How Spotify for Apple Watch is more important than just another music service on your wrist

“Earlier this week we heard that Spotify may be coming to the Apple Watch 3 in the watchOS 5 update, but the introduction of the app may signal something much more exciting for the company’s range of smartwatches,” James Peckham writes for TechRadar. “The rumor comes from an unverified tipster speaking to MacRumors, which claims Apple will use WWDC 2018 (coming up in June this year) to show off the app for the first time.”

“While it’s exciting to see a third-party music streaming service debut on the Apple Watch, it marks a far more important introduction of tech working on the Apple Watch,” Peckham writes. “The rumor suggests Apple will introduce its next StreamKit framework within watchOS 5 that will allow third-party developers to make use the cellular features on the Apple Watch.”

“This new software change will allow developers to push notifications directly to your wrist. That’ll mean you’ll be able to get messages and more through to your watch without having to have it go through your phone directly and you’ll be able to leave your phone at home more often,” Peckham writes. “Arguably this change may make it even more possible for you to leave the house and not have to take your phone with you at all. You’ll be able to receive phone calls and texts like normal, plus also have your favorite apps send you notifications. It could change the way you use the Apple Watch on a daily basis.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve already seen with the sales of Apple Watch since Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) debuted, as Apple Watch inexorably and inevitably becomes more and more independent, its dominance of the wearables market will only strengthen!

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  1. I tried Spotify for a few hours a few days ago. No thanks. I renewed my Apple Music subscription. No Christian should ever have to go through condom ads every 5 minutes, and people have been complaining about them for *years* now.

    Devin Prater Assistive Technology Instructor certified by World Services for the Blind JAWS certified


    1. Doesn’t Spotify have a subscription service that eliminates ads. You should compare apples to apples. Not sure what being a Christian has anything to do with condom commercials. Condoms have been used by Christians for well over a century.
      Is it also necessary to put your profession in this forum?

    2. The paid version of Spotify, like the paid version of Apple Music… is ad-free. Additionally, ads are usually targeted based on what they know about you or those at your IP. Perhaps someone in your household has been going to some “questionable” websites… LOL.

    3. There is not just your form of Christianity; There are other. Geez. I know of a Christian who regards gadgets as idols which is anti-God. Then there are Christians who think that prophylactics are necessary.

  2. just contacted by a friend of mine in the state dept. she said the cia has kidnapped vladimir putin and he’s in guantanamo bay. ‘this can’t be’, i thought, especially, after learning they took his iphoneX and replaced it with a 1st generation apple watch that ostensibly isn’t going to support spotify. he refuses a shirt and, purportedly started to cry before they allowed him to trade the watch for a pint of ben and jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. she said it was an april fool’s day kidnapping. ‘that’s so stupid’ i thought, ‘really, really stupid but, not completely unexpected’. personally, i think, after this breaks, it’ll be obvious to everyone he colluded with trump to swing the election. and now, the democrats can be forgiven for how they tried to collude with members of the electoral college to swing the election. also, for those of you reading this, please, please, do not read this.

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