Laurene Powell Jobs backs ‘Dreamers,’ says ‘hundreds of thousands of young people’s lives are on the line’

“Years of protests and lobbying by immigrants persuaded President Barack Obama in 2012 to create Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, the program that has let 800,000 young undocumented immigrants, who are known as Dreamers, legally stay and work in the United States,” Miriam Jordan writes for The New York Times. “With their future now in jeopardy, a wide range of well-organized, well-financed supporters are lining up behind the Dreamers, including celebrities, philanthropists, religious groups and pillars of corporate America.”

“‘Hundreds of thousands of young people’s lives are on the line,’ said Laurene Powell Jobs, whose organization, Emerson Collective, paid for some of the television commercials and arranged the celebrity involvement. ‘That requires us to find new ways to engage audiences that don’t understand the threat these young people are facing,'” Jordan writes. “In September, the Trump administration, saying that Mr. Obama had abused his authority and circumvented Congress to create DACA, announced it would begin phasing out the program in March. President Trump also urged Congress to find a legislative remedy to replace it.”

“Many Republicans have joined Democrats in supporting DACA beneficiaries, and polls show overwhelming support for them. It is no longer politically risky to get behind them,” Jordan writes. “Leading Republicans have said any relief for the young immigrants must be paired with bolstered border security, more restrictions on legal immigration, or both, a trade-off that is usually left unmentioned in the advocacy… The first of several TV ads that Ms. Jobs’s group aired featured President Ronald Reagan in his 1989 farewell speech extolling the United States as a ‘shining city on a hill’ that was a beacon to immigrants. One Reagan scholar took issue with the use of the speech, writing in an opinion piece that ‘Reagan would have gagged‘ at DACA.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A permanent legislative solution would benefit everyone involved.

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  1. My wife is cuban / italian. We have gone thru the system and its red tape and her studying for the exams the waiting and the hassles. It really irritates her when undocumented get an easy way in. Breaking the law. She is also black. You should hear her go off on american blacks and illegal Mexicans. Racist no she is a realist by experience. People like jobs have no clue about reality their wealth bubble is a reality distortion field that they are permenently trapped in.

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