“BlueFin Research Partners analysts John Donovan and Steve Mullane today offer up their latest findings regarding Apple’s schedule for the presumed forthcoming ‘iPhone X,’ the 10th anniversary iPhone, which will start very slowly next month, they predict, before a ‘massive’ surge in production, and sales, presumably, in the fourth quarter,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “The authors are struck by what seem to be very bold build plans.”

“The two analysts write that Apple will probably have its contract manufacturers build 53 million iPhones in total in the company’s September-ending fiscal Q1, with perhaps only 5 or 6 million being the iPhone X; the balance will be a mix of iPhone ‘7S’ and ‘7S Plus,’ the main difference being the simpler machines have traditional LCD screens instead of what is expected to be the iPhone’s first OLED display in the X model,” Ray reports. “But after September, the authors see a rapid run-up in production of X, to perhaps 44 million units in the December quarter, and around 30 million each quarter after. ‘According to our estimates, build plans for the balance of 2017 and for all of 2018 are at record levels,’ they write.”

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