Laurene Powell Jobs backs ‘Dreamers,’ says ‘hundreds of thousands of young people’s lives are on the line’

“Years of protests and lobbying by immigrants persuaded President Barack Obama in 2012 to create Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, the program that has let 800,000 young undocumented immigrants, who are known as Dreamers, legally stay and work in the United States,” Miriam Jordan writes for The New York Times. “With their future now in jeopardy, a wide range of well-organized, well-financed supporters are lining up behind the Dreamers, including celebrities, philanthropists, religious groups and pillars of corporate America.”

“‘Hundreds of thousands of young people’s lives are on the line,’ said Laurene Powell Jobs, whose organization, Emerson Collective, paid for some of the television commercials and arranged the celebrity involvement. ‘That requires us to find new ways to engage audiences that don’t understand the threat these young people are facing,'” Jordan writes. “In September, the Trump administration, saying that Mr. Obama had abused his authority and circumvented Congress to create DACA, announced it would begin phasing out the program in March. President Trump also urged Congress to find a legislative remedy to replace it.”

“Many Republicans have joined Democrats in supporting DACA beneficiaries, and polls show overwhelming support for them. It is no longer politically risky to get behind them,” Jordan writes. “Leading Republicans have said any relief for the young immigrants must be paired with bolstered border security, more restrictions on legal immigration, or both, a trade-off that is usually left unmentioned in the advocacy… The first of several TV ads that Ms. Jobs’s group aired featured President Ronald Reagan in his 1989 farewell speech extolling the United States as a ‘shining city on a hill’ that was a beacon to immigrants. One Reagan scholar took issue with the use of the speech, writing in an opinion piece that ‘Reagan would have gagged‘ at DACA.”

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      1. The parents of these “children” knowingly and willingly put their spawn at risk. USA is not mother and father to every human on the planet. Let them go back to their home nations and improve it, change it, build it.

  1. Should be not much of an issue, they can join the rest of the refugees escaping that terrorist nation and eventually make it to the free and civilized world where they can be resettled once the proper forms are filled and the stars and skid marks are properly removed from their anal orifices.

    1. … there’s plenty more room up their in Canada for all of these people, so open those gates you frosty Canucks. And we have a s**t load of muslims we will happily send you since you are so generously offering to give them a “civilized” place to live. It’s a win-win solution!

      1. Make Canada great again. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

        1. I do appreciate the sentiment but “make Canada great again” is kind of ridiculous, as the country has never stopped being great, it just keeps getting greater, and greater and greater. It isn’t hard to do if you keep your wits and humanity about you.

        2. An interviewer asked Roy Moore when America was last great, a time to look back on when we make America great again. He replied, “When families were united—even though we had slavery.”

          1. I did see that, not sure if its an accurate quote. The country is very touchy about slavery for obvious reasons, but I don’t think the country was entirely terrible back in the 1800s, nor do I think the post-slavery era has been entirely great for former slaves, either. In fact I would argue that the 1960s, pre LBJ “war on poverty” that blacks were better off in terms of more intact families and more home and business ownership. Welfare and the war on drugs, along with Democrat leadership has severely damaged the black community in the US.

          2. The term “great” because it is often nebulous without a parameter, and adding the parameter can change the outlook.

            You comment/quote that your country was great when the families were united even though you had slavery is quite humble. I’m sure that at the time your family unions were great, and your ability to be slave owners was great as well.

            Your country has always been great, great family unifiers, great slave owners, great war mongers, great torturers, there will always be a parameter where your nation’s greatness will shine through.

            Ironically there is that “make great again” line that your nation has embraced like a great following sheep herd, but it just makes me wonder what exactly is your country great at these days. Nothing really humanitarian comes to mind but that does not remove your nation’s greatness when it comes to things like being great war mongers. That’s something that your country has had since day one and while your nation is no longer great at being a slave nation there are other areas of greatness that have emerged, the great betrayers of humanity, the great torturers, and the great whiners of our time. It’s part of what makes your country great.

            The point it that your country has always been great, it’s when you look at precisely what your country is great at that one realizes that humanity would be better off without you or having you change to harmonize with humane ideas.

