macOS update paranoia and when will Apple’s APFS finally work on Fusion drives?

“The issue that has reared its ugly head is not that Apple has released several updates in nearly four months, it’s that older macOS versions have seen fewer updates in the same period of time,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Is there some deep, dark reason why 10.13.4 is on the horizon so soon, relatively speaking?”

“On online blogger has actually posted a chart that records the update pace compared to an earlier macOS release. Maybe that person has enough spare time to engage in such chores. Maybe it’s a case of idle curiosity, or maybe it’s a case of wondering why,” Steinberg writes. “So is Apple more aggressive to remove bugs more quickly nowadays, so users won’t have to suffer with them, or are there more bugs in the newer release?”

“What I’m actually waiting for is Apple’s promised fix for the inability to convert a Fusion drive to the Apple File System (APFS). The feature was there at the early stage of the beta process, but removed because it was buggy. Indeed, when you reverted your Mac to HFS+ before installing the final release of High Sierra, you had to undergo a more complicated reformatting maneuver that required some Terminal commands. When High Sierra was released, Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi said support for Fusion drives would come “in a future update,” but nothing has been heard since. Evidently it has taken longer for Apple to make the process reliable,” Steinberg writes. “It would be nice if Apple gave us an update on the status of the ability to convert Fusion drives to APFS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: APFS for Fusion drives probably took a backseat while Apple corrected the myriad security flaws that should have been caught early in the beta processes, but where inexplicably released to users instead.

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    1. TechTool Pro from Micromat is actually the first file repair utility to support APFS. That’s as of version 9.6, a paid upgrade past 9.4.

      We’re still waiting for Alsoft (Disk Warrior) and ProSoft Engineering (Drive Genius). Alsoft got nailed by one of the summer hurricanes, which hasn’t helped. Both continue to blame Apple for dragging their feet publishing final APFS documentation. (o_O)

  1. I am one of those disappointed that APFS was not included for Fusion Drives. I had to buy a new iMac in August and was hesitating between the 1 TB SSD and the 2 TB Fusion. Chose the Fusion because I was assured that the performance was still great and there would be the extra 1 TB. If I had known that Apple would essentially render the new iMac with Fusion Drives “obsolete” by the High Sierra upgrade, I would probably have made a different choice.

    As it is, I wait and hope that the upgrades happen lest performance and resale values be affected. Apple, please make upgrading Fusion Drives to APFS a HIGH priority :-). Otherwise, I think that people who purchased Fusion drive iMacs AFTER the announcement of High Sierra may have a basis for a claim against the company.

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