Apple in early phases of business alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Apple is seeking to expand its enterprise-related operations by working with a new partner, with a job advertisement indicating the iPhone producer has an arrangement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to produce business solutions,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider.

“The LinkedIn job notice spotted by The Register reveals Apple is looking for an ‘Enterprise Strategic Partner Manager’ for HPE, Dimension Data, and GE, based in London,” Owen reports. “The job title’s inclusion of HPE points to Hewlett Packard Enterprise joining the existing list of firms Apple works with for corporate services.”

“While the advertisement mentions HPE, there has yet to be a confirmation of a partnership between the company and Apple,” Owen reports. “Even so, this would make HPE the latest in a string of partners Apple works with to help enterprise customers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more, the merrier as the enterprise finally exits the Dark Ages of Computing.

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    1. Apple has never been “truly serious about business”. Apple has dabbled in that space (dating back to the AIX servers and before), but Apple has either ignored the hard core business world or mostly left dealing with the business world (especially the large enterprise world) to partners reselling Apple’s products.

      1. I know. This is what I mean. They should go all in. The primary reason being selling more Macs and thus increasing their importance to Apple and we would see less Mac marginalizing and lackadaisical attention paid to their updating.

  1. Would business IT departments want to deal with laptops that get dead keyboards at the first sign of dust, only to contend with unserviceable hardware when routine repairs are needed?

    I yearn for the sensible MacBooks made before all this silliness with glue, rivets, soldering…

          1. Maybe not; SJ worked at HP at the beginning, no? He might have a soft spot for licensing out MacOS at this time in Apple’s huge success when it seems to be gradually deprecating MacPro anyway in favor iOS and its derivatives – A limited license as DavGreg below calls it, and iron-clad so it does not run away with what still must contain some crown jewel code. Yeah, Jobs might actually embrace this turn of events. I would love to know how S. Wozniak feels about it.

            1. Steve loved/respect the “original” HP and it appeared like a historic/story tale mentor/student relationship.

              With that said, SJ hates sharing the brand…you never saw “Intel” or heard the Intel “ring” during a Mac ad, just for one ie.

              With that said, I wondered how the ownership/branding would be handled. Cook is associating with “others” in a completely different way than SJ and, as a result of a seemingly helpful and productive relationship with IBM, the HP suggestion is conceivable & intriguing.

          2. On the other hand, because Apple seems to be on the cusp of doing something comprehensively significant regarding chip development, which is likely to include at least some portion of MacOS, perhaps licensing out MacOS would be out of the question.

          3. Oh, not will never happen. But we can dream. Apple wouldn’t risk again having something else outdo them as Power Computing, etc. did years ago when they allowed clones. Funny since as far as pro users it’s exactly what most of us WANT (upgradeable towers).

      1. That is what I have suggested here. Let H-P do the enterprise and workstation units and let Apple concentrate on Laptops and all in ones.
        One of the nice things about buying an H-P business class unit is that it comes with 3 year on site service. That is not available from Apple at any price.
        That end of the market does not care about how thin the bezel is on an iMac or nonsense like that and they do not want sealed boxes that say go away to the end user.
        If H-p were to get a limited license to make and sell Mac desktops and workstations you would see newer hardware more often.

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