            1. It is obvious what makes America great: consumption. Other countries can only dream about the GDP economic windfalls from retail shopping, especially at Christmastime. We spend money like there’s no tomorrow, borrowing if we must, stretching to reach the American Dream, which involves being rich, or at least well off, enough to show up the neighbors. Conspicuous consumption was perfected in this country at all levels of society, not just the elite as in Europe, for example. See Thorstein Veblen.

              Donald Trump has a good slogan, Make America Great Again, but his notion of economic greatness is about production and jobs. Globalisation is a kind of villain, stealing away good American jobs by undercutting wages. The only way to bring those outsourced jobs back here is through some form of regulation. Bribing US companies with tax reform or profit repatriation schemes will not work—they’ll use the money as they see fit.

              “Trickle down” economics does not work, they only wish it did. It will never catch on because it conjures a vision of the US president and his corporate cronies, all men, standing at urinals, chuckling.

            2. I agree that consumption is one of the things that makes your nation great and you tying that slogan into economic greatness makes sense for that parameter.

              It’s the other fall from greatness that concerns me, your national belly may be full your national spirit is empty.

          3. According to Michelle Obama, it was around the time this country (ignorantly) elected her husband as president. At least that was the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country.

            As for me, I’m still having to contend with the Obama error, er era, with my health insurance premiums increasing over 100% in three short years, from $380.00 a month to $822.00. Thanks Obamacare. Thanks American voters. So glad America got her first “Black” president.

        1. America is less about a race, and more about an ideal and a culture. Immigration can harm that ideal and culture regardless of the race of people coming in simply if they do not understand or respect that ideal or culture.

          1. Your comment about the harm immigration can do is spot on, one only has to look at how citizens from your nation moved into Iraq over a decade ago and have been killing people without any respect to their sovereignty, their culture or their lives.

            That’s the ideal you are portraying on the world’s stage, you don’t give a rat’s ass for others.

            You are right that the country is less about a race, or nation or religious group as have been brought forward. The ideals of your country through your actions and statements sure indicate that you want no part in the human race.

  2. Citizens to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide. Visit for more information.

    1. Oh, the Nazi race card again? I’m a person of color and a legal immigrant and you will find that we legal immigrants don’t like cheating line cutters.

      It’s simple really. They came illegally and people who come without the permission of Uncle Sam are illegal aliens. As illegal aliens, they are not suppose to be here and need to be deported.

      Daca was called, “deferred” for a reason. That means later. Well, it’s about to expire and later has become now, and it’s time for illegal aliens to go back home. No, the US is NOT their home.

      1. Before making assumptions, I just want to make sure everyone hear understands exactly who are “Dreamers”. The term refers to people (adults or not) who were brought to the US as children. Vast majority of these were not asked, they didn’t choose to break the law, their parents simply dragged them.

        Most of the dreamers have no recollection of their native country. They were babies, or very small children when they were brought to the US. Many of them only speak English and know absolutely nothing about their native land. Some of them are still children, other have become adults.

        Now, I’d like to hear an ethical and human justification for deporting these people. Where exactly would you want them to go? They don’t really HAVE their home country — America is the only place they ever knew. They recite pledge of allegiance every morning in school, and those who are adult are already diligently paying US taxes.

        To me, the only, absolutely one single reason why some people want to deport these people is because, if you gave them path to citizenship, they will eventually vote for Democrats, and we can’t have that.

        1. I think it is a shame that America is missing its best chance to celebrate the contribution of immigrants to our country.

          To the best of my knowledge, we have never had a President before with a parent born outside the Americas, nor a Presidential parent who spoke English as her second language. We have certainly never had a President with four grandparents who were all born outside North America, none of whom spoke English as their native language.

          We have had only one previous President with a wife born outside the Americas, and that First Lady was English. I am not aware of any son or daughter of a President before Donald Trump Jr. who was raised bilingual so he could talk with his grandparents when he visited them in the Old Country. The President’s son-in-law is also the grandchild of refugees from political oppression in Europe.

