Right now is the absolute worst time to buy an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro

“Maybe you’re getting a jump on your back-to-school shopping. Or you’re enticed by sales that scream ‘$1,000 off MacBook Pro!,'” Mark Spoonauer writes for LAPTOP Magazine. “I’m here to tell you to keep your money in your wallet, because now is the absolute worst time to buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro.”

“New MacBooks are bound to be on the way, either late this summer or early fall. There’s some debate as to whether Apple is rolling out new and improved designs or if the company is simply going to refresh its existing lineup with newer specs. But even if just the latter is true, you should press the pause button on any purchase,” Spoonauer writes. “MacBooks are way, way overdue for getting Intel’s 8th-Generation Core processors. In fact, these CPUs started showing up in Windows-powered ultraportables like the HP Envy 13t and Asus ZenBook U330UA back in November of 2017. That’s seven months ago, and we’re about to enter eight months. Apple has never been super-quick to adopt the latest chips, but this is getting ridiculous…”

“Those on the hunt for a 15-inch MacBook Pro should definitely wait, as the powerful 8th-Generation Coffee Lake Core i9 chip Intel launched in April could find its way into that machine,” Spoonauer writes. “f you’re the hopeful (ahem) type, you might be holding out for Apple to fix its frustrating keyboards. And I wouldn’t blame you, as the flat, butterfly-mechanism keyboards have proved so problematic that the company is facing class-action lawsuits over them.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sound advice. Unless you absolutely need one now, wait.

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  1. I have felt that it has been a bad time to buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro ever since Apple eliminated all of the ports except for USB-C and expected their users to get along with dongles and adapters. I have felt it has been a bad time to buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro ever since they got the flutter bye keyboard that has such a high failure rate and expensive repair cost. I have felt it has been a bad time to buy a MacBook Pro ever since they got that stupid Touch Bar that locks up whenever the software that runs it gets confused. I’ll stick with my Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro, with it’s MagSafe power connector, regular USB ports, headphone jack, HDMI Port and SD Card slot. Thank you.

    1. MacBookPro REFURB! $2450
      Refurbished 13.3-inch MacBook Pro 3.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 with Retina display – Silver
      Originally released June 2017
      Touch Bar with integrated Touch ID sensor
      13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology; 2560-by-1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch
      16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory
      1TB PCIe-based onboard SSD

      Ridiculous price for a 13″ laptop without even a dedicated GPU

    2. It’s never a bad time to buy an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro, however some times are better than others. Having a the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro with Touchpad I have no regrets. I do look forward to seeing Apple catch up with all the PC laptop makers who’ve already adopted 8th gen 6 core i7s into their machines with 32gb of ram available not to mention Nvidia Maxq 1070 GPUs.

  2. Au contraire, as the best time to buy a fully featured 2014 or 2015 MacBook Pro is right now.

    I don’t like the fact that Intel processors are subject to so many basic faults which could create ways for bad guys to enter, so I have no desire to buy the next gen. CPUs.

    I want a totally cleaned up future generation of both the MBPro and Intel CPUs.

    1. My maxed out refurbed 2015 MBP 15″ arrived yesterday 🙂

      15″ MacBook Pro QuadCore i7
      2.8GHz with Retina Display
      16GB RAM | 1.0TB Flash | R9 M370X

      Looking forward to using it for the next three years and not having to worry about dongles. I’m half tempted to buy another for backup.

      1. Me too.

        My experience is that as long as I don’t do something stupid to a MBPro, it will last at least 10 years which is longer than the Mac OS support.

      2. I think it says a lot when Mac buyers have to consider stocking up on backup hardware.

        Unfortunately, since 2011 nobody in Cupertino seems to be listening.

        1. Yep, the mid-2015 still has all the separate ports – TB2, USB3, HDMI, SDXC, MagSafe. I made sure to find one with discrete the graphics (AMD Radeon R9 M370X) card rather than just the Intel Integrated graphics. That allows you to drive up to a 5K display which the integrated one won’t.

  3. The best time to buy a new MB or MBP is when you need one. You should also consider refurbished units, which are basically like-new, but at a discount.

    If you can afford to wait for holiday sales – Back to School, Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas – then that is great. If you have the flexibility to wait a few months for the next generation model, then sure…go ahead.

