The best tech ads of the last 35 years

“Last week the Association of Independent Commercial Producers announced the winners of its annual awards honoring the best moving image marketing of the year and Apple’s ‘Welcome Home’ ad took home the prize for Advertising Excellence in the single commercial category,” Sarah Wells writes for TechCrunch. “Directed by Spike Jonze, the person behind movies like Her and Being John Malkovich, the musical short film follows the journey of a young woman, FKA Twigs, as she returns home from a challenging work day to an empty apartment. After asking Siri to ‘play something [she’d] like’ her world is literally transformed as the music of Anderson .Paak’s ‘Til It’s Over’ spills out of her HomePod.”

“his made us think, what other tech commercials have grabbed our attention in the last 35 years and transformed how we think about technology?” Wells writes. “Here are a few of our favorites.”

“‘1984,'” Wells writes. “It’s hard to talk about transformative tech ads without mentioning this one first. This Super Bowl ad from 1984 was directed by Ridley Scott (who directed Alien in 1979) and was the world’s introduction to the Macintosh personal computer. The ad draws some not-so-subtle connections between PC consumerism and soulless corporate office spaces of the 1980s to George Orwell’s dystopian ‘1984.’ In the commercial, a depiction of Big Brother speaks hypnotically to a mass of identical workers as a woman in bright colors streaks through the crowd, mallet in hand. With Olympian effort, she sends it flying into the screen, disrupting the status quo of personal computing and promising the world that with the Macintosh ‘1984 won’t be like 1984.'”

Read more, including ““Get a Mac” (and the inane “Dude, You’re Getting a Dell” as if that wasn’t the booby prize), in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’ll never be another 1984.

Ah, well. Time marches on… and, with that:

Interns, TAP THAT KEG!

TGIF, everyone! Prost!

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