So, how did the Apple analysts perform in Q218?

“The Wall Street bears blew it,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Apple 3.0.

“Boarding the plane to Boston,” P.E.D. notes with extreme brevity. “Commentary and colored chart to come.”

The best Apple analyst measured by P.E.D. in Q318 was Gene Munster of Loup Ventures (0.37% error on revenue and EPS) and the worst Apple analyst measured by P.E.D. in Q318 was T. Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity (8.06% error on revenue and EPS).

The full list of analysts, sorted by the top-and-bottom lines, with the pros in blue and the amateurs in green, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good ol’ Gene, topping the list!

The list of articles below chronicles the latest episode of a long litany of Apple stock manipulation schemes.

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  1. I have to say that one major reason why I bought back into Apple heavily in mid 2004 was because of Munster’s statements about how he thought that Apple would gain, and sustain major growth for years to come.

    Over the years, while he has made mistakes here and there, he remains one of the strongest supporters of the idea that Apple will continue growth and profits. Along with Cramer, we have two guys that have consistently supported Apple’s long term story.

  2. Where have all the Tim Cook bashers gone all of a sudden?

    Last week, all you saw here was “Fire Tim Cook”.
    Nothing to say now….?
    Mouths too full of humble pie…?

    1. because of AAPL and my criticisms have never been stock, or revenue based. Never. Of course I’m pleased with yesterday’s report re: $$. Btw, I’ve never been one that recos Tim’s removal, because I can’t really say I know what’s best. Kudos to the company as they continue to defy the “Law of Large Numbers.”
      With all of that said, the disappointment with Apple remains. As I’ve pondered this disappointment, that’s inconceivable to many like you, Tweaker, it’s not based on a single reason. I am stunned by the abundance of expected, regular and essential “missed” product ship dates and product mysteries. Both realities are inexcusable from a company of Apple’s history, or from any company with such resources (think about it, there’s no such company). As well, Cook, the Op Maestro, couple with these occurrences with such things, is inexplicable.
      What’s really happening for me, I believe, is I don’t like the way Apple is changing. I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a romantic thing. I like the outlier, the rebel, the Pirate-flag-flyer, the culture-maker, with the and result being The Market Maker.
      TC’s Apple has little to do with those characteristics. He’s joining with the market, making good with the “in things” of the day, pacifies dissension within the ranks, feeds the “machine” vs finding the new machine. Apple no longer appears to walk within the “Think Different” credo. Except for size & wealth, Apple looks like many big-biz companies. One wouldn’t say that 5-10 years ago.
      All in all, TC is probably more equipped to run the behemoth that is Apple. Then again, Steve did pretty well handling “billions,” just not as many. To Tim’s credit, AAPL is still a growth stock and I’ve confidence there’s notable growth ahead. My fingers are still crossed with the hope the new cpus will surprise and please. Same with integration of health with the iPh/Watch. I’ve been crossing my fingers far too long.
      Apple is a company for the story-books. Steve Job’s place in the story made it unbelievably rich and diverse. Tim’s place in the story is important, but it’s more a story about numbers. I like historical numbers, but I’ll take historical drama with historical numbers any day. What a problem to have.

    2. I’ll bite

      This is what I wrote BEFORE earnings when negativity was so high:

      April 30 MDN :
      “’I’ve been criticizing Apple leaders lately over Mac, Siri etc.
      (in the hope they will fix the issues quickly)

      But analysts and those click bait writers who quote those analysts are just dumb:

      “Analysts are looking for revenue of $61 billion in the fiscal second quarter, or 15 percent year-over-year growth”

      somehow they can paint that as being so bad.

      They overestimate, make corrections and then paint it as Apple failure… etc.

      Is Apple firing on all cylinders like under the one of a kind genius Steve Jobs? , no , but is it financially in such dire straits as stocks analyst wall street manipulators make it out to be, no as well.

      I’m a critic of Apple but I still own aapl shares.

      (btw there are signs Apple leadership is belatedly waking up, hiring that A.I guy from Google, making the iMac Pro and other Macs scheduled etc… )


      A persons comments about Apple need not be just one flavour, you can criticize the bad points and praise the good ones.
      Does good financial quarter mean SIRI issues don’t exist? No.

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