    But the advice given in this article by Mark Spoonauer and supported by MDN is ridiculous. In my experience, Apple Macs last for a long time. So, if you can get a new, current model MB or MBP for $1,000 off, then get it. At that kind of discount, you can afford to trade up in a couple of years.

    1. B&H had a maxed out 2016 with the 2TB SSD for $1500 off earlier today. It literally went from “In Stock” to “Discontinued” as I browsed the site for a few minutes. Guess they were blowing them out for good.

        1. “Weak” absolutely because I restrained myself. But since you can’t admit it or let it go, here is what I really think.

          You are the touchiest Apple fanboy on MDN for years. Your defense of Apple is totally irrational when they screw up. You are totally INCAPABLE of honest discussion of Apple screwups and shortcomings because you can’t admit your bias. Please grow up.

          “your weak attempt at criticism means nothing to me.”

          Right back at you FANBOY! …

      1. Blind faith? Upon what basis are you making that unfounded judgment? You have absolutely no knowledge of my motivations. Furthermore, Bing in the minority does not bother me in the least. It certainly doesn’t mean that I am wrong anymore that being in the majority automatically validates someone’s opinion. Additionally, you should note that this is an opinion – not fact, not an objective scientific analysis. If I needed a late model MB or MBP right now and I could find one at a discount of $1,000, then I would buy it without hesitation. You’re free to make your own choice, however foolish it might be.

        1. your post is both defensive and deflective. regarding “blind faith” means you are an apple sycophant and incapable of rational opinion when they make mistakes. like I said go back and read all the posts here and no one agrees with you. anything else I can help you with?

    2. Why are you down-voting this person? His post is perfectly reasonable. In fact, MDN has often said much the same thing in its posts. And I agree – if you want a current model MacBook or MacBook Pro and can find one at a $1,000 discount, then buy it!

  4. I don’t think there’s generally been a more unattractive & unexciting time that I can remember (since 1992 when I bought my first) for buying a Mac. An iMac Pro would be nice if not for the exorbitant cost and minimal upgrading. And of course the Mac Mini and Mac Pro have been missing in action for years & years now, so much so it’s surprising the police aren’t involved.

    1. Gawd, that’s so true, Peter.

      I bought the world’s first 17” Apple Pro laptop the day it came out in May 2003. Over $3,000 loaded but I felt like a million bucks, but as you pointed out, the feeling is gone. The hard disk died almost to the day in May 2018 after 15 years of trusty use. Mac hardware back then was that good.

      In all those years the first impediment was Apple obsoleting the OS. Then in the last two years could not use or upgrade the web browsers. But all the software worked just fine if you don’t mind being behind.

      Fast forward to today, I need a new laptop. After reading all the posts of the failing keyboards, no ports and touch bar gimmick, my sense is stay away from new models.

      Seems most users are in search of the last gold bar standard 2015 Pro laptop refurb with ports and sturdy keyboard. Now I ask Apple, how sad is that?!? …

      1. I still boot up my 2001 TiBook 667 from time to time, even booting into OS 9 if I’m feeling retro. I loved that machine, even dropped it off a desk one time. Picked it up and went right back to work.

        I paid $3,000 for it which is roughly in line with today’s maxed out price of $4200. I just don’t think the new ones are built anywhere near as well.

        1. That’s cool it still works and nostalgia is fun. Before my 17” laptop died I was running Panther 10.3 with the most beautiful icons, windows and eye candy I have ever seen. Ran Tiger 10.4 on an external that was visually starved like iOS since version 7. And yeah, with MacOS9 in the task bar I would occasionally take a nostalgic trip into the past … 😎

        2. Yeah, the TiBook didn’t have ANY issues, did it? I mean other than the titanium coated metal separating, the paint rubbing and chipping off, the backlight failing, the video cable failing, and the hinges snapping loose…

          Other than that though, they were perfect!

          1. I still own a TiBook. It still works. Other than paint chipping after years of abuse, I never had any of the problems you mentioned.

            I did however have the wonderful freedom to:
            — add my own RAM tool free
            — upgrade the hard drive
            — replace the battery, tool free
            — enjoy the excellent progress Apple made from OSX 10.1 through 10.4, when Apple actually cared about offering a higher quality personal computing experience than Microsoft.