          Somebody is going to say that the President’s mother, like his father’s parents, entered the country legally. That is true, technically, but they all entered at a time when America essentially had open borders to any white person who wasn’t a Communist or the carrier of a communicable disease. (Several of the President’s in-laws actually were Communists, but that is another story.) None of them could have immigrated since America closed its borders about the time of World War II.

          Mr. Trump’s paternal grandfather could not have entered the country under the laws applicable anytime in the last eighty years or so, because he had a criminal record (draft-dodging and tax evasion in Germany, and “keeping a disorderly house” in Canada).

          His wife could not have entered either, since her admission was based on her relationship to him. It should probably be noted that Elizabeth Trump was the real founder of what eventually became The Trump Organization. The President’s wealth is built on the work of an immigrant.

          Mr. Trump’s mother could not have entered because she was an economic refugee from extreme poverty. She had $25 in total assets, little education, no skills other than house cleaning, and no job prospects. To survive, she took work from unemployed Americans at the height of the Great Depression. Her entry would not have been allowed after the 1930s.

          Both Mr. Trump’s mother and his paternal grandmother had “anchor babies,” children who were born on US soil while their mothers were not US citizens. One of them was Mr. Trump’s father, who would not have qualified as a natural-born citizen under some recent proposals.

          All these wonderful illustrations of what immigrants have contributed to our country, and all of them wasted because nativism and xenophobia were easier to sell to Mr. Trump’s constituency.

          1. it’s more based on non-fiction than anything else. Few are besmirching immigrants–you’re confounding the issue.
            Next time condense your point and communicate if laws are meant to be followed, or should your words, “contribution, “wonderful illustration(s)” be the basis to determine law abidance? Also, nativism and xenophobia are word-swords swung at a straw man. They’re loaded, but you’re argument isn’t.

          2. My major point was not that anybody was “besmirching immigrants,” but that the positive impact of immigration on American history and society is almost completely being ignored by the Trump Administration. That seems particularly ironic to me at a time when not just one, but several, of the most appealing immigrant stories in American presidential history are connected to the current incumbent.

            I can find no reasonable explanation for that except that the President does not want to offend the nativist elements of his political base by reminding them just how important immigration is to his family and personal story.

            Biographers have noted that Mr. Trump (and his father) for some years after World War II claimed to be Swedish, rather than German, because they thought the truth might offend Jews. His current refusal to acknowledge any immigrant roots at all likely comes from the same sort of fears. (Yes, he does rarely mention that his mother was British, but downplays her origins in a Gaelic—not an Anglo-Saxon—community.)

            You can’t deny that nativists and xenophobes do form an element in the Trump Coalition. The Charlottesville chant, “Blood and soil,” makes no sense except from the prospective of someone who thinks that “American” is an ethnic term. They decry “hyphenated Americans,” because “non-hyphenated Americans” are assumed to be white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant.

            It might make that element of his base uncomfortable if the President were to admit that neither of his parents were born into a household that used English as the primary language. The nativists push English as our national language because “real Americans” are assumed to be ancestral English speakers. Tell that to the people in Texas who have been speaking German since the 1840s, or to the folks in Louisiana who have been speaking French since before 1803.

            I could have pointed out (but didn’t) that the policies being pushed by many of the people around the President are not just directed at enforcing the laws and policies on the books, or at providing new ways to control illegal immigration. They seek to change the rules to reduce legal immigration to nearly the vanishing point. If a proposed law that would eliminate immigration isn’t “anti-immigrant,” I’m not sure what would be. “Anti-immigrant” is essentially a synonym for “xenophobic.” If you think that the term is “loaded,” I’m sorry.

            If all those proposals pass, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to immigrate who is not already fairly wealthy (by US standards, so fabulously wealthy by world standards). Who, then, is going to harvest our crops and sweep our floors?

            The “travel ban” has nothing to do with controlling illegal immigration or following the existing laws; it is quite specifically aimed at preventing certain people from entering the US legally. When he announced his candidacy, Mr. Trump said that Mexico was not sending us its best citizens, but rapists and drug dealers. There was nothing in that sentence distinguishing between legal and illegal Mexican immigration. When he criticized a distinguished jurist as a “Mexican,” he did not acknowledge that the judge was born to US citizens living in Indiana.

