YouTuber nearly dies after cementing a microwave on his head

“Jay Swingler, a YouTube prankster from the UK, nearly died after he put his head inside a cement-filled microwave,” Nicholas Tufnell reports for CNET.

“Swingler was using a piece of tubing to breathe through the cement, but it became blocked, causing him to panic,” Tufnell reports.

Tufnell reports, “His friends eventually called the emergency services.”



Brief article in full here.


MacDailyNews Take: The headline was too good to pass up.

Peals of laughter rang throughout the palatial halls of the MDN headquarters when they broke out the drill!

Would only that t’were Nigel Tufnel reporting instead.


    1. Wrong country, genius.

      This paragon of British youth is most likely a Farron devotee. Living on the dole, wasting time, wasting services, wasting money, wasting lives, etc.

      1. My first inclination would be to suggest that he’s a Theresa May supporter. But then again, I don’t think any politician in the world can elicit the collective stupidity of support as can Trump. Although Hillary does come close.

  1. “YouTube prankster” 1/10 of a second after I saw that I knew what I was going to see. I work in a school system, and with many students the goal is to see who can be the most stupid in the shortest possible time.

  2. This is why being a paramedic is 1000% harder than any office gig. There are nonstop instances when you are asked to perform heroic measures to save punk attention craving losers. These losers should be required to reimburse taxpayers for the unnecessary emergency expenses that you and me pay for — in community service if these parasites can’t pay in cash.

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