So, about Apple’s new MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard

“Last week, Apple announced an updated MacBook Pro, packing in fresh processors that were announced just three months ago, and tweaking the keyboard,” Alex Cranz writes for Gizmodo. “I’ve spent the last day with that new keyboard—after nearly two years with the old one—and I noticed the difference immediately. But I’m not sure if I would say it’s an improvement. Nor would I say it’s worse. For now, it’s just, well, different.”

“Which could be a good thing, because up until now the keyboard on the MacBook Pro has been a major source of ire. The keys themselves have very short ‘travel,'” Cranz writes. “Most laptop keys have around 1.5 to 2mm of travel. The MacBook Pro has under 1mm. That means it’s more prone to obstruction by things like crumbs from a bag of chips. When a crumb gets stuck under the key it can’t be fully depressed. It becomes quite firm, and annoying to use, if it’s usable at all.”

“In a teardown last week, the gadget surgeons at iFixit discovered that the key switches—the actual key mechanism—on the new MacBook Pro are now covered by a silicon membrane,” Cranz writes. “That membrane should, theoretically, keep crumbs and other detritus out, thus, potentially ameliorating one of the biggest problems arising from the keyboard’s shallow travel distance.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, the prevailing theory is that the sticky key issue is fixed or, at least, improved, but Apple can’t come out and say it due to legal reasons, so only time will tell.

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  1. I’m an adherent to the theory MDN mentions. Until lawsuits are resolved, Apple’s attorneys, I am sure, have forbidden anyone to address the problem of sticking keys. Phil Shiller would probably love to be able to say “We’ve solved the problem,” and why not, it would likely get people like me to get off the fence. I had a person ask me about what laptop to buy, and I couldn’t in good conscience recommend a new MacBook. Know what I know now, I feel confident new buyers won’t have the same keyboard woes. (they still have to be okay with the short throw of the keys.)

    1. Hey Queenie, the language has evolved past your ability to keep up. Just accept it, like morons saying “off-ten” instead of the correct “off-en” for often.

      Just be glad the morons aren’t saying “kuh-nye-fee” for knife, “izz-land” for island and “ski-zorz” for scissors…


  2. I’m one of those people that feel the 1.5 mm travel distance is optimum. The current travel distance on the MacBook Pro is too shallow for my typing and I am more prone to typing errors as a result.

    1. Step 4. Make a stink online so a company like apple that has obscene amounts of money might actually spend some and deliver a proper working keyboard design for their Pro models.

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