            The various proposed Dreamer Acts have nothing to do with breaking the law, but everything to do with changing the law. They seek to provide a legal means for innocent individuals who are already contributing members of our society to remain in the only country they have ever known. How does a legal process undermine “law abidance?”

            1. Serving the law requires serving justice, which sometimes requires advocating a change in current statutes. Yes, when I was a prosecutor I had to enforce laws that I disagreed with, but there was nothing to keep me from asking my legislators to change them. I did that, and sometimes they agreed. Now that I am no longer a prosecutor, I am under no obligation to defend bad legislation.

              Seeking to improve the law is not just the job of every lawyer, but of every patriotic citizen of the United States of America. Slavish obedience to unjust laws is what makes dictatorships possible.

              If you support deporting the Dreamers, you are entitled to your opinion. So are those who disagree with you. In a civilized society, people debate issues. They do not trade personal insults.

      1. Right, it isn’t nazi, only anti-liberal bias. Some of it is anti-black but most of it is against government giveaways and stupid rules about how to behave in the workplace.

  3. Her statement is a slap in the face to all those who follow the rules (law) to gain citizenship. If the dreamers want to achieve the same goal then they should stop dreaming and start working toward the goal just like those who’ve done it before them.

    1. Exactly how would you do that?

      Dreamers didn’t exactly choose to break the law. They were children (many of them just babies) when their parents dragged them across the border (or whichever way they entered the US). Most of them don’t even know of any other home — America is all they can remember.

      So, exactly HOW would you want the dreamers to do this? Go back to their original countries and, supposedly, apply for what? H1B visa? Green card? And exactly where in their native country would they go? Many don’t even speak their parents’ language, and have never even been to their native country since they were taken to the US.

        1. Which parents?? Most of the people affected by this are now adults, living away from their parents (if those are even still alive), have nobody in their home country, speak no language and are contributing members of society in America (more so than quite many Americans). They didn’t violate any US laws (remember, they were children; their parents dragged them across the border). It was their parents who broke US laws by entering (or staying) illegally.

          The whole idea of punishing someone for the transgressions of their parents is absurd.

            1. When people strongly identify with a group and its ideology, their own identities slip away. There is nothing wrong with them. This is only the face of naked human tribalism. But reasoning with them does not work. Other forms of persuasion can work, but it requires unusual skills, along the lines of charm, humour, flattery, bribery or drugging their milk. It takes effort to snap somebody out of their delusions, no doubt about it, and there always remains the danger that it is you who was the deluded one!

    2. You see, those dreamers are exactly like any other American child. They went to American schools, most of them only speak English, they get lowest paying jobs (that no American wants to do) and pay taxes on those jobs, yet can’t take advantage of ANY social services that the system may offer because their parents brought them across the border illegally.

      They have the same goals as your American children, and they never did anything wrong (their parents did).

      Lauren Powell Jobs obviously understands this.

    3. You don’t know what you are talking about. Dreamers apply, and are vetted by the authorities, to give them permission to finish their studies in the USA. They have followed the rules, committed no crimes that harm anyone else, and are demonstrably more hardworking than a significant portion of the native scum that infests many American cities.

      I don’t give a shit where you were born, if you are an honest hardworking person, the the federal government needs to back off on the stupid overregulation. Which party is it that claimed they were going to cut regulations so people could have more freedom? How about stopping the paranoid rhetoric and treating people with dignity and respect? It is plainly obvious that Trump only supports the immigration of white eastern european women with big plastic tits. Is that the real secret for a young immigrant seeking to join America to avoid a decade of immigration red tape?

  4. Dreamers are in a tough spot. I don’t want to see them deported. What I do want is for Congress and Justice Department to deal with aliens (no snark please; that’s the term for non-citizens within any given country), and not allow them to over-stay visas, sneak over borders, etc. and park themselves here. And to prosecute sanctuary cities/states that refuse to allow Federal Agencies to properly enforce immigration laws and procedures. That said, it is unconscionable to deport immigrants that arrived as innocent children and have grown up as Americans. Trump did the right thing: placed it in the hands of Congress where it belongs, and gave them a 6 month deadline to write and pass legislation that deals with it.

