Ming-Chi Kuo: Next-gen LTE Apple Watch to retain current form factor

“In a note to investors obtained by AppleInsider, [KGI analyst Ming-Chi] Kuo says LTE connectivity will be the standout feature for this year’s Apple Watch revamp,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Of note, the new LTE model will not support 3G communications and will only support LTE in ‘specific’ countries and markets,” Campbell reports. “Apple’s domestic U.S. market is likely a contender for inclusion, as is China, though the analyst failed to elaborate on regional availability.”

Campbell reports, “Apple’s next-generation Watch is not expected to get a design revamp to along with LTE connectivity, Kuo says.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, yes, you have to have LTE towers available in order for the Apple Watch’s LTE radio to connect.

We’re generally only without our iPhones when we’re running, swimming, and participating in other sports/activities. During those few hours per day, we’d have the cellular capability available for use, if necessary, in our Apple Watches. At all other times, the Watch would know the iPhone was in range and would use its cellular radio instead, as usual.

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  1. Cutting grass last Friday after work I got done and looked at the time and I find a huge crack from corner to corner on my Series 2 Apple Watch. Half of it still works. lol I see you can get the screen and digitizer for what a $100 bucks and do it yourself. Now you can get the same watch new on sale everywhere anyway.

    So I am looking at the LTE watch with interest.
    I work a lot with both hands fixing stuff and it would be cool to talk on the phone at the same time describing the problem back at the shop. With a screen protector on this one of course.

    I could never hear the watch I have from day one.
    I have had my hearing tested and it is fine. I’ve had plenty of people try it and they all said the same.
    I have to have my wrist up to my ear to hear anything. I sent it back under warranty and Apple sent it back saying that was normal and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I sure am going to the Apple store and listen to a call before I buy the next time.

    A friend of mine has a dang samscum watch and I could hear the person talking on the other end of a loud shop no problem. Geez c’mom Apple. I’ve owned one of everything you make and more. I except better.

  2. “Well, yes, you have to have LTE towers available in order for the Apple Watch’s LTE radio to connect.”

    I think it’s more than that. You’ll have to have LTE-M towers to connect. Standard LTE is way too power-hungry and would consume far too much space to put into an Apple Watch. LTE-M add-ons to cell plans are also going to be significantly cheaper… although the downside is that they’re limited (by the technology) to 1mbps up/down.

    In the US, I believe only AT&T and Verizon are LTE-M ready, and this is one area where we’re ahead of most countries.

  3. So, who was it that said there would be a new form-factor this year? It’s as though people fabricate a story and then make up another story to disprove the first story. I think Kuo is famous for this tactic.

    I’m glad to hear a person won’t need an iPhone to use an AppleWatch which really seemed quite unfair and sales-limiting.

    1. “I’m glad to hear a person won’t need an iPhone to use an AppleWatch”

      I’m not sure having LTE-M will result in that, for a variety of reasons. You’ll be able to use the Apple Watch more fully untethered from an iPhone, but you will likely still need an iPhone to setup/backup/update an Apple Watch, and utilize certain features and functionality.

  4. It will undoubtedly feature an S3 processor and othe internal upgrades. I own a stainless steel series 0 and will likely upgrade to an LTE series 3. I love the form factor and am pleased it is not changing. I am also looking forward to the potential for smart bands.

  5. We’ve gone through many iterations of the iPhone and will have to accept that form factor changes should only be out of performance necessity. I wouldn’t care if the next 10 iterations looked exactly the same if it was the most supportive of function. Frankly, a little added weight would be more than welcome if it was accompanied by markedly better performance and/or additional functionality

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