“The 2017 iMac Pro has dual NVMe PCIe-based flash modules as a boot volume,” Rob Art Morgan writes for Bare Feats. “Let’s see if older Mac Pros can compete with it when upgraded to fast PCIe-based flash blade or striped blades.”

“The 2017 iMac Pro’s PCIe flash storage is fast but, with the right combination of flash blade and PCIe M.2 carrier board, the 2010 Mac Pro can compete,” Morgan writes. “(NOTE: The iMac Pro had the fastest WRITE speed but was beat by three other examples on READ speed.)”

“The 2013 Mac Pro is limited to 1500MB/s internally due to the 5.0GT/s link speed,” Morgan writes. “(The iMac Pro and iMac 5K both have 8.0GT/s link speed.) [To] go faster you will have to boot from multiple striped (RAID 0) Thunderbolt 2 drives like we did with three LaCie Little Big Disks which achieved 3740MB/s by bridging the 3 Thunderbolt 2 busses.”

Read more and see all of the benchmarks in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, that iMac Pro write speed is blazing!