Apple reminds developers to design around iPhone X’s notch

“Ahead of the release of the iPhone X in less than a week, Apple has reminded developers to get their apps ready for the device,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “In a post on its developer blog, Apple is reminding developers to test their apps using the iPhone X simulator in Xcode code.”

The TrueDepth camera works with ARKit, and the A11 Bionic chip is designed for Core ML and Metal 2. Download Xcode 9.0.1, test your apps in the iPhone X simulator, and capture screenshots. Then submit your updated apps and metadata in iTunes Connect today. – Apple Inc. to iOS developers

Miller reports, “Apple has previously given developers some tips when it comes to designing for the iPhone X’s new bezel-less OLED display.”

Don’t mask or call special attention to key display features. Don’t attempt to hide the device’s rounded corners, sensor housing, or indicator for accessing the Home screen by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. – Apple Inc. to iOS developers

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MacDailyNews Take: As we called it back in August:

Inelegant kludge.

We still can’t wait for Friday!

Come to us, Notch Blindness™!

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  1. Notch be dammed I still want one.

    I’ll just wait till February when “hopefully” there’s plenty of stock, glitches have been ironed out and I have the money on my credit card.

    1. More like April or May. My preorder from yesterday is delivering in mid-December. I suspect they will keep the 5-6 week wait time up for a while even if it actually takes longer. People don’t want to see 8-10 week delivery timeframes. Now is pretty much the last chance to order one before Christmas, short of waiting in line for a few days, getting lucky in-store or paying $1500 on eBay.

  2. The iPhone X inelegant “notch” is Apple’s own Ford Edsel design moment. This too shall pass.

    (But surely Jony Ives has been walking Apple’s halls lately with lowered countenance in shame over this.)

  3. everyone complains no one offers solution, apple researched this extensively and all design is a compromise of solutions, boiled down to notch or black band. complainers should choose something else.

    1. Now now. They’ll be no voices of reason around these parts thank you.

      No worries though, Notchgate will soon be forgotten when the phones are in hand and joy is spread throughout the land. (The wicked old notch will soon be dead.)

    2. pdx: isn’t about compromises…it’s about “finding” the best. If one’s first plan…seemingly the ideal plan, doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean your following design has to be a compromise–just that the ideal changed. If the design emits compromise, it not a good design in the ideal sense…2nd best implies “good enough.” As you and many, many others have said/implied in the “notch threads,” it’s a compromise.
      You call it complaining. As an artist, I call it critiquing. This doesn’t mean Apple is shxx, nor does it mean it’s not going to sell a jillion. In fact, I may buy one, but my 6s’ robust performance, makes it “unnecessary.” But, this object has a flaw…a big one. The screen, THE image relaying part of this beautiful, powerful and to-be-market-leading object, has a compromise and it was produced by the company, born of a odd and masterful mix of art/design & tech that has set and will set the bar for art/design & tech mix. I expect Apple’s designers know, or will know they’ve misstepped and will pursue excellent design going forward. If they continue to embrace compromise to enable marketing statements (bezel-free screen), there’s trouble ahead and it’s not a new, or unreasonable concern.

        1. The “notch” simply sucks. That shallow enough for you, Melvin? I don’t have to wax philosophic with an erudite vocabulary to state what is blantly obvious. “Joe Dirt” speak will accomplish the same and if you don’t like it, mission accomplished …

  4. I have been dismissive of all this notch mania expecially MDN’s monotonous kiddie rants but to tell developers not to fill either side of the notch per se is totally out of order. There are Aps and situations where it will be the logical solution so Apple’s Taliban stance is puritanical and unnecessary in nature, just advised to make intelligent and appropriate design decisions over trying to ignore it .

      1. It’s not about Face ID…it’s the space on either side of that bar that’s the issue. Eye goes immediately to the contrasted area. It’s a distraction. Why not just continue the bar across and fill the gaps? Of course “edge to edge” is sacrificed…but not a biggie…but much less distracting to the eye’s scanning tendencies.

          1. Your solution provides two square corners and two rounded corners, with the location of the odd corners changing with the orientation of the device. Programmers would have to allow for that somehow. Some people, including the decision makers at Apple, would find that as distracting as the notch. Your taste differs, but that hardly justifies all these personal insults

            1. I don’t see why it has to have 2 squared and 2 rounded corners. The developer will settle for one or the other and create the display appropriately in their App.

            2. If you can’t understand, try drawing it on a piece of paper. A black bar straight across the end of the screen with the sensors will form two right angles with the adjacent straight sides of the screen/device. The end opposite the sensors will have rounded corners because the screen follows the curves of the device itself. Held in portrait, the square corners are at the top (or bottom, if the phone is held with the sensor end down). In landscape, the square corners may be at either the left or right, depending on how the user holds the phone.

              The Apple application programming interface since the Lisa has allowed for either rectangular windows (Rect) or rounded rectangles (RoundRect). There is no standarkd means for handling half-rounded rectangles.

              If an iPhone X app programmer defines his main window as a RoundRect, the system software provides standard means for handling all four possible orientations, although there will be a notch out of the sensor end or side of the screen. That is what Apple recommends.

              If the app programmer defines his main window as a Rect, the square corners at the sensor end of the screen will eliminate the notch. Great, but it will also define the opposite end of the window as having square corners. That will not match the physical shape of the screen, meaning that there must either be a matching black bar at that end (a virtual bezel), or the extreme corners of the window will protrude offscreen and make that content invisible. That would look at least as bad as the notch.

              The only other alternative is to force every individual application programmer to come up with her own nonstandard solution for fitting content into a screen with one square end and one rounded end… with four possible arrangements depending on how the device is held. Some solutions could be very ugly, and no solution would be the same as any other, making the code difficult to maintain.

              What part of that explanation SUCKS?

            3. (Taking an idea from HTML for layout) Wouldn’t it be possible to section the ‘main’ window to have 2 subwindows (like a TABLE), fill the subwindow/area that defines the ‘notch’ area with black, fill the subwindow/area defining the rest of the area with a rounded rectangle and place a black background on the TABLE? This would result in the new ‘main’ area with 4 rounded corners of equal dimensions. No matter which way you rotate the display the rounded corners would be in the right places and notch made ‘invisible’.

            4. That would eliminate the notch, but wouldn’t it mean that the subwindow with the content would be surrounded by a black frame, eliminating the sense of a full sized screen.

            5. That would be unlikely unless Apple’s development tools are less flexible than HTML. Frames and Tables can have zero width borders and insets. The appearance would not differ from a display they would have ended up with if Apple had chosen to not place ‘ears’ in the first place. Unfortunately this ‘solution’ would probably be against current Apple policy of telling developers to work around the notch.

  5. I don’t see why it has to have 2 squared and 2 rounded corners. The developer will settle for one or the other and create the display appropriately in their App.

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