      1. Truncated?….more like ‘demonised’ by political cant, though the thread evidence here suggests thoughtless ingrained cruelty by the entitlement generation is the new norm. This ‘un-civil war’ requires that a deep trench be dug to replace personal and public responsibility, social norms and aspirations, neighbourliness, justice and yes…empathy. Trump, the GOP and their angry base are simply fanning the flames and ‘burning books’ whilst mindlessly cheering the destruction of the founding father’s dreams.

        1. I think there are two entitlement generations: one born from New Deal social programs, and one more recently spawned by corporate resentment. As predicted by a previous generation of honourable US Senators, the latter seeks to reverse the former. It all seems so mindless.

  5. Open the doors to your home, Laurene. There are laws for people to follow to become US citizens. Cheating the system makes a mockery of our laws and is a slap in the face to those who abide by the law.

    1. Stop the drama. Nobody is demanding you have to open you gated little enclave to anyone who came from a different nation than you did. Millions of us do, however, demand our incompetent congress fix what is broke.

      Those immigration laws you demand be followed to a T don’t work. American companies have been hollering for more tech savvy workers than they can get from home for two decades and now they are just opening tech centers abroad because congress hasn’t done anything to foster a bigger pipeline for talented youth to come and stay. The process has become politicized and legitimate immigrants are held up for years waiting for the red tape. Congress needs to fix the system. The Dreamers policy, though it only affects a small number, has actually been an excellent system as many employers, including Apple, will tell you.

      The Dreamer policy isn’t close to enough. America needs a steady stream of new blood to say on top. Most company recruiters say that they would rather have foreign university graduates handed green cards with their diplomas so the smartest and most productive kids in the world — the ones who stepped away from the video games and recreational drugs in order to work their asses off to go to college , the ones whose loving parents devoted their lives scrimping and saving to get them here — they deserve a shot at success every but as much as Trump’s many imported wives.

      1. this daca bullshit was illegal since the day your buddy obama signed, this dreamers are demanding the US to legalized them, first of all, they are nobody here to demand $hit here, second of all, mostly of them are bunch of criminals.

        if they are legalized is some way, they shouldn’t be able to be American citizens, so they can’t not claim their parents and brothers and also USA should do something on those people that come here and have their babies here, they should not be US citizens. I’m tired of the people that is coming to the US and abuse the F-system, tired to see my tax dollars benefits all this lazy ass MF’s. so F..k daca and whoever comes to America and abuse us and the system.

        1. You are tired of those who come to this country and abuse the system. My Choctaw grandmother agreed completely. Perhaps those who oppose legal immigration reform should be deported to wherever their ancestors came from.

          1. Did your Choctaw grandmother live in a teepee without electricity, light, plumbing, schools, hospitals, television and automobiles that the mean ol’ white man brought?

            thought not.

          2. The Choctaw never lived in teepees. They had electricity, light, plumbing, schools, hospitals, and automobiles just as soon as anybody else.

            In their original territory, much of the southeastern US, the Five Civilized Tribes were wealthy farmers with a standard of living better than their white neighbors… who could not compete with them without cheating. That is why President Trump’s hero, Andrew Jackson, broke constitutionally guaranteed treaties in defiance of the Supreme Court by sending in the army to drive the Civilized Tribes down the Trail of Tears. They were replaced by the white people who have made such a success of Appalachia.

            Jackson sent them to the harsh prairies north of Texas, where he expected them to die. Instead, they again prospered, building Indian Territory into a society as well educated and prosperous as any other western territory. Admittedly, they did repay Jackson’s treachery by seceding in 1861 along with the neighboring states, but their slaves were integrated into Indian society after the war far more successfully than in any of the white southern states.

            Just as they had done in their prior lands, the Civilized Tribes built Indian Territory into a prosperous area that their white neighbors decided to acquire without the niceties of obeying treaty obligations or paying a fair market price. A series of laws passed around the turn of the twentieth century forced the Indian Nations to dispose of their tribal lands and pressured individual members of the Nations to open their land to white settlement.