            Seems to me the Mac was put on ice in 2011, with minimal hardware improvements. What really pisses me off though is Apple’s pathetic software effort made to dumb it down to iOS functionality and force users into iCloud rental. Having almost no leading professional quality software to run natively on the Mac is the result. For that reason, it’s a bad time to trust Apple at all. iOS isn’t even close to being an acceptable OS for my computing. But now subscription or data mining appliances is what all digital companies want to sell you, including Apple. I am not buying it.

            If Apple wants to sell Macs in the future, it had better deliver best in class hardware performance and value, as well as competitive software that doesn’t require subscription.

            1. “If Apple wants to sell Macs in the future, it had better deliver best in class hardware performance and value, as well as competitive software that doesn’t require subscription.”

              EXACT words Apple needs to live by. You force subscription on me, Buh-bye and adios …

            2. “I never had any of the problems you mentioned.”
              That you didn’t have a problem doesn’t mean it didn’t happen 🙂 And it doesn’t take too strenuous of a Google search to find that these were considered problems by many.

              “it’s a bad time to trust Apple at all”
              Absolutely true, surprising that some still DO trust that waiting for ‘whatever Apple does next’ is the right thing to do.

              “If Apple wants to sell Macs in the future”
              They really don’t want to. Must be why they don’t have a problem not charging a subscription for Logic or FCPX.

      2. I have three Macs still using El Capitan happily (once they all got SSD’s) in subordinate but still viable roles, including a 2007 Mac Pro. Still a viable OS and many software apps are written to still be compatible with it. If Apple closes off support for EC it’s going to orphan a lot of perfectly usable Macs. Not that they still can’t be used but once Apple departs EC software compatibility with app developers will start to go too.

        Yes not a good time to buy, hopefully Apple will see it’s folly and course-correct and stop kidding itself. Also stop with the Ives hangup “thin race”. People value performance and battery longevity more. We’re done with bragging rights for the thinnest laptop at our productivity expense. Who really cares? Who EVER cared?

        1. I don’t know why Apple with cleaner code can’t support an OS for at least ten years? Microsoft did it for 12 years with XP. And Apple is the better company, no? This should be a walk in the park for them. It should be a LAW when the hardware is bulletproof and you can’t upgrade anything after a few years. They have enough idle money in the bank.

          I always suspected the “thinness” obsession had as much to do with saving and making more money as much as style. Just my two cents …

  5. I want to buy a new MacBook but haven’t because I agree it is a bad time. Only solid state storage is available and they are either too small or too expensive as yet. I refuse to buy a “new” macbook that has a slower processor and less storage than my 2012 MacBook Pro for more money.

    1. Apple really, really needs a mid-level laptop with a Fusion Drive option!
      I’m sorry, but a $2000 15″ MacBook “Pro” should have more than 256GB SSD, that is absolutely ridiculous. (and that’s the “cheap” option.)

      1. Fusion Drive is not the answer. It’s a bag of hurt that you want to avoid — worst of both worlds really, unsupported by Apple High Sierra and overpriced as well.

        I would rather have two user accessible drive slots into which you can insert any combination of drives. if designed correctly, the user could even buy an accessory battery to stick in one drive slot for actual all day performance.

        it truly is a shame that the weaklings at Apple can’t fathom how to make a Professional product. Nothing Apple makes is pro anymore.

        1. “Professional product. Nothing Apple makes is pro anymore.”

          That statement, scares me more about Apple than anything else. Seriously.

          Good points in your post. All Apple has to do is buy PRO PCs and laptops and deconstruct them and pay daily attention to the PRO PCs yearly release schedule. Easy, peezy.

          Then beat them at their own game and not just match specs, EXCEED THEM and make them all world’s best. Then in my mind I can easily justify the higher price tag, well worth it and RECORD SALES will follow …

  6. I am curious what you complainers want — when a basic computer can do HD video editing, what the heck are you doing that makes them so useless? My guess is, not a lot.

    Yeh, I’m sure a couple of people have a valid problem. But I suspect most of it is empty whining. There would still be whining, no matter what computers Apple was producing.

    And for those who have a REAL gripe… since the issue is still unresolved, why not go hackintosh, or Linux, or Winblows.

    1. Well Sean, it seems you are just as out of touch as Cook and Company. You’d have to be very poorly informed if you haven’t seen the capabilities of competitors leaving Apple in the dust, at a lower cost as well.

      … and yes, many of us have already moved to Linux and Windows for certain needs that Apple refuses to fill.

    2. In addition to other things – DJ, photographer, musician – I’m also a writer, logging 15,000 – 20,000 words per week on my MBPs.

