“The vast majority of Apple customers will never use an iMac Pro,” Pete Pachal writes for Mashable. “The monstrously potent machine, billed as the ‘most powerful Mac ever built’ when Apple unveiled it in June, has stratospheric capabilities and a price tag to match, putting it well out of the realm of consideration for your average iPhone user.”

“But I’d wager all of those people will, at some point, feel the effects of the iMac Pro,” Pachal writes. “The machine is tailor-made for creatives who demand the absolute best performance from their computers. Think video editors, special-effects artists, game designers, and architects. In other words, when you see a blockbuster movie, play a high-end video game, or walk through a building in the near future, it would be fair to wonder whether what you’re experiencing was designed, at least partially, on one of Apple’s space-gray all-in-one rocket ships.”

Apple's all new iMac Pro staring at $4999, available in December 2017

Apple’s all new iMac Pro starts at $4999, available on December 14, 2017

Apple's all new iMac Pro with rear case removed

Apple’s all new iMac Pro with rear case removed

“I got a chance to spend a little time up close with the iMac Pro — in fact, multiple iMac Pros — at an Apple-run demo on Wednesday,” Pachal writes. “What was special about the walk-through, though, was that I met several of the developers and creators who are exactly the iMac Pro’s target market. I talked to visual software mainstays like Adobe, professional software developers who build tools for architects and surgeons, VR creators — as well as Apple itself — to parse who has the iMac Pro on their Christmas lists, and why it was such a game-changer for them.”

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