How Apple’s next-gen iPhones and iOS 11 could make you a better photographer

“Apple’s iPhones have been at the forefront of smartphone photography since the beginning. And with the 10th anniversary iPhone coming in just a few short weeks, Apple is gearing up to prove it’s got the best camera tech around,” Daniel Howley writes for Yahoo Finance. “While we don’t yet know the specifics of the iPhone 8’s camera — how many megapixels it captures, what kind of optical zoom it will offer — we do know the kind of software updates Apple is bringing to iOS 11 to improve how you shoot and edit your photos.”

“Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus sports two distinct camera lenses: a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens with a 2x zoom. By combining the two, the company is able to create a bokeh effect, in which the subject in the foreground is in focus and the background is blurred,” Howley writes. “The feature, which Apple calls Portrait mode, since it makes for some great portrait shots, is currently in beta, but will get a full release with iOS 11. The final version of Portrait mode will see significant improvements including the ability to capture images using the camera’s flash and HDR features, as well as its image stabilization capabilities.”

The top rear of Apple's iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black shows the dual-cameras and Quad-LED True Tone flash
The top rear of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black shows the dual-cameras and Quad-LED True Tone flash

“Apple managed to pique my interest with Live Photos thanks to the upcoming addition of three new settings for the feature: Bounce, Loop and Long Exposure. Bounce lets you play your video forward then backwards, creating cool physics-breaking effects like jumping out of a pool cannonball-style, while Loop repeats a clip over and over,” Howley writes. “Long Exposure — the effect that holds a camera’s shutter open longer than normal and is responsible for those slick photos of highways with car headlights that look like long streaks — looks genuinely fun. It’ll also likely make for some interesting shots from Apple’s army of users.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone photography, especially the Portrait Mode photographs produced by our iPhone 7 Plus unit today, is already unmatched by any other smartphone.

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  1. Top three reasons smartphone users upgrade to newer models:

    1. Battery Life
    2. Camera Improvements
    3. Broken/damaged Screens

    New case design is nothing more than a media talking point and is way down the list.

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