eBay to accept Apple Pay

“eBay will begin accepting Apple Pay in the fall and, through a new deal with Square, offer merchant loans of up to $100,000,” Spencer Soper reports for Bloomberg. “The new alliances follow EBay’s February announcement to gradually shift its payments processing business from PayPal to Adyen.”

“Apple Pay, which will be available on a limited basis on eBay beginning in the fall, gains access to a global marketplace where shoppers spent $88.4 billion last year,” Soper reports. “Square gets visibility into the financial risk of millions of small eBay merchants, providing valuable leads on potential loan customers. Loans, issued by Salt Lake City-based Celtic Bank, will be offered to eBay merchants beginning in September.”

“PayPal will continue to be a payment option on eBay at least until July 2023. The companies have been slowly unwinding from each other according to the terms of a separation agreement,” Soper reports. “eBay could shore up some sales for loyal iPhone users who occasionally back out of purchases when Apple Pay isn’t accepted.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another win for Apple Pay!

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  1. So in the future PayPal will NOT be an option on eBay? What the hell, that makes no sense. The two have worked together seamlessly for me for years, so why would they do this? I still can’t use Apple Pay because my darn credit union won’t get off the fence and initiate it’s use.

      1. I’d like to hear the actual reasoning behind it because the article doesn’t really make it clear. To me that’s like saying “We will take MasterCard but not Visa”. Is it because of fees involved or what, because right now most people use PayPal on eBay. And I’m pretty sure more people have PayPal than Apple Pay.

  2. It is great news! And it is for Apple. But it’s even better news for those who will now have access to Apple Pay, as there is no easier or safer method of payment for consumers.

  3. I work for eBay. While this is true, I can tell you when they say “limited bases” they mean “limited”. Probably won’t see it on at least half the site until late 2019 and in full adoption by end of 2020. But hey, it’s a start. PayPal is confusing to many buyers because the relationship is based on 2002 and it doesn’t make sense in today’s digital age with the direction PayPal is moving.

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