Apple TV: The comeback king?

“While millions of iOS and Mac users own and enjoy them, it’s true to say that Apple TV is not the world’s most successful Apple product,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple didn’t say much about its plans for Apple TV at WWDC 2017, which (once again) piqued my interest, as I saw that as a ‘Watch This Space’ hint,” Evans writes. “Apple CEO, Tim Cook, soon confirmed I was right when he said: ‘And we’re gonna have more to say about what we’re doing in that area later.'”

“iTunes Movies recently showed 4K on purchase receipts, Apple has adopted HEVC which is really effective for high res television, while HomePod code suggests the company is about to shove 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision inside,” Evans writes. “We also know the company is digging deep to create its own content, including shows like Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps. It is also investing in key staff to help make this happen. I think Apple’s about to turn its Apple TV channel on.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple needs to create a lot more compelling content – quantity and quality – for their “Apple TV channel.”

Planet of the Saps ain’t cutting it.

Anyway, hope springs eternal, so we’re planning on using new 4K-capable Apple TV 5 units for our PlayStation Vue and Amazon Prime subscriptions, among others!

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  1. Yeah PLANET OF THE CRAPS and CARSTOOL KRAPEOKE are “must-NOT-see” TV. Hopefully the Sony execs they recently hired will steer them away from mediocre clueless droppings. You don’t come out of the gate with limp content as it creates a first impression of avoidance in people’s minds. Certainly Steve Jobs wouldn’t have let this happen.

  2. Apple TV sucks balls and Apple clearly have no idea at all about media commissioning. I could not be less interested in a 4K ATV if I tried.

    ATV cannot be Steve Jobs’ vision of the future of TV, no way.

  3. I wonder why Apple thinks it has to hire people from other companies. Why not try hiring say young people right out of high school and train them via an “Apple University” experience in the ways of “thinking different.” If they keep hiring mediocrity/older people from other companies, the product isn’t likely to be excellent or different than the other companies ideas.

    1. Totally, like grab some of those whiz kids who made a Kickstarter to come up with a better carbon fibre keychain. Or the water bowl that both cats and dogs can use. Maybe something really ground-breaking like a sleeveless T-shirt!

  4. With my current Sony TV using its android os, is there any reason I would need an Apple TV? My iPhones and iPads already chromecast to it without problems, it has both by itself and with my cable subscription just about every service there is, and since I have VLC installed, I can play just about any movie file from USB or my installed NAS. Seems to me an Apple TV would be really useless.

  5. I want Apple to create a service to compete with PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now and Google’s Youtube live and Sling and Hulu. Why? Because all but YouTube suck on Apple TV and YouTube’s live service doesn’t work on it. None of them know how to make a good user interface for live TV and library content. Hulu thinks you don’t need a TV grid, but doesn’t really provide a better way to see what’s on or coming up.

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