“Everyone and their grandmothers working for or with Apple on the iPhone X is no longer afraid to use the already announced phone out in the wild,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “We’ve seen numerous iPhone X units in use around the world.”

“Someone posted a brief iPhone X video on Reddit that shows the phone opening an app. It’s just a 10-second clip, but it’s enough for any iPhone user to recognize a significant issue: the notch user interface,” Smith writes. “As you can see in the video at this link, the current version of the Instagram app looks absolutely horrendous on the iPhone X. The top screen elements are way too close to the ‘ears’ and the notch itself. That’s because we’re looking at an application that has not been optimized for the iPhone X.”

Apple's iPhone X is notchtastic™.

Apple’s iPhone X is notchtastic™.

“Well, Instagram is probably working on a new iPhone X design that will be made available once the phone launches, or soon after that. And hopefully all your favorite apps are going to get similar updates that will make everything look good, or at least bearable,” Smith writes. “You’ll get used to the notch, we all will, even if we don’t end up liking it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, “bearable.” That’s exactly why we line up for Apple products… Oh, wait. It’s not.

The “notch” is ill-conceived. It’s a design abomination. It’s an inelegant kludge. It requires developers to do extra work to literally design around it.

If it’s intended for branding uniqueness, it’s at least as ill-conceived as it is in terms of UI/UX, for it’ll be knocked off by the Korean dishwasher makers and the Chinese fake iPhone peddlers in approximately 32 seconds, if it hasn’t been already. As we all know, protecting Apple’s trade dress is hardly the top priority of the world’s legal systems.

Oh, wait. Our 32-second estimate was days too long. Say “hello” to China’s innovative and unique Android-based Hotwav Symbol S3:

The Hotwav Symbol S3 reminds us of something. So much for branding via notch.

The Hotwav Symbol S3 reminds us of something. So much for branding via notch.

Each and every day, we pray that we’ll be afflicted with Notch Blindness™ on Day One.

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