What if Apple’s iMac Pro had TWO Vega GPUs?

“With the help of macOS 10.13.3 beta 4, we were able to add a second Vega GPU to the iMac Pro via eFX Box,” Rob Art Morgan writes for Bare Feats. “We chose the Vega Frontier Edition with 16G of VRAM.”

“Not every Mac app can use more than one GPU. We featured those that not only use more than one but also give you total control over which one and how many,” Morgan writes. “In the apps featured here, not only were two Vegas better than one, but a faster external GPU can be faster than the internal one even when bandwidth constricted by Thunderbolt 3.”

“NOTE: One reason we chose the Vega Frontier Edition was because the RX Vega 64 had issues running Blender and Resolve,” Morgan writes. “If those issues are solved, we’ll add it to the mix and even feature TWO external GPUs running on the iMac Pro. Here’s a tease: When the iMac Pro was rendering LuxMark’s LuxBall scene with three Vegas, the result was 69185 KSamples/sec.”

Read more, and see the benchmarks, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Two Vegas are better than one!

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  1. If the iMac Pro had two Vega GPUs, it would thermal throttle in half the time it does with one Vega GPU. Talk about Meltdown… That aluminum iMac Pro would probably melt down into a puddle. What on earth causes Apple to decide to stuff such wonderful high-end hardware into such a small enclosure.

    It’s as though the people who design Apple products never bother to measure airflow and internal temperatures. I’d heard Apple even slows down the iMac Pro fans so it doesn’t make a lot of noise. I’ll take the noise over thermal throttling every time. At least let me decide and provide the software to control the fan speeds.

    Why have such crappy little air vents on a pro desktop? For goodness sakes… get that heat out of the case. The internal components will even last longer if they stay cooler. These are just the basics of proper computer case design.

    1. The iMac Pro has a place with people who wants some serious power for shorter periods of time. It will never be a dedicated machine for render jobs, for server work or heavy scientific or engineering computation. However it will be capable to render an image or a short scene, or a sequence on a video, or a heavy model on initial design iterations. It will be a machine to show a product, a concept, where a client wont need to deal with all the production team.

      It is more a machine for concept work, a test machine to start a big project, a creative workstation for smaller production jobs, a machine to show a client a product, to correct a design and will never be for the heaviest task.

      The iMac Pro Is a machine for prototyping high end products, where you need powerful fast iteration, but where the heavy work will be done by another group of people. In a production the iMac is a first step, or a machine to create smaller or partial presentations for big projects. Big production work don’t need Mac everywhere, that is the reality.

      But even for more demanding presentations and to create small productions, or less demanding productions the Mac Pro will be the key.

      And finally, no one in his/her right mind will depend on Mac only environments for very heavy computing. For ultimate heavy lifting computation even die hard Mac fanatics will rely on custom build PCs. Not even in Pixar when Steve Jobs was around the production depended on Macs. Macs, in general, are for smaller quality jobs.

  2. … another idea …

    Attach a neat, shiny hook right at the top of the iMac Pro monitor, then hang from it some far out dice. Hey, wait a minute … another idea just hit me …

    How about a very small tray attachment, perhaps welded onto the stand, for a wicked fragrance experience. You taxi drivers out there would know just what I mean.

    And … if they doesn’t get er done, (and hopefully not offending my religious inclined fellow iMac Pro users), a customized clamp to house a rhinestone pedestal with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

    Only then we will have the complete iMac Pro experience.

  3. Good God Holy Moses! Are they trying to melt the Polar Icecaps? For goodness sakes, Apple, design something that uses 4 Vegas and a Gremlin Fan System; that way y’all can create a thermal gun that could melt the driveway at my house! I could get my dog outta the damn doghouse! I’m hopin’ he was frozen fast enough I cud revive him… dammit! Now I’m all teary eyed. Oh and I heard the iMac Pro’s fans just run at one speed? Air just gets hotter? is that true? isn’t this a Question and Answer site?!! Whaar is the mediator, when ya need him?!! Gad Blastit!

  4. When I first studied design and graphics ages ago, we learnt about form and function, it’s a basic rule that form should follow function to have a good and successful design. But now it seems they would rather have function follows form. What happened to the design gurus in Cupertino?

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