitations they face, and where Apple might go next.”

Apple Watch Series 4 in a Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)
Apple Watch Series 4 in a
Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch has been saving lives for years now. Apple Watch’s intensity of lifesaving will only increase.

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  1. The key to this is obviously paying attention.
    I have been getting warnings from my Apple Watch Series 2 for a few months now. But being stubborn I didn’t feel anything and assumed the watch was wrong. Last Thursday I had a heart attach, I guess the watch knew better.

  2. The Series 4 is generally super. However, yesterday I had a false alarm fall. I was standing still but wavedmy hand/Arm at someone. The scene was rather noisey. This caused a fall alert. Touching the I’m Ok response has no effect. Would not accept. The dismiss button worked. Coul not repeat the event. Tried to report to Apple on their support site. They would not accept it.

  3. I have just switched from O2 in the UK to EE simply to get one. Pay Monthly for an Aoole Watch with GPS and cellular was a no brainer. I have an iPhone 6S on SIM only which after 3 years still has 86% of original battery capacity.

    In one way I wished I lived in the US as I could sue the Surgeon and Hospital who put me where I am now by continually ignoring my complaints that my original symptoms had returned.

    It took 9 months and a squint at an MRI for the original Radiographer to suggest my symptoms were caused by what is called spinal tethering and I have in my possession a letter from the surgeon saying he was going to inspect my spinal cord and if the ligament that steadies the cord when we move about was not flexing as it should but stretching my cord instead, he was going to cut it. At the operation they found another cause of tethering but never bothered to do what he said he would as its not recorded in the operation log. That the op had failed was obvious the day after and when I told the surgeon this his retort was “Go back to your Neurologist”, “I’ve done my bit”. To add insult to injury he was ill for my post op review and I was seen by a nurse who couldn’t do anything but talk to him. I told her I needed further tests and another operation. I wrote to him and all that went on the notes was review 3 months. I was then fobbed off in January ’16 with “we can’t see anything wrong and can do no more” (despite him showing me the suspicious area in June ’15) saying he could do nothing surgically. I sought a 2nd opinion which confirmed he’s only done half a job and the problem still existed but had to wait 13 months after the 2nd op to have the final bit done. By this time the damage has been done. My lower body function is Kaput. Can’t walk far, constant pain and need a wheelchair amongst other things. And was offered a Colostomy yesterday.

    I got my Union’s solicitors to look at the case and the Dr’s Union kicked off and said no real proof of any negligence! In fact the surgeon who reviewed my notes said that despite not being in the log the surgeon could have “thought” about what he’d not done and explain (lie) to the court why he’d not done it.

    Spent last winter trying drugs to kill the neuropathic pain but all they did was make it worse.

    The end result: and this is why I’ve got an Apple Watch is that firstly the drugs and a liking for Grapefruit triggered an attack of Atrial Fibrillation and my balance is screwed so a fall is a possibility.

    Add in the fact I’m on anticoagulants makes the choice a no brainer with an emergency call post fall. ECG monitoring with Electrical connection to come and the price.

    i reckon it’s probable you could more easily get a murder conviction with a death sentence in the States compared to winning a medical negligence claim in the UK!

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