Apple said to introduce new ‘inexpensive’ Mac notebooks this year

“Compal Electronics overtook Quanta Computer as the top notebook ODM in the second quarter of 2018, thanks to increases in orders from Dell and Acer, according to Digitimes Research,” Rodney Chan reports for DIGITIMES. “The difference between the top-two ODMs’ shipments was less than 700,000 units in the second quarter, but the gap will widen in the third quarter when Compal’s shipments are expected to break the 10 million mark, data from Digitimes Research’s newly published quarterly report about the notebook industry show.”

“Quanta’s shipments are expected to also rise above 10 million units in the fourth quarter thanks to orders for Apple’s new inexpensive notebooks,” Chan reports. “Quanta will remain in second place, but its race with Compal will be much tighter in the fourth quarter, with the difference to narrow to less than 100,000 units.”

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    1. Why so high? Why not $100? Or how about FREE? Why not a 64GB option in the 12″ Macbook that Apple pays YOU to own? As an Apple shareholder I would be insulted if they offered any more than 8GB of RAM and a last gen CPU (already more than 99% of Mac buyers need) for under $1000 , that would be terrible business and appealing to the lowest common denominator, cheapskate, Google drone, freebie, socialist mentality.

      1. Well, as another Apple shareholder, I would like to walk in to an Apple store and not be embarrassed by the prices I see. As a nearly 30 year Mac owner, I’ve evangelized plenty about the advantages of a Mac. But it’s hard to be an unpaid salesperson when I have to try to justify a 50% price premium to a friend or a relative shopping for a laptop.

        1. Nick displays that side of himself often. I highly doubt he could find it in himself to agree with another human or in any way justify the obscene pricing that Apple charges for simple commodity upgrades like additional RAM or larger hard drives.

          At some point, Apple will find the limit of price elasticity. The reality distortion field has obviously worn off but I’m shocked how many fanboys are willing to pay through the nose for the Apple sticker. As someone pointed out here before: Premium prices need to come with premium performance and/or value. Apple is not offering superior value on any Mac it sells today.

          1. “Premium prices need to come with premium performance and/or value. Apple is not offering superior value on any Mac it sells today.”

            Totally agree and I believe that is what Nick is saying …

  1. Those white plastic MacBooks were used by millions of students for years. Now they have jobs and better Mac’s. We need that entry level inexpensive model to get people hooked. Once they are here, they tend to stay. (Unless you are a pro, them Apple doesn’t make much hardware for you any longer)

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