            My grandmother was proud to have been born as a registered member of the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory before your kinfolk stole it to create Oklahoma. I am proud of her. Are your grandchildren proud of your tendency to cast racial aspersions on people you do not know?

            1. of course, you evaded the point…your Choctaw grandmother did, indeed, partake of the civilization that was brought by the white man.

              fúck you and your “racial aspersions”…YOU are the one that made them to begin with, hypocrite.

              PS: The Trail of Tears were the Cherokee not the Choctaw and it was Van Buren that implemented it not Andrew Jackson.


            2. The Choctaw did not develop most of the modern conveniences, but neither did any other single ethnic group. They all borrowed good ideas from one another, and the Choctaw were often ahead of their white neighbors in doing so. All the things you mentioned in your original post were adopted by native Americans just as quickly as by white Americans.

              Every time you turn on an AC electrical device you partake of the civilization that was brought by Nikola Tesla, an ethnic Serb born in what is now Croatia. Would you have us take that as evidence of Serbo-Croatian racial superiority? How about Arabic numerals and algebra?

              The cultural interchanges in America went both ways. Many features of frontier life were borrowed from the native peoples, who had sophisticated societies well-adapted to the American environment before your ancestors rose from the Dark Ages. The Europeans who first contacted the Choctaw around 1540 described their lands as “the richest country in the world.”

              The 2500 Choctaw who died during the forced removals from Mississippi to Oklahoma (out of about 15,000 refugees) might insist that their deaths did constitute a Trail of Tears. If you own a history book, look up the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, forced on the Choctaw in 1830 by President Andrew Jackson (not Van Buren) after he drove the Indian Removal Act through Congress. They surrendered eleven million acres in what Alexis de Tocqueville described as “the expulsion of one of the most celebrated and ancient American peoples.”

              If you can deny that, you probably think that Jews are exaggerating the Holocaust, too.

              I am sort of surprised that you seem to be arguing that immigration was a very good thing for America… until your ancestors got on the gravy train, at which point immigration became a bad thing.

            1. Not likely. Her mother’s people were reportedly Cherokee, not Choctaw. You need to understand that not every person with a native heritage was listed on the Dawes Roll (the official list of Indian Nation members that was closed in 1908). The Senator cannot prove that the family folklore was true because her ancestors—for whatever reason—did not make it onto the list. Her mother reported that she was the target of discrimination as a child because the neighbors regarded her as having Indian blood. That doesn’t strike me as the sort of story that someone would make up.

              Before you ask, yes, my grandmother was on the Dawes Roll and received an allocation when the tribal lands were distributed as a part of the dissolution of the Choctaw Nation as a legal entity.

            2. “Not likely” because Elizbeth Warren is whiter than Wonder bread. Are you suffering the same delusions, too? Are you “cousin” to Rachel Dolezal, too? My, what a fine family you belong.

  6. Daca is illegal since the day was created, if they planning to legalize some of them, US government need to be careful and really do a good check on this boys and girls.. but this dreamers don’t have the right to force the government to make them legal.

    if they have to go, they need to go period.

    1. Just a suggestion: Before Eastern European trolls start posting comments on US websites to stir up dissension in American society, they should first learn to write idiomatic American English.

  7. I don’t give a suckeggedmule’s hind leg about what these rich jerks think. These kids are the responsibility of their parents! Just try entering illegally and staying in Mexico or a host of other countries. See how you are treated. Legal. Illegal. Not hard to understand.

  8. Meanwhile, here in So Cal, we have aging tankers for firefighting due to funds being diverted to hire lawyers to protect illegal aliens and money for our scumbag Democraps to thwart Trump at every turn. No wonder the state burns.

    1. The state burns because of the sinners that dwell there. It is divine retribution for the hedonism of Hollywood and the culture of transvestism in Turlock. Sanctuary cities like Frisco are littered with the scum of the earth. L.A. is forecast to be destroyed in the next big earthquake. Move to Redding while you still have time.

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