      I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy a new model with a butterfly keyboard that can be rendered useless and inoperable from an itty, bitty speck of dust.

      I could easily pull out my ’88 Silver Label Model M to limp through but that beast isn’t very convenient to type on when traveling.

      1. The BEST part about making do with an older slower computer is that it is an experiential way to confirm that you really don’t need a newer computer. I’m assuming at this point that those that haven’t upgraded just don’t need the power. Or maybe they’d like the power, but have long time customers and professional contacts that allow them to get work done at the speed that their setup allows. So, for those that haven’t upgraded, there’s likely no financial benefit to doing so, so why would they ever upgrade?

        For the unlucky ones, they’ve been forced to upgrade because their job requires that they have a faster computer. They’re forced to deal with the butterfly keyboard because not doing so means their competition can get jobs done a lot faster, which means lost work, which leads to failure.

        1. “The BEST part about making do with an older slower computer is that it is an experiential way to confirm that you really don’t need a newer computer.“

          NO, it is the worst part. If you read the comments you would understand the issues. But after all your negative posts fairness is not a concern for you …

          1. If you are making do with the computer you have, and there’s -no financial benefit- to getting a new one, then you’re not in the market for a new computer. In this case, you’re waiting for your business or needs to grow to need a new system. If your business and needs stay the same, no new computer is needed.

            If a new computer would DEFINITELY help you to make more money, but you need the ports, then you have to a) weigh the one time cost of $100-$200 worth of cables and dongles versus future recurring profits or b) wait until Apple releases a laptop with all the ports on it. Apple’s not going to make b) happen, so if the ports are more important than the money you could potentially make, then YOU HAVE A DAILY REMINDER OF HOW YOU DON’T NEED A NEW COMPUTER! 🙂

            You can then ignore all the bad decisions Apple makes regarding Macs because it doesn’t matter, you don’t need one!

            1. “If you are making do with the computer you have.”

              Stop right there Apple APOLOGIST and iPad FANBOY.

              Only an arrogant SOB would pretend to know and speak for millions of Mac users going back decades their desires or needs in life and business.

              Just STFU already! …

    3. “I am curious what you complainers want — when a basic computer can do HD video editing, what the heck are you doing that makes them so useless? ”

      So why doesn’t Apple switch over to JUST GOOD ENOUGH IPHONES? y’now like cheap androids that can do basic computing, take photos etc.


      Steve Jobs made Apple to be known for the BEST COMPUTING DEVICES at a particular PRICE POINT. Right now many Macs at every level –entry, mid, pro — are underperforming.

  7. I had to get new MBP 2017 because I had to give my old laptop to my son.. it was a 2011! I needed a new laptop.. I bought a MBP 13 3.1 512GB refurb.. I think saying these laptops are crap is a bit harsh.. mine is fine.. no problems so far..

    1. Yup, I have a 17″ Dell 7110, which I bought as an “open box” for about 1/3rd off and it is a hell of a machine to run 3D CAD on.

      I wish Apple had such a solid machine.

      Apple can say what it wants, but when you are older and working on 2 full size page documents side by side, a 17″ screen makes a heck of a lot of sense.

      I realize that not everyone wants a 17″ MBPro, but Dell supplies them and makes a profit on them, so Timmy Cookie can’t tell me people won’t pay for them.

      I personally do not want to ever buy a tower again as the laptops work just great for my work.

  8. The keyboard thing is sensationalism. There’s like a 1% change your keyboard will malfunction, and now Apple is offering a free fix for those that do. Additionally, those buying 2915 models to avoid the single life are missing the point. All the new peripherals coming out are USB C now, are you gonna buy the old versions of those too? Or buy a dongle to use them?

  9. If you are a serious Pro user, you have to wait for this next MacPro Laptop. I have always known that my next upgrade from my Fully loaded MacBook Pro (1TB, 16BG,Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) would happen only when coffee Lake was released. Sadly Intel have been milking their chip upgrades for years and putting back this chips release.
    The coffee Lake chip is the first 6Core that will fit in a laptop.
    Thats a huge ‘Pro use’ Difference and its release has been put back so many times by Intel that the wait has been painful.
    A six Core MacBook Pro is on the cards at last,
    I would love to say its been worth the wait (Im sure some will) but Intel have held the world back by milking their old Processors with insignificant updates.
    Wait if you want a real spec boost that will last you another 6 years of serious computing.

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