“With the iPhone 6s review I showed a number of clear and present issues in Android devices relative to the iPhone, and these issues continue to appear time and time again,” Joshua Ho and Brandon Chester write for AnandTech. “More than ever it’s obvious to me that most companies in the Android ecosystem don’t really care about the details as an organization.”

“It’s been 3 years at this point since the iPhone 5s brought a desktop-class CPU to a mobile SoC, and Apple continues to stand alone when it comes to high-end SoCs. SoC vendors lack the incentives to actually bring anything that can compete with Apple’s SoCs to market because OEMs by and large are content to advertise simplistic specs that don’t really have any connection to user experience,” Ho and Chester report. “Whether it’s SoCs with clock speeds that are practically impossible to reach due to TDP limits, IP blocks that are visibly (and visually) broken, or compromised cameras with huge sensors but not much else.”

“This sort of divide is something that I’ve seen time and time again with something as simple as proper video stabilization, post-processing, encode quality, and a whole host of other issues present in Android devices that continue to be glossed over and ignored in the broader discourse, which leads to a self-perpetuating cycle,” Ho and Chester report. “The major players that can actually put the engineering effort into making a change don’t really have any interest in anything other than shipping something that gets close enough for government work.”

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black, the world’s most advanced pocket computer

“Overall, I think that if there’s any phone that is worth 650-750 USD at its base, it’s the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. If you’re upgrading from the iPhone 6s Plus you probably won’t find a ton of differences, but it’s still a significant step up in display, camera, speaker quality, battery life, and system performance,” Ho and Chester report. “The iPhone might not excite like smartphones once did, but the amount of attention to detail and execution in the hardware is unparalleled and a cut above anything else in the industry.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Comparing real iPhones to Android wannabes is just plain mean-spirited. It’s like comparing Rory McIlroy to some guy you found playing mini golf or even your local club champion. To the uninitiated, they look like they’re doing the same thing. They’re not.

Android is an inferior product peddled to cheapskate tech illiterates who do not value their privacy and/or who are unable to recognize a half-assed knockoff from the revolutionary original.

Android is a BlackBerry clone that was hastily rejiggered by Google at the last minute to mimic Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. Obviously, mistakes were made and corners were cut. Look no further than beleaguered Samsung for a rather explosive example.

So, the Android rush-job is a privacy, security, and safety nightmare. It’s a fragmented morass. It’s too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s crap-by-committee, lowest-common-denominator junk.

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