Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s TrueDepth camera system puts iPhone X years ahead of Android competition

“A new report from KGI today includes a drop in the firm’s estimate for 2017 iPhone X shipments, its forecast for 2018-2019 performance, and how far behind Android devices are all thanks to Apple’s new TrueDepth camera system,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac.

“The latest forecast from Ming-Chi Kuo sees a lowered estimate of iPhone X shipments in 2017 to 30-35 million units from a previous estimate of 40 million,” Potuck reports. “This is not because of demand, of course, but instead due to issues with the TrueDepth Camera production and assembly.”

“However, even with initial production difficulties, Kuo writes that the outlook for 2018-2019 iPhone growth is still positive,” Potuck reports. “He adds an estimate that Android devices are now likely 1.5-2.5 years behind Apple when it comes to matching its TrueDepth camera experience.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another entry in the long list of reasons for those who’ve settled for some slow Android knockoff to upgrade to a real high-performance iPhone.

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  1. If Apple can’t turn any of its supposedly advanced technology into greater sales numbers, it’s pretty much a waste of effort. More consumers need to find out how good Apple products are but it’s definitely not happening. Android devices constantly undercut Apple’s products in price and that’s what consumers are buying in droves. I know Apple has little control over component suppliers but lack of supply is going to hurt the stock value considerably. I can only hope consumers waiting for the iPhone X won’t defect to some other brand. Samsung will make sure it has plenty of price drops for its smartphones to lure consumers away from the iPhone.

    I honestly can’t believe Apple is that far ahead in technology. Normally, it just doesn’t work that way. Six months, maybe, but that’s about it. Unless it’s heavily patented, Samsung can reverse-engineer anything and sell it for less. That’s what Apple is facing for that 3D facial detection module. Within six months likely every Android flagship will have one.

    1. I think Apple is a bit obsessed with photo/video stuff. I just don’t see people talking about photo/video quality … as it is what it is and people just live with it.

      Texting, email & website checks with an occasional photo-video seems to be the norm just by what I “see.”

      I am simplifying things as indeed screen quality & wireless connections of many types are important.

      There is nothing wrong with an iPhone 6 for the vast majority of people.

      That presents a long term issue for Apple, since it is impossible to keep churning out “blockbuster” advances for iPhone forever. Saturation occurs eventually.

    2. Scam scum doesn’t have the chip design or processor power to do the photo stuff that Apple is doing. They can reverse engineer it all day but their processor just can’t keep up.

      People wanting an iPhone X, will not settle for any Android. This is the cream of the crop customers that Apple take the lion share of. They will stick with what they have for a bit longer.

  2. …. Apple Inc. are much further ahead than a “few years”!

    How?, you may ask:

    1. Apple Inc. make and control the complete stack, from design, silicon (more and more of the components), hardware, software, service through to bricks and mortar stores.
    2. The more Apple Inc. move capability to their own designed and developed silicon, the further ahead they leap, because this silicon is not available to competitors.
    3. Apple Inc. are able to deploy their silicon to a diverse set of devices, from iPhones to iPads, Apple Watches, headphones, Apple tv’s, all the while ensuring a stellar user experience and conformity through latest software upgrades (Android = fragmented and broken).

    The competition will simply watch in awe, nothing else they can do!!

  3. A) ‘TrueDepth’ is a stupid, trendy bad-marketing meme name. Sad.

    B) Today Google claims to have ‘the best’ smartphone camera in their Pixel 2. I hope Apple pummels them with the iPhone X camera ASAP. There’s where to go nuts with